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Having a king size bed is awesome! All the room to spread out at night, all that comfort while you sleep. Is there anything that could taint the love you have for this particular piece of furniture? Well, moving might! You see, it is not easy to pack a king size bed for a relocation. And it is certainly not easy to wrestle it down the stairs and into a moving truck. As always with difficult and bulky furniture, it is best to rely on professional packing services CA. But sometimes that just isn’t an option because of time constraints or budget concerns. Don’t worry though! You can still pack your king size bed without major issues if you just follow our tips.

King size bed in a room.
Moving a beloved bed is not always easy!

Before you pack your king size bed, decide if it’s worth keeping at all

Don’t start panicking about the troubles of packing a huge bed too soon! There’s still a chance that you won’t even have to do anything at all. How so, you ask? Well, before you start plotting and planning the best course of action for packing your king size bed, there’s still one important question to ask yourself: is this bed worth the effort you’ll need to put in to move it? Here’s how to decide:

  • if your mattress is uncomfortable or unsuitable for you (waking up still tired or sore are signs of this), you should definitely consider getting rid of it and buying a new one for your new home
  • is the bed more than 7 years old? If so, it’s probably time for a replacement!
  • visible stains, tears, sunken spots and other types of damage (especially when they’re unfixable) point to needing a new mattress

If you’re hesitating to move without your prized king size bed because buying a new one is expensive, remember that moving one is not cheap either. In many cases, residential movers CA charge by the weight of moving inventory and might even add an extra fee for the difficulty of moving a king size bed. Moving without such a burden can, therefore, save you money. Use what you save to invest in a better mattress in your new home!

How to pack your king size bed like a pro?

If you’re happy with your bed and want to bring it with you when relocating, then it’s time to start thinking about packing it! You’ll find an easy solution to moving a king size bed in furniture movers CAwith professional help, even the biggest and heaviest pieces of furniture can be moved with ease. But what if you can’t afford this service? Or maybe just prefer to deal with your relocation on your own? In that case, follow the following four steps.

Step 1: pack the mattress set

The most important part of any bed is the mattress set. Unfortunately, that part is also the most difficult to pack! Even if it feels soft as a cloud when you sleep on it, a mattress is very heavy. The fact that it’s pretty floppy and quite difficult to grasp (remember: the handles on a mattress are not for lifting or carrying; they’re only there to help you adjust the position of the mattress once it’s already on the bed) only makes it more difficult to pack and move.

Mattress - the biggest problem you'll encounter when you need to pack your king size bed.
Deal with the mattress first!

The first thing you’ll want to do is ask someone for help. Packing a king size mattress set is not really a one-person job. Then lift the mattress up on one side, get it off the bed and put it against the wall instead. Do the same for any box springs your bed has. Then it’s time to protect the mattress from any dust, dirt, and damage. Using a mattress box is the perfect solution for that. If you don’t have the box your mattress came in, look at the packing supplies and boxes your movers offer. You’ll often be able to get specialty boxes from them. If you’re not using a box, you can also use a mattress bag or plastic wrapping. Slide the mattress into your chosen packaging (or wrap it up) and make sure it’s tightly sealed. Do the same with the box springs.

Step 2: pack the bed frame

Even though bed frames are usually not as heavy as you might expect, they’re still bulky, weirdly shaped and difficult to move around a house. It’s best, then, to dismantle the bed frame before moving it. Pack individual parts by wrapping them or putting them in boxes. Make sure you label the packaging properly so you don’t lose something. For screws and similar small parts, use Ziploc bags you’ll put in boxes or staple to the outside of them.

Step 3: move the mattress set

Lifting and carrying a mattress is not the best idea, even with a helper. So use a furniture blanket instead! Spread it on the floor, stand the mattress up in the center of it, then pull the blanket up on both sides to form a sort of blanket-bag you can use to ensure a secure grip and easy carrying.

Woman stretching on a bed.
You may sleep on your bed alone, but you won’t move it alone for sure.

Once you load the mattress onto the truck, advice varies on how you should position it. Most mattresses can and should be propped against the sides of the truck with the box springs around them to keep them secure. However, some mattresses require special care. If you have memory foam, gel, air-filled or another special type of mattress, check with the manufacturer if it can be stood upright or if it must lie flat. In case you have to transport the mattress flat, make sure it’s supported equally everywhere and that you’re not putting anything heavy on top of it.

Step 4: move the bed frame

Once disassembled, the bed frame is easy to move. Simply carry the individual parts or boxes onto the truck and load them up. Try to keep all the parts together to make reassembly easier. However, if you can’t, don’t worry: as long as the boxes are properly labeled, you’ll have no problems with unpacking!

Additional tips to help you pack your king size bed

As you can see, it’s not that hard to pack your king size bed when you know what you’re doing. But some extra tips never hurt anyone so remember: make a plan so you’ll know where all the doors, corners and stairs are; remove doors to make it easier to carry things through them, use special moving tools like moving dollies and blankets to help make the process easier, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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