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Kids are a wonder. They are worth all the time and effort. However, even so, we have to admit that time and effort they certainly exert. And, when you are faced with great life changes that are demanding as it is, having children in the mix can make the whole thing even more of a nightmare. This is why you need to stay on top of things when moving with kids. And we have perfect tips to help you do exactly that!

How does age play into moving with kids

To help the move go smoothly, you firstly need to understand exactly how does your child even perceives the move. What is relocation for them?

Well, it will depend on various aspects of child development stages, and we will address that a little bit later, but first, let us mention things that are universal. Generally speaking, from a toddler to a teenager, there is one thing that connects them. Confusion. It is very difficult, actually probably imposable, to explain to your child the complexities that have to lead you to change your whole life and move to another location. As they get older, they have better chances of understanding this, but they will have confusion about another aspect – Why do they have to go on with you? Whatever the confusion is about, it can lead to frustration with the entire process. And trust us when we say that you do now want to have that kind of atmosphere.

moving with kids while writing
How does age difference play into this concept? What to expect?

However, there are some minute differences as related to the age of the kids in question. Now, this is not a scientific article, so we will not go into research sources and stuff like that. These are tips born of experience. And, it is from this experience in moving with kids that we managed to isolate 3 main types of kids that are being moved.

  • Children from 0 to 8 years of age. This is the first type. These are babies and toddlers. Trying to explain to them why you are moving is pretty much useless. They simply cannot get it. However, the positive side of moving with kids so young is that you don’t have toFor children so young, home is where their family is.
  • Kids from 8 to 15 years of age. Little bit more understanding, but also have started to grow tied to their hometown and friends.
  • Children from 15 to 18 years of age. They can understand but will find it very inconvenient.

You don’t have to be inside the house

The main worry and question we get about kids are what to do while they are in the house on a moving day. In all honesty, there is a solution to this. Most people practice to simply have a “safe room” while the movers go and pack and move your items from the living room, bedroom, attic, etc. However, this is somewhat of a complication. Not so much for the movers, really, they will not mind, but for your own child. This just adds another layer of complexity to an already convoluted process. 

But, there is an alternative! Simply hire reliable long distance movers CA and let them do their job while you are out of the house. Moving with kids can be done with both you and the kids not in the immediate vicinity! This will take some planning and communication, but when done properly, you and your kid/kids can spend the day doing something fun while movers do their job.

You can go visit playgrounds and parks, tourist attractions, cinemas or friends. Have a fun day! For small children especially this will serve a great function of making them think everything is just normal. Smaller children don’t really know what is going on but will pick up on your mood. If you are confident and enjoying yourself, they will find little reason to worry about themselves.

Get them to help packing

While you will need fine art movers Monterey for more fragile, expensive and valuable items in your house, there is no reason why children of the middle and upper ages (according to our humble categorization) would not be helpers in the moving process! It is not that hard to pack a few boxes.

Actually, it might even be fun for them while serving a very important purpose – agency. The fact is that your children definitely don’t have much choice in the matter of moving. That is why it is important to make them feel like they are part of the process! Even something as simple as getting them to help you pack will increase their sense of agency immensely!

Challenges of the new school environment

California residential movers will relocate you to your new home, but for your child what is also new after moving with kids is the new school.

School textbook
How will you help them face the challenges of a new school?

Here, we will be short. Just be sure to let them introduce themselves at their own pace. Don’t follow them into schools if they ask you not to. Being a new kid can be tough, but they will get through it!.

Let them research on their own

While you employ your commercial movers California of choice to relocate your business, or simply only employ residential movers while looking for job openings – your kids should have other concerns. One of them might be doing little research on the town/city you are moving to!

They will probably love the idea! Of course, the older the child the more serious the research, but whatever happens you should not care about the details and results of the actual research. It is just there to keep the kids engaged. 

Hearth of book
Help them find the love for learning new things by helping them research their new home!

To sum it all up

This is pretty much all there is to it. Moving with kids is all about making sure the stress as little as possible while feeling they contribute as much as possible. 


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