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Moving to Santa Clara County – the ultimate guide

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If you’re planning on moving to Santa Clara County, then you’re in for a treat. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County offers an incredible blend of natural beauty, cultural diversity, and technological innovation. With a bustling economy, world-class educational institutions, and an enviable climate, it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing to call this county home. However, moving to a new place can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with the area. That’s why Mod Movers Gilroy is here to help move like a real professional. Today, we present you with information that can help you make one of the biggest steps in your life. From choosing the right neighborhood to preparing for every aspect of your move, we’ve got you covered. So, get ready to start your new life in one of the most exciting and dynamic places in the world.

What to focus on?

When choosing how suitable one place is for you, you can’t focus on only one thing. A lot of factors have to be included as your entire lifestyle doesn’t depend on only one thing. The bigger the place is, the harder it may seem to put them all in one place and make a decision. This is exactly why you must have proper guidance and compare both traits and flaws one place has. Since Santa Clara County is our topic today, we will help you achieve precisely that. We will explore reasons people move there and everything that will be waiting for you as a future resident of that place. Luckily, this county is one of the most notable ones in California, and for many reasons.

person getting a job after moving to Santa Clara County
Moving to Santa Clara County may be great for your business too

Benefits of moving to Santa Clara County

Firstly, let’s see how exactly you can benefit from moving to this particular county. Moving and storage Gilroy companies tend to carry out a lot of relocations annually and all of those people surely have a good reason for moving there. According to some statistics, people usually tend to move to this part of California because of a new job offer, starting their family, and of course children’s education. All of these are actually some of the best things Santa Clara County has to offer. For better understanding let’s dive into more details.

Santa Clara County has excellent schools

In case you are moving with your kids, you must have them on your mind all the time. And apart from choosing a place and city that will go hand-in-hand with their needs, you have to think about their new school. Santa Clara County is home to many educational establishments that rank extremely high. Cities like Gilroy, Palo Alto, and Sunnyvale, can offer your kids the education they deserve. You can find elementary, middle, and high schools that will secure them the future they want and one day skyrocket their career. As of 2023, there are  407 public schools serving 248,621 students in Santa Clara County. If we are to take a look at the actual ratings, the best schools in this county would be:

  • William Faria Elementary School
  • Cupertino High School
  • Lynbrook High School

Not only your kids will learn from some of the best teachers and professors, but these establishments will help them adjust better after relocation. Those who already had a chance to move with kids earlier know that they need more time to blend in. Before your relocation, you can even visit some of these schools with them and make a decision together.

children in school
This area also have schools that rank high

Moving to Santa Clara County will get you closer to a strong job market

If there is one thing that can get you to change your home, that has to be a good job offer. Sometimes, we simply decide that the time has come to change something with this matter and finally reach all of our goals. If that is the case with you, Santa Clara County can be a great candidate. Keep in mind that this county has 15 cities in total, and at least one of them could be home to your dream job. Knowing that residential movers in Gilroy can easily get you closer to it. That city in particular has an unemployment rate of 5.2% which is much lower than the national average of 6.7%.

Gilroy is often looking for managers, doctors, and sales clerks, so your profession could be pretty much in any field. Of course, considering the proximity to Silicon Valley this city has, you can expect excellent job offers related to tech. Freelancers are often moving to this city from which they can provide their services and build their careers. On a larger scale, you can also find a strong job market in Santa Clara, Cupertino, and San Jose.

Expanding or moving your small business

Of course, not every relocation is the residential one, and you can be thinking about moving your business instead of your home. The wonderful news is that this area will help you with your future plans, no matter what field you are focused on. Since the county is diverse and people are coming from everywhere, chances are high that your business will have enough space to grow and expand the way you want. Take as much time as you need to make all the necessary plans and explore the market that will be waiting for you upon your arrival.

Things to see and do

Once you know a good job is waiting for you, the time will come to turn to the fun side. Depending on what city you decide to move to, Santa Clara County will offer different things when it comes to leisure time. No matter if you are moving alone or with your kids, your social life has to be balanced with your work and moving-related activities. The good news is that there will be many things to explore, so you can expect to spend many months in the future getting to know the area. We will begin by naming the most popular attraction in the entire county and that is, of course, California’s Great America.

people on the amusement park ride
In case you are moving with your kids there will be plenty of things to see and do for them

This amusement park will make both elderly and kids the time of their lives. It is located in Santa Clara and for a very affordable ticket of $24 you can spend the entire day enjoying the rides and performances. The park has a long history, as it was opened in 1976, and since this day it is considered to be a must-visit place. But there are many more locations that should be on your list including:

  • Intel Museum
  • Levi’s Stadium
  • Triton Museum of Art
  • Anderson Lake County Park
  • Santa Clara University

You will love the weather

Let’s say you currently live somewhere where the weather conditions don’t allow you to spend too much time outside. Moving to Santa Clara County will completely change that, especially for those who love to spend time outside and are not fans of winter. On average, summers in this part of California are long and warm while winters are very short and mostly cloudy. The hottest month is August and the temperatures can reach up to 70 °F. Residents will usually spend time at the beach or at the pool, but a huge number of them will simply cool off in their gardens.

