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Moving to California alone: Where to?

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Deciding to start a new chapter by moving to California alone is both exciting and challenging. It’s a step filled with possibilities and adventures waiting to be discovered. As you plan this significant move, it’s crucial to consider the logistics. One key aspect is choosing the right support for your journey. This is where exploring moving companies in Northern California becomes essential. These companies are not just about transporting your belongings; they are about ensuring a worry-free transition into your new life. They understand the unique needs of those venturing into California on their own. With their help, your move can be an enjoyable adventure!

Explore places ideal for moving to California alone that could be your new home

There are many places perfect for moving to California alone. Explore these, and pick your new home! After you choose the right place for you, long distance movers California locals love are there to help you with moving!

photo of a seashore
California is a great choice for those moving alone.


Cupertino is a place ideal for tech professionals. It offers more than just impressive job opportunities with giants like Apple. It’s a city where safety and community go hand in hand. The daily crime rate here is notably low, 1.96 times less than the California average and 1.61 times less than the national average. This makes Cupertino a safe and inviting place to live.

But where do you meet new people in such a tech-focused city? Cupertino provides many tech meetups, workshops, and conferences, providing opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals. Local cafes and public spaces around Apple’s campus are popular spots for casual networking. The city also hosts many community events and cultural festivals, which are perfect for meeting locals and experiencing the city’s culture. For outdoor lovers, the nearby parks and hiking trails offer a natural setting for friendly encounters. This makes Cupertino an ideal destination for those seeking to build a network in a new city while enjoying a secure and friendly community environment. If you’re one of them, moving companies Cupertino CA residents recommend are there to help you with your relocation!

silver imac on a table
If you’re moving to California alone, consider the tech-rich city of Cupertino for unparalleled career opportunities.

Monte Sereno

Monte Sereno is known for its quiet living and proximity to nature. This peaceful area, with its scenic backdrop of mountains, is a paradise for outdoor lovers, especially hikers. The nearby Santa Cruz Mountains provide a network of trails, such as the popular Los Gatos Creek Trail, where hikers often gather, making it an excellent spot for newcomers to meet fellow nature lovers.

In terms of community life, Monte Sereno thrives on intimate gatherings and local events. The Monte Sereno City Hall often hosts community events and meetings, which are great opportunities for residents to connect and engage with local issues. Additionally, the nearby Loma Serena Homeowners Association organizes social events, offering another platform for meeting people.

The town’s close-knit nature extends to its local businesses. Small cafes and eateries, like Boulanger and Southern Kitchen in Los Gatos, just a short drive away, provide cozy environments for socializing and meeting locals. Here, you can enjoy a casual coffee or meal while striking up conversations with residents, who are known for their friendliness and welcoming nature. In Monte Sereno, the combination of outdoor activities and community-focused events creates a perfect setting for those moving with movers Monte Sereno CA provides to build new relationships and feel at home.

woman standing on cliff
Monte Sereno offers a peaceful escape for those seeking tranquility in their California adventure.

Palo Alto

Palo Alto attracts those interested in culture and education. Right next to Stanford University, it buzzes with academic life and cultural events. Beyond its education, Palo Alto is great for startup companies. This environment is perfect for networking and growing careers in new, exciting industries.

For those moving to Palo Alto alone, finding a place to live is straightforward. The city, known for its high-end homes, also offers smaller apartments. These are especially available in Downtown Palo Alto and near University Avenue. These areas are well-suited for single residents, offering easy access to both work and leisure. Living in Palo Alto means being close to interesting tech events, cultural happenings at Stanford, and meeting places for those with innovative minds. In short, Palo Alto mixes a world-class educational atmosphere with a thriving startup scene, all in a city that welcomes those starting their journey alone with various living options. Movers from Palo Alto are the ones you should hire to help you if you’re moving here!

Los Gatos

Los Gatos, known for its charming downtown, is a delight with its array of small shops and cafes. This town offers a daily experience filled with small-town charm and a welcoming atmosphere. Outdoor activities are a big part of life here, thanks to the 300 sunny days a year. Locals love spending time outdoors, enjoying the many trails and parks. Community involvement and volunteerism are strong in Los Gatos. If you’re keen on getting involved, there are plenty of opportunities to help out and get to know your neighbors.

With a median household income of $198,117, Los Gatos is a wealthy community. The average home price here is around $2,372,043, reflecting the town’s affluence. Every corner of Los Gatos offers luxury and beauty. For a touch of history, the Almond Grove neighborhood showcases historic homes from the late 19th century. If modern living near downtown is more your style, Creffield Heights is an excellent choice. It’s close to the city center, making it easy to enjoy all that downtown Los Gatos has to offer. If you think that this place is the right one for you, moving companies Los Gatos are waiting for your call!

photography of group of people jumping
Los Gatos, with its charming downtown, is perfect for those moving alone who appreciate a tight-knit community feel.


Saratoga stands out as a premium living destination. Known for its quality lifestyle, the city has excellent schools and amazing neighborhoods. It’s a haven for arts and wine lovers, with many galleries and wineries for weekend exploration. As one of California’s most expensive suburbs and the 8th wealthiest city in the United States, Saratoga offers an upscale living experience. The crime rate here is 91% lower than in other California communities, ensuring a safe and secure environment.

