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Reasons to move to Salinas in 2023

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Getting ready for a move can be overwhelming. However, knowing that you’ll get to explore a mesmerizing place makes it all much easier! This article will list reasons to move to Salinas in 2023. With the help of dedicated California movers, you’ll get to experience a seamless move and prepare for this transition in a relaxed and joyous setting.

Choose the best real estate when you move to Salinas

Salinas is a lovely coastal community in California. It’s a great choice for newlywed couples since the usual home size is 3-bedroom homes, perfect for building a family. The residents prefer renting a place to owning it, but there are various housing opportunities either way. In fact, 52% of residents rent a house while 47% own it, making the market quite fruitful for renters as well as buyers. Having said this, make sure to double-check your housing budget since the median home value in Salinas is $670,001If you prefer living in a small community with your partner and want to start a family, this is the ideal place. All you need to do is hire credible California residential movers to help you achieve this dream!

a person holding a key to thei new home
Be mindful of your housing budget when you move to Salinas in 2023

Consider nice careers in Salinas

Before you hire reliable Salinas movers and move to Salinas in 2023, you need to take a good look at the job market. The most common jobs are:

  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Education

The most common job in Salinas is agriculture, 22% of the population is involved in this industry. Following the list, healthcare takes second place, making it 11% of the residents. Retail takes a bronze medal by making 10% of the population employed in this industry. Salinas offers plenty more prosperous careers. Calling the best local movers California is surely the first step to building a career here.

Enjoy Salinas’ attractions

After a long working week, you need to find a place to relax and unwind. You can do so in many places that Salinas offers. Some of those are:

  • Salinas River National Wildlife Refuge. Since Salinas is a coastal city, here you can learn many things about this area’s nature and wildlife.
  • Passango Winery. All wine lovers will surely enjoy spending their free time here. You can spend time in a lovely environment with lots of friendly people.
  • Oldtown Salinas Farmer’s Market. Visiting this place will tell you why Salinas is called the “Salad bowl of the world.” Its rich history of agriculture is a must-see!
  • California Rodeo Salinas. This fits perfectly for all those with a competitive spirit! California Rodeo Salinas will entertain you like no other place!

The sights that Salinas offer are endless and these are just some of them. When you become a long-time resident, you will have plenty of time to visit them all!

two friends riding the train
Gather friends and family around and visit Salinas’ amazing scenery

Get the best out of Salinas with the right movers

We have taken a look at reasons why to move to Salinas in 2023. Consider these as just a few out of many, many more. Relocation can be a stress-free experience if done right and you should see it as a fulfilling adventure. If you decide to relocate here, you’ve surely chosen the right place for a peaceful and blissful life!


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