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Pre-move measuring checklist

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Moving is a challenging process, and this is one of them. So, when planning your moving process and making your to-do list, don’t forget this step. And that is Pre-move measuring. This is a very important step when you want to move your furniture with you. Because this way you will know if it fits into your new home or not. The reasons for measuring furniture are many, so, the size of the furniture depends on how much protective material you will need, as well as the size of the moving truck. For this job, we suggest you hire one of the moving companies in California. And moving experts will help you make a measuring checklist. Now, we will give you some tips on how to deal with this challenge in the moving process.

Things to pay attention to when you want to move your inventory

Keep in mind that not all things can be packed the same way. Some things require a special way of packing and you need to keep that in mind. Furniture movers California can provide you with all the necessary information regarding packing, as well as provide professional packing services. So, before you start packing things for moving, you will need to prepare those things. One way to prepare things is to measure them. We will single out a list of things that require attention and adequate preparation before packing.

A couple packing moving furniture.
Before packing, it is necessary to prepare for moving.
  • Artwork. Things like paintings on canvas and others require special attention during the moving process. It’s necessary to determine their size, in order to find an adequate way of packing. Protect them and pack them in a box, but individually.
  • Electrical appliances. Fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, TV are all devices that need adequate preparation before moving. Measure them all, and determine that they fit in your new space, then determine how much packing material you need. Pack and protect them properly.
  • Mirrors. These are very sensitive items but also expensive. That is why it’s necessary to pay special attention when you want to move the mirror. Be sure to measure it. Use adequate protective material such as bubble wrap, and prepare it for moving with special care.
  • Kitchen utensils. Here we are talking about very sensitive and fragile things. They don’t need to be measured in some situations, but special care must be taken during packing. Use soft foil when packing cups, bowls, and plates, placing it between two bowls, for example. Pack in boxes filled with crumpled paper.

Why do you need a pre-move measuring checklist?

Measuring a checklist is one of the moving steps that can help you in many ways. Not only will you have the opportunity to know in advance how many boxes and protective materials you will need, but you will also have the opportunity for other things. One of all, and the most interesting is that you will be able to plan the arrangement of furniture in your new home. Also, you will know how many moving trucks you need and how many rounds your furniture will be transported from. One of the tips, before you decide to start with this step, is to sort and sort out the things you want to move with you.

Person taking measures for Pre-move measuring checklist
By measuring furniture and making a Pre-move measuring checklist, you will have various options, one of which is scheduling in the new age.

Pay attention to detail. Even when you need to move smaller pieces of furniture like a small coffee table, measure it. This is a step that can make a lot of things easier for you, but also make room for some new things in your new home. It can also affect the cost of your follow-up. Because in most moving companies the price depends on the quantity and size of the things you are moving. So don’t omit this step from your moving organization. And if you do not manage, it is best to seek professional help before encountering a problem, cost, or unpleasant situation.

Pre-move measuring checklist – How to make it?

No matter what the move, this list will be useful to you. All you need to do is write down in your moving planner the measurements of all the details that are part of the pre-move checklist.

What should be found on your measuring checklist is:

  • Measure the rooms in your new home
  • Determine the dimensions of the door and steps
  • Measure all the bulky things you want to move
  • Disassemble the furniture that can be disassembled, then measure it
  • Determine the size of the moving truck and you will know if the furniture can fit in it
The person making the moving plan
Planning a move and making a checklist can make your job much easier.

These are all the steps you need to take to make your move go without mistakes and problems. But keep in mind that the process of packing and moving is very difficult, demanding, and time-consuming. That’s why we give you friendly advice to hire professional packers and movers for this job.


Finally, we want to tell you to follow our advice and not to omit the Pre-move measuring checklist from your plan. If you do everything correctly and organize, success in this business is guaranteed. It’s common knowledge that a lot of junk can be left behind after the moving and packing process. For this reason, we advise you to make an agreement with junk removal Monterey CA. They can take care of all the waste and things you no longer need. So, try to leave everything clean, and think about the health of the planet. Another important thing for the end we have to tell you is to start your preparations for moving in time and make a good moving plan. But also from your moving process don’t omit the services of a verified moving company.

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