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Our little, furry friends mean the world to all who have them. We love to love and take care of them as if they were our children. They can feel all the love we give them and they give it back in an unconditional way. But when it comes to moving your home or even rearranging the house, pets are not huge fans. They do not grasp the concept of it all and all the fuss is very stressful for them. We will try and help you and your little best friends on how to execute moving with pets painlessly.

Pre-move actions for extra safety

There are some things you need to finish up before moving with pets. Microchipping your friend is essential even if you’re not moving. No matter how much you take care of them, accidents can happen. And that is why microchips are essential. Before you move to be sure to check in with your vet. Professionals will give you great advice on how to deal with pets stressing out. Also, ask your vet to check if the chip is up to date. It is rare but can happen that they just malfunction, so better safe than sorry. If you are a big family about to move, educate yourself on how to organize your move with your kids.

People relaxing before moving with pets
You need to check if the chip is up to date before moving with pets

If your pet is not used to a carrier, it is better to get them accommodated to it. Practice to leave them in a carrier a few times a day, on short periods of time, and be by their side. If the carrier is not commonplace for then it can cause extra stress witch you do not need when moving with pets. Ensure that it is a safe place for them to be and get comfortable in.

If you are moving long distance you will need a few more things. Fist, you are in need of an organizer for your moving plans to make it a bit easier. Another important thing is lab analysis for your pets. Analysis confirms that your pet is safe to travel and they do not carry any viruses or parasites. That is a way to ensure some diseases among animals do not spread from one place to another.

A cat in a carrier
Pet carriers can mean a big difference

Ease the transition for them

If it is possible and your future home is not that far, visit it with your pet before moving with them. Take them to your new home a few times and let them roam and explore. It will ease the shock of it when you transfer for good. The place will be sort of familiar to them and a shorter period of time will be needed for adjustment. Do this after you get them used to a carrier or a crate. Whenever you can, treat them with food and playtime. Moving with pets does not have to be that hard for you!

Decide on the accommodation before moving with pets

We all live in a modern world with modern-day problem-solving. So you will need to decide where your pet is going to be stationed at in times of moving and packing. Taking apart your belongings before transferring can be a living hell for your pets. Option number one is to get them settled in pet apartments. Those are specially made places just for your pets to enjoy while you wrap up with your mandatory chores. Your pets will be monitored and kept safe by trained professionals. They will also be surrounded by more animals, so it is literally heaven for them.

a man walking his dog
Visit the place a couple of times before moving so your pet will get familiar with it

If you’re not into strangers taking care of your pets, friends, and family are there to help. Ask your loved ones to take care of them for a few days so you prepare for moving with pets. A final option is to place them in the room you’re going to get to last when packing. Ideally, that would be the room they spend the most time in so that they are comfortable. Get the food, water, and their favorite toys to keep them busy and away from all the noise and action. Also, inform yourself and check with your vet about CBD oils for reducing anxiety.

Pet roof your new home and scan the neighborhood

Some accommodation is needed in your new home when moving with pets. Tuck in all the cords your pets can reach. Buying new windows mesh before moving with pets is a smart move. Check around the house for pest control poison and plants that might hurt your pet. Use childproof latches to keep your pets from opening cabinets you might store chemicals in. When you are about to enter your new home, be sure to vacuum it well. There might be something left from the renovation all over the floor. Evade injuries during your moving and adjusting your home for your little friends.

A small pup
If you have to, leave your good boy in a daily pet care center when the moving day arrives

Scan the new area for vets you will need. Ask around for a recommendation with your new neighbors. Check to see if there is a dog park or playground and if possible take your dog with you. Help them to get to know animals in the area and get friendly with them.

Here is what not to do when moving with pets:

  1. Do not leave your pet alone in the vehicle.
  2. Do not forget to feed them and give them water on time.
  3. If traveling by plane, avoid transferring flights.
  4. Do not force them all at once, take it easy with them.

Moving with pets will not be that big of a deal with this little guide we made for you. You and your furry or feathery friends will be happy and stress-free once you begin moving. Accommodating them to your new home will be the next step in your plan, but no worries about that either. Just show them all the love in the world and be there if they are scared. Pets feel our love and devotion and it will ease their stress. Good luck!

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