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Packing and moving mirrors and paintings

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Do you know that packing up your home for moving is the most important job? You absolutely need to take care of before moving day arrives. We are here to warn you about this because we don’t want you to learn it the hard way. Just to make things even more complicated than they already must be, there’s also the issue of packing and moving mirrors and paintings. The process of packing your whole household will be, by far, the most time-consuming task in your moving calendar even if you have one of the best moving companies in California on your side. And that is why we always advise soon-to-be movers to start with this as soon as possible. We will start you of with our tips and trick to packing fragile items.

How to streamline the process of packing and moving your entire household?

To help people with this project, a large section of our moving blog is dedicated to the tedious process of packing up your home for a move. We’ve got packing tips covering each room, whether your move is a residential or a commercial one. We also have a lot more tips for packing and moving mirrors and paintings. And when it comes to packing fragile items for moving, it’s time to turn your attention to preparing framed artwork for the move. Paying special attention to the best ways to pack pictures and mirrors. So, just roll up your sleeves and use our advice on how to pack framed art and you will be all set for moving.

Chances are that you own a number of framed pictures, framed photos, framed paintings, so read on for our full guide.

Gathering supplies for packing and moving mirrors and paintings

One of the most important aspects when it comes to safely moving mirrors and paintings is preparing appropriate packing materials in the required quantities. You may not know it yet but high quality packing materials will be crucial for the safety of the overall packing process. A common packing mistake that most people make when moving mirrors and paintings is to either use very old and run down packing supplies or get really stingy when gathering them. Have in mind that both scenarios can be potentially dangerous not only for these items you are trying to protect and move but for all participants in the house move as well.

When packing fragile and potentially expensive frames, mirrors or artwork, the choice of what packing supplies to use is a vital one. Learn what you need to pack pictures and mirrors for a move and where best to find all these supplies.

Packing supplies and where to obtain them

Old cardboard boxes that once protected your flat-screen TVs or bicycles can, in fact, become a great substitute to protect your fragile items. Why don’t you ask your friends if they can help you out? Let’s see what you can use to wrap and secure your delicate items, especially when moving mirrors and paintings.

When was the last time you were inside a home and didn’t see any framed pictures or photos on the walls?

Moving mirrors and paintings in cardboard boxes

The cardboard boxes you use for moving packing art needs to be clean, sturdy, and in excellent overall condition. Since you will be wrapping up picture or photo frames of different sizes, and sometimes odd shapes, make sure you have a pretty good idea about the dimensions and quantity of your breakable items. Sizes do matter here, so before you go on a mission to obtain adequate moving containers, get familiar with the task ahead. Ideally, you will be able to set aside a portion of your moving budget for some specialized packing boxes for framed pictures, photos and paintings. These are called picture boxes. Contact our junk removal Monterey CA company and our expert personnel will surely help you out in this regard. You won’t need to worry about gathering boxes for moving after calling us.

Feel free to use loads of packing paper when moving mirrors and paintings

When packing and moving mirrors and paintings as well as framed pictures for moving, soft packing paper is ideal as a first line of defense. But you can use the strong brown wrapping paper (Kraft paper) to pack your paintings as well. Use it on the outside to protect the integrity of the packages. Better safe than sorry!

Securing your packages with bubble wrapping

Bubble wrapping your items is essential for the success of your packing project. It’s no secret that the air-filled plastic material provides the ultimate protection when wrapping up extremely fragile items that are very much prone to damage during the various stages of the house moving process. Purchase as many sheets of this packing material as you can afford, for you can easily use the world-known protective material for safeguarding other breakable household items as well.

Packing tape has many great uses when it comes to moving mirrors and paintings

Purchasing a few rolls of packing tape is really simple. Even if you don’t use all of it for this move, you will surely find a use for it later. Just make sure you grab a good quality tape from the store shelves. You need a brand that will keep your wrapped up packages in place all the way until they need to be unpacked.

No longer needed cardboard boxes from flat screen TVs or bicycles can actually serve as great picture boxes.

Grab a set of color markers and you are almost ready!

A single black marker will do just fine, of course, but different colors will grab the attention of your movers. Whoever’s handling your packed picture frames and mirrors will know that they need to treat them with the utmost care. Colorful markers will alert them to the fragile nature of what’s inside the picture boxes or whatever kind of moving containers you’re using. In other words, big red letters (FRAGILE, ARTWORK, THIS SIDE UP) are easier to notice than smaller black inscriptions.
As soon as you have gathered the materials we recommended for packing and moving mirrors and paintings, you can proceed to the actual packing process itself.

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