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Must-have self storage supplies

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Renting a self-storage space can be the perfect solution when you’re looking to reclaim some space in your home or clear out a little bit of space at work. The best way to easily store your possessions is to use the right tools. We at Mod Movers, one of the best Monterey moving and storage companies, can help you out with a list of 6 must-have self-storage supplies. These items will make your life easier when storing your belongings.

Must-have self-storage supplies

Dryer sheets

Place a few dryer sheets strategically in the corner of your storage unit. This will keep insects at bay while keeping your stored items smelling fresh at the same time. You certainly don’t want those unwanted visitors to make a home in your storage space. Replacing the dryer sheets about once a month is a cruelty-free trick to keep them away.

Woman covering a couch
Use furniture covers to protect your furniture while in storage.

Furniture covers

Imagine this – the best furniture movers California has to offer moved your antique piece of furniture successfully into the storage unit. And it wasn’t an easy task. Now when it should finally be safe, you allow it to get damaged inside the storage unit. It is crucial to protect your mattresses, couches, and tables against damage or dust with a cover. For certain furniture you don’t have a specific cover, a large sheet will do. 

Clear plastic bins and boxes are must-have self-storage supplies

Plastic bins are enduring, sturdy, reusable, as well as stackable. And best of all, they’re see-through! It’s much easier to find things when you can see what’s inside the bins. It would be a good idea to get bins in the same size for easy stacking. For items you know you won’t need until you move your stuff out of the unit, you can use cardboard moving boxes Monterey CA residents recommend.

Vacuum-sealed bags

Vacuum-sealed bags are ideal for self-storage units. They protect your clothes, bedding, and other linens in an airtight seal. In addition, they reduce the size of the items by a lot. That allows you to save space in the storage unit, and keep it much more organized after one of the best Carmel Valley moving companies helps you transport your items.

Bubble wrap i always on the list of must-have self-storage supplies
Bubble wrap acts as an extra layer of cushioning and protects your breakable items.

Bubble wrap always makes it to any list of must-have self-storage supplies

Sure, we all love popping bubble wrap, but the true value of this absolutely vital packing item comes with how well it can cushion your most delicate items. Use bubble wrap as an additional layer of padding to ensure the most fragile of items make it into and out of your self-storage unit in one piece.


Once you’ve got everything placed into your new self-storage unit, you’ll want to make sure that you can keep it secure until you need it. Most storage units are equipped with locks, but if you aren’t sure of their reliability, a lock should be on your list of must-have self-storage supplies. There are a few options you can choose from.

  • A standard padlock.
  • A disc lock.
  • A cylinder lock.
  • A combination lock.

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