For those moving alone, Saratoga offers some great neighborhoods. Parker Ranch epitomizes luxury, with homes averaging around $5.75M. Saratoga Oaks and Saratoga Parkside, bordering Cupertino, offer a blend of Silicon Valley proximity and scenic beauty. Downtown Saratoga, or Saratoga Village, is perfect for those who want to be close to the action. Here, attractions like Wildwood Park and upscale shopping and dining options are plentiful.

Saratoga’s safety, culture, and luxury make it an ideal choice for solo movers. It offers a peaceful yet engaging lifestyle, perfect for those who seek a high-quality living environment in the heart of Silicon Valley. Moving companies Saratoga has to offer are the best choice when it comes to moving to this area!


Marina is an affordable beach town, perfect for those who dream of living near the ocean without breaking the bank. A typical home here costs around $841,125, making it a more budget-friendly option compared to other coastal areas in California. Marina is known for its youthful vibe, with the average age of residents being just 34 years old. This dynamic is reflected in the community’s energy and activities.

For solo movers considering Marina, here’s why it’s a great choice:

  • Beach access: Living in a Marina means you’re close to the beautiful Monterey Bay, ideal for beach lovers.
  • Youthful community: The city’s young population makes it easier to meet people and engage in community activities.
  • Affordable living: With reasonable housing prices, it’s an accessible option for those moving alone.

When choosing a neighborhood in Marina, you’re spoiled for choice, as every area offers its charm:

  • South Marina: A lively community with easy beach access.
  • Marina Heights: Closest to Marina State Beach, perfect for those who love the ocean.
  • Marina Station: A peaceful area with all the essential amenities.
  • City Center: The heart of Marina, bustling with activities and shops.
  • Marina North: Known for its tranquility and scenic views.

If you’re seeking relaxation by the sea or an active community life, Marina offers a fulfilling living experience. In case you’re considering moving here, Marina CA movers are the ideal solution!

people paddleboarding
Marina provides an affordable beach town experience, ideal for those moving to California on a budget.

Carmel Valley

For those moving to California alone, Carmel Valley, a gem within the Monterey Peninsula is a place to consider. Known for its stunning scenery and peaceful atmosphere, it’s a perfect retreat for those seeking a serene lifestyle. With a population of 4,175, Carmel Valley Village fosters a close-knit community feel. The area is celebrated for its abundant sunshine, making it a delightful place to live.

What sets Carmel Valley apart is its wine scene. The village offers vineyards and wine-tasting spots, attracting wine lovers from all over. A highlight is the Bernardus Winery, a local favorite. This vineyard is ideal for wine tasting. You can join their wine club, enjoy a six-course meal with wine pairings, and even engage in in-depth conversations with the winemaker.

The median household income in Carmel Valley Village is $166,117, significantly higher than the California average. For those moving alone, Carmel Valley Village is an attractive choice. It combines the rustic charm of rural living with the sophistication of a wine country. Whether you’re a wine lover or simply seeking a quiet, beautiful place to call home, Carmel Valley Village promises a fulfilling and upscale lifestyle. With easy access to Monterey beaches and a community that provides the finer things in life, it’s a place where quality living is a daily experience. Carmel Valley CA movers are the most popular choice among residents here. They can help you with every aspect of your move!


Hollister, CA, offers a unique combination of small-town charm and affordability, making it an appealing choice for those considering a move. With an average home value of $754,275, it stands out as more budget-friendly compared to other California areas. As one of the largest cities in the Monterey Bay Area, Hollister has seen rapid growth. Despite this, it retains a high quality of living and a friendly atmosphere that attracts newcomers from around the world.

Living in Hollister means enjoying a Mediterranean climate, with comfortable temperatures year-round. This pleasant weather encourages outdoor activities and community events, ideal for meeting new people, which is important in case you’re moving alone. The city’s various parks, local festivals, and farmer’s markets are great places to socialize and connect with locals.

For those moving alone, Hollister offers many different housing options to choose from, including smaller apartments suitable for individual living. A notable neighborhood for this is Downtown Hollister. This area stands out as the best place to find smaller apartments, offering accessibility, affordability, and community feel.

In Downtown Hollister, the apartments suit a range of budgets and lifestyles. Living downtown means you’re within walking distance of amenities and social hotspots, which is great for meeting people and engaging with the community. The community’s small-town feel makes it easier to form close connections, creating a sense of belonging.

If you’re planning your move, consider Hollister CA movers can streamline the process. They understand the local area well and can make your transition to Hollister easier. Hollister is a city that promises a comfortable and connected lifestyle for solo movers!

man takin boxes out of a car
Hollister’s small-town atmosphere and affordable living make it an attractive option for solo movers in California.

Enjoy the adventure of moving to California alone!

Moving to California alone can be an adventure filled with new opportunities and experiences. Each city in this amazing state offers something you’ll love. From the tech hubs of Cupertino and Palo Alto, the tranquility of Monte Sereno, the cultural richness of Saratoga, or the affordable beach life in Marina, California has a place for everyone. Even the small-town feel of Hollister or the scenic beauty of Carmel Valley could be the perfect setting for your new beginning. Remember, moving alone doesn’t mean being alone. These cities offer welcoming communities and plenty of opportunities to meet new people and create connections. Your journey to California stands as a chance to redefine your life in a state known for its diversity and dynamism. Enjoy the adventure, the new encounters, and the many possibilities that await in the Golden State!

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