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Moving to Seaside: Things you should know

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Who wouldn’t want to be moving to Seaside? It is a dream of a lot of kids and adults. Living near the ocean has a special charm on its own. But for someone who has never experienced it, it can be a bit confusing. Only the process of moving itself is difficult enough. That can be a frustration, especially when walking into the unknown. We think there are some things you should know beforehand. Just to make sure we keep you on track and make sure you know what to expect.

Your health will significantly improve after moving to Seaside

Of course, you won’t tell the difference right away. But moving to near the ocean will significantly impact your health. And yes, in a good way. Suppose you’re familiar with some apps people use to fall asleep. They usually make sounds like waves crashing against rocks or just the ocean moving around. The sound of water helps people relax and have better sleep. It also impacts lower stress levels so you are in luck. Your Seaside movers will help you when moving to Seaside.

A woman feeling healthier after moving to Seaside
Moving to Seaside will increase your health exponentially

So, this is a medium-sized community which means its perfect for anyone. Families can relax here and do not have a care in the world. And students, on the other hand, can have some fun too. Another great fact about Seaside is that the climate is never extreme. Wow, that’s a relief!

Housing and neighborhoods, what to expect?

We already told you that moving to Seaside is for families as well as all others. Living here means you can manage to save some money when looking for a home. If you are to settle with a roommate or a family, Seaside is just for you. Monterey is just around the corner. Plus, you have a bike trail that leads to monetary downtown and you will be 15 minutes away. Located in the Monterey’s backyard on the wonderful west coast, this place is just perfect. Local movers CA will be happy to assist you in the transition.

A bike lane
It takes only 15 minutes to get to downtown with bike

Your children will learn a lot about diversity after moving to Seaside. With the location as it is and the nice weather, this place always has a lot of tourists. Even the locals are very diverse. From caucasian and Latino to African and Native. A lot of nationalities call this place home. This will teach you and your family to cherish the difference in people. Different cultures are what makes us all unique in some way. That is a very special gift to give to your kids, to learn them to love and respect all.

As we mentioned, around 33 000 very different people live in Seaside. 73% of them have a high school diploma. That is a very high rate. Schools here a part of the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District. California State University and the College of Law are located here to make sure you get the best possible education. Save for your kid’s college funds and cut your moving expenses! Every penny counts, keep that in mind.

Be prepared for an active lifestyle

Moving to Seaside will have a lot of benefits for your physical and mental health. Being a place of tourism but also hard-working people and retirees, Seaside offers a lot of different activities. Whatever you can think of you will find and can manage to try. Moving to Seaside means your family can test their abilities in:

  1. Biking
  2. Kayaking
  3. Hiking
  4. Parasailing
  5. Scuba diving
A hiking traile
You can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities

Bayonet and Black Horse Courses offer something for those who prefer to stay with their feet in the ground. An awesome golf courses for you to enjoy on your day off.

Think about your job

Coast towns sometimes may have limited job opportunities. You will have to think about commutes and finding jobs in cities nearby. During the summer, coastal cities are a bit full so roads can be kind of a nightmare. With moving to Seaside you are in luck.

Not only is this a wonderful place to live it is full of jobs as well. Because of wide diversities in residents as we mentioned, here you won’t be discriminated in your search for a job. People are used to working with all sorts of others and you won’t be scanned all the time for who you are. Working hard and smart is what counts here! Because it is close to Monterey and Salinas, and commute time is not high, you will have a wide range of jobs to apply to. Apply through a secure HR website for a position in the City of Seaside.

What to look out for in

Living near the ocean is wonderful, but there are some differences people might not get used to right away. Being close to the water means wood will rot much faster. Keep a good eye on your furniture, maintain it and consider alternatives. Stainless steel is a must when moving to Seaside or other ocean-based cities. It is expensive at first, but won’t rust and cause you extra money later on. Also, you should watch out for scammers when moving.

Moving to Seaside - A fraud alert sign
Be careful around fake movers

We get that sand being everywhere is somewhat bittersweet. The sand will literally be everywhere! But that is a small price to pay if you’re waking up to an ocean view. Tourists will cause some cramping in the season. Commute time might be longer in the summer because of the crowd and people coming from all around. But hey, that is a way to meet some more interesting people and make connections all over the state.

A few steps away from living the dream, aren’t you? We bet you can already fee the ocean breeze and warm weather. Moving to Seaside is probably the best decision to make for you and your family. We hope this text gave you some insight on what to expect. Of course, there is plenty of other stuff. But where is the magic in telling you all of it! Explore and have fun in this new chapter of your life.

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