On the other hand, the coldest month in this area is December with the lowest temperatures of 50°F. There will be a lot of rainy days but don’t expect to be freezing for a long time. What matters is that you make arrangements with Gilroy furniture movers on time, and possibly move before winter.

young people looking at their laptop researching moving to Santa Clara County
Young professionals will be close to San Francisco and Silicone Valley which will be extremely beneficial

Best neighborhoods

Just like there is a list of other things, you can easily have a list of some of the best neighborhoods in this county. Depending on what you like, and what your plans for the future are, you should try to choose the one that will go hand-in-hand with your needs. For example, if you are moving with your kids, you should look for a neighborhood with a low crime rate and schools that are close to your new home. According to a lot of people who recently moved there, and those who have been living in Santa Clara County for some time now, those would be:

  • Ventura, Palp Alto
  • Evergreen, Palo Alto
  • Edenvale, Gilroy
  • Almaden, Gilroy
  • Blossom Valley, Gilroy

On the other hand, you may be a young professional looking for a more dynamic community. If that is the case, you should focus on finding a neighborhood that is close to the city center and offers everything you need. Luckily, there will be a lot of urban neighborhoods in Santa Clara County, and you will not have to spend too much time looking for them. Like many before you, you may find these neighborhoods pretty attractive:

  • Pondersona Park, Santa Clara
  • El Camino, Sunnyvale
  • Kentfield, San Tomas
  • Lawrence, Sunnyvale
palm tree at the beach
With great communities and many things to see and do, Santa Clara County is a great candidate for your relocation

Making moving plans and preparations

The second part of your preparations includes dealing with your items and relocation. Depending on where you currently live, you need the help of long-distance or local movers Gilroy. Whatever the case is, try to avoid moving on your own. Soon enough you will be moving to a completely new place and it is much better to focus on each part of this process. Keep in mind that you will have to think about your job, family, and new place all at once, and professional movers will surely help you while doing it. As soon as you start thinking about moving, you should consult your moving company and plan your first steps.

Having everything under control is essential, as you will find moving much easier this way. When you rely on them, you will have plenty of time and space to deal with all matters in your old home and then proceed to prepare the new one for your arrival.


Those who plan to have a full relocation, probably plan on moving a lot of items with them. Instead of letting this process waste your time, you can rely on packing services in Gilroy. Professional packers will deal with your inventory no matter its size and material. You probably have at least one item in your household that will be difficult to move or pack, and it is best to stay from it throughout this entire process. Movers have much more experience and skills and your items will be in safe hands the entire time.

Choose the right movers

And in case this is your first relocation and it is a long way to Santa Clara County, you deserve to be stress-free. The best method to achieve this is to rely on a trustworthy moving company that has been in the business long enough. Considering how popular this county is, it will not be too hard to find movers who actively operate in this area. Feel free to check their reviews and ask them anything you would like to know about your upcoming relocation.

When moving to Santa Clara County, put your needs first

It is completely normal that you want to take as many items with you and set them up in your new Santa Clara Cunty home. However, this will not always be possible, and it is good to have a plan B. Storage units in Gilroy can be of huge help if you simply can’t decide or there is not enough time. You will feel much better knowing that there is a safe place for your items and you don’t have to deal with them in a hurry. Once your relocation is over, you can check your storage and slowly start taking your inventory out. As a result, you will not be spending days and months dealing with post-relocation tasks and unpacking.

mover checking the inventory and helping people with moving to Santa Clara County
Of course, when moving to Santa Clara County make sure you rely on professional movers

Final words on moving to Santa Clara County

And just like that, you will find yourself in your new home. The residents of this entire county are famous for welcoming newcomers, and the best proof of that is that this place is one of the most diverse in California. Let your new community help you adjust and get to know tradition and history quickly. Make sure to contact trustworthy movers and ask them to help you choose a suitable time for your relocation as well as anything else you may need. Moving to Santa Clara County can really change your life for the better, so why not give it a try?

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