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Moving to California on short notice – how to prepare?

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Moving is a process full of small details, individual tasks, and careful planning. In ideal circumstances, you would be fine with three to four weeks to plan and prepare for everything. However, things aren’t always ideal, and life can come at you fast. As fast as life comes, a rushed move comes even faster. And before you know it, you might find yourself moving to California on short notice. In most cases, there are two types of rushed moves. You might find yourself in a very tight space between finding out that you have to move and the final moving date. Or, alternatively, there are moments in which we have plenty of time to prepare and contact California professional movers, but we spend too much time procrastinating and thus find ourselves in a predicament. No matter the situation you’re in, you need help, and you need it fast.

Moving to California on short notice begins with planning the logistics

A short notice move can easily make even the simplest of tasks seem both giant and undoable. It is very easy to become overwhelmed by the lack of time, but instead of panicking, take a deep breath and start tackling your tasks. The very first thing you need to do is either rent a moving truck or hire movers. This choice depends on whether you’ll do a DIY move or turn to professionals for help. Since you’re tight on time, we recommend giving movers Gilroy CA a call. No matter which path you take, there won’t be much time to pick and choose. Your best bet is to select a few movers or truck rentals that operate in your area and compare them. See how their pricing is, and make sure to go through their customers’ reviews. The sooner you get this step out of the way the better.

person planning moving to California on short notice
A rushed move requires careful planning and quick thinking

Decluttering is a great way to speed up the packing process

The usual rule of thumb is that the less you have to pack, the easier and quicker the packing process will be. Given the fact that you’re moving to California on short notice, speed is key. Start by going through each room of your home and locate the items which you no longer want or need in your life. Follow up by separating these items into recycling, donate, and trash piles. Remember to be rational, and not sentimental, when doing this. A rushed move is a great opportunity to downsize your home. Fight the urge to pack everything and lie to yourself that you’ll sort it out after the move. Declutter your home before the move and save your time and energy for the important things. Once you have your piles sorted out, take care of them accordingly.

Take your trans and recycle piles and dispose of them within regulation. The items from the donate pile can be handed over to a charitable organization in your area. Just make sure that the items you’re donating are in good condition. If you have some old towels or rags, consider giving them away to a local animal shelter, as they can surely find a use for them. Any leftover canned foods can be donated to food banks to help those in need. If you have bulky pieces of furniture and no time to deliver them yourself, certain charities can come to your home and collect the items. This is a great way to save precious time and do a good deed at the same time. Make sure to do this as soon as possible so you can focus on packing the rest of your belongings.

blue bin with a recycle sign on it
There’s no better time to recycle and declutter than moving

Think less, pack more

When it comes to packing your items for an emergency move, you need to find the perfect balance for success. It should be much simpler than organizing the packing process when you have enough time. But at the same time, it can’t be as simple as just throwing everything into one box, taping it shut, and calling it a day. Your goal right now is to get all of your items from one home to the other in minimal time and with minimal damage. The first thing to remember is that you should pack now, and sort later. You don’t have time to arrange items by type or size. Pack things where they fit, but keep safety in mind. You can sort and organize everything once you reach your new home. Not labeling your boxes is ok this time, but if they contain something fragile, at least note that down.

A good way to keep things safe is to repurpose your clothes as packing materials. Socks, shirts, and towels can be perfect isolation for breakable items. In addition, this will save you money on packing supplies, and you’ll reduce waste when moving. Don’t clutter up your workspace with excess boxes. Instead, set them up only when you need them. Once you fill a box, tape it shut, and assemble the next one. Another great time-saving tip is packing your clothes as they are. If they’re hanging in a closet, wrap a garbage bag around them, and secure them with string. Clothes in drawers can be packed all together with the drawer. Simply remove it from the dresser and tightly wrap it in isolation materials. If the dresser isn’t too heavy, you can even wrap it completely in a plastic film without removing the drawers.

a pile of cardboard boxes
Pack fast, but remember to pack safely

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when moving to California on short notice

Moving is a huge undertaking, especially when it has to be done in a hurry. The most important thing to remember when moving to California on short notice is that you aren’t alone. It is totally ok to give your friends or family a call and ask if they can lend a helping hand. Having one or more helpers around can help you remain focused and prioritize tasks. Time-consuming tasks like packing appliances for a move will go by much faster with an extra pair of hands. Once the hard work is done, don’t forget to show appreciation for all of their help by treating them to a cold drink and a hot meal. After all, they’ve helped you reach your new California dream home.

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