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Moving is one of the most exciting, yet most stressful times in your life. While there is a lot to be excited about, including a new home, a new job, new friends, and a whole new life, there is also a lot to worry about. You’ll need to budget for your move, plan and organize everything, pack and relocate all of your things. So it’s no wonder that you’re looking for tips for moving to Hollister before embarking on this emotional rollercoaster of a journey. Anything you can do to make this move easier is good! And with years of experience in the business, our Hollister movers are exactly the right people to help.

Learn about Hollister before moving

Regardless of whether you are moving to Hollister of your own choice or out of necessity, you’ll want to prepare for life there by learning what you can expect. Things you’ll want to ask yourself are:

  • how many and what kind of people live in the town?
  • what are your housing options like?
  • what can you do in your free time?
  • how safe is it?
  • what are the schools and jobs like in the area?
  • what is the cost of living?
School hallway.
If you have kids, you should explore what schools are like in your new home town.

All of these will help you better anticipate what your life is going to be like. So how does Hollister compare on these questions? Well, it’s a city of around 38,000 people who are quite diverse. Housing is not its selling point and the cost of living is a bit on the higher end. However, it’s a pretty safe place with excellent schools and lots of job options. With great weather and lots of opportunities for outdoor and indoor activities, you definitely won’t be bored. Overall, it ranks somewhat above average.

Make moving to Hollister easier

If you want your relocation to Hollister to be easy, then you’ll want to follow three simple rules: don’t do it alone, start on time and have a plan.

Don’t do it alone

Everything is easier when you have help. Moving is no exception. So you should definitely consider hiring residential movers CA even for a local move. This will mean less work and less stress for you. It will, of course, also be the more expensive option compared to a DIY relocation. But most people who hire movers find that they are well worth the price. If you cannot budget for a professional relocation, ask your friends and family to assist. That way you will at least have some help.

Start on time

Relocation always takes a lot of time. And however long you think you’ll need, you should probably plan for more just in case. So it’s never really too early to start your relocation. In fact, the earlier you start, the better. So don’t waste your time and start as soon as possible. Even if it’s just to plan what you’re going to do next, starting to check the tasks off your moving list early enough is important.

Analog clock.
Time is of the essence when it comes to relocation.

Have a plan

Many tasks regarding moving need to be broken down into more easily manageable steps. This, however, creates more tasks for you to do. In order to keep yourself organized and stay on schedule, you must have a plan. Whether you want to formulate it as a checklist, a schedule or another format is up to you. But make sure you create one early on in the relocation process.

Make moving to Hollister less expensive

The moving budget is a common concern for people planning a relocation. However, there are always ways to save money on relocation.

DIY what you can

Even if you hire movers, there will still be tasks that you can perform yourself. Packing is a common one as is disassembling furniture. You can discuss your options with your movers but most of them are flexible and will lower their prices if you do some of the work yourself. This can save you quite a bit of money!

Be smart with packing supplies

You should never exactly skimp on packing supplies. Quality boxes, cushioning material and tape are important to keep your belongings safe. But there are ways to get these things cheap. Save delivery boxes leading up to your relocation, check your workplace and local stores for any empty boxes you can take for free or ask your movers if they offer moving supplies at discounted rates. Finally, you can always get creative and use old newspapers, towels and blankets to fill empty space in boxes.

Pack for moving to Hollister without hassle

Packing is one of the most difficult parts of moving. Unless you’re planning on using professional packing services, this will be your biggest task for the move. But don’t panic!

Girl carrying boxes
Packing for a move doesn’t have to be a big deal if you know what you’re doing.

Don’t pack everything

The first thing you’ll want to think about is what you can avoid packing altogether. Odds are that you have things lying around the house that you’re not actually using for anything. Unless there’s a sentimental attachment to them, it might be time to part ways with them. You can donate, sell or toss a lot of things like outdated clothes, outgrown toys, old furniture, upgraded appliances and more. By getting rid of the clutter, you’ll make the packing process easier, your itinerary lighter and the moving services cheaper.

Think about unpacking as well

This sounds logical but is something we often forget: everything you pack, you’ll also need to unpack upon arrival. When you’re packing, you should keep that in mind and use it to guide your packing process. This means labeling boxes carefully, packing things logically (either by room or by similarity) and planning ahead which boxes need to be unpacked first (and therefore loaded last). This will not only help you organize your packing but also make unpacking easier down the line.

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