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Reasons to relocate your family to Salinas

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People always look for new opportunities. And the best way to find them is to move. When looking at California you will see many different options. From small towns, all the way to huge cities this beautiful state has it all. So if you were debating moving to Northern California, there are some things you should know. So we decided to tell you a few reasons to relocate your family to Salinas.

Welcome to Salinas CA

One of the most beautiful mid-sized cities in California is located in the county of Monterey. This city offers you the serene environment of a small city and the huge benefits of a larger one. So don’t be surprised that you can find both peace and quiet alongside good restaurants, attractions, different types of entertainment, excitement, and shopping options. Well, it is no wonder that the city resident number has steadily grown, reaching around 156550 citizens in recent years. It becomes pretty apparent that the city has a lot to offer when looking at the number of California movers that have helped people come here. But what are some of the most basic reasons you should know before you relocate your family to Salinas?

A city street during the day
Moving opens us up to a new culture and environment, that will help us grow our minds, jobs, and families.

Small town feel with big city amenities

Some of the biggest problems people living in big cities face are the high costs of living, big crowds, traffic jams, bad air quality, and noise. The list goes on and on. Of course, on the other hand, big towns offer you a good education, job opportunities, easy access to healthcare, and others. So many people decide that even with the drawbacks it has, big city life has a lot more to offer. But what if we told you, you can live in a city that has a small-town environment, as well as big-city amenities? It is because of this that Salinas movers gained a lot more work over the years.

This mid-sized city is a place where life is not fast-paced but is a location where every moment is easy to enjoy. The locals are also friendly people, that invest greatly in their community. When it comes to working you will also have plenty of choices in one of the local family-owned businesses, bigger companies, and so on. Of course, even this is not for everyone. But there are more and more people looking for cities like this.

Good doctors are only one of the reasons to relocate your family to Salinas
Easy access to good medical professionals is one of the reasons you should relocate your family to Salinas.

What climate should you expect after you relocate your family to Salinas?

Influenced by the “natural air conditioner” that brings fog and ocean air all the way from Monterey bay to the city of Salinas, the temperature here is cold and moderate. As the mountains around it block the ocean air, summers become quite hot. It is not unheard of that summer mornings start off with a thick layer of fog. Many become surprised that the bay influences the climate in Salinas, more than the inland valleys. When it comes to rain, this area doesn’t see a lot of it. As the rainfall here is less than half of the state’s annual rainfall.  This is a city that has a lot of warm and cozy nights you can enjoy!

 Low living costs

California is not the cheapest state to live in. Actually, it is home to some quite expensive cities. For example, Los Angeles is known as one of the most expensive places to live not only in the state but the whole nation. In comparison to the expensive cities in CA and the state’s average living costs, living in Salinas is quite affordable. So is it really surprising that many people look for the best white glove movers California has to offer, and are moving here? We also need to say that the average household income in Salinas is $69,515. Of course, the paycheck is not as big as in for example LA but compared to the living costs it is quite a good offer.

A home for sale
Finding a good home that is also affordable is not easy in every city

Accommodation after you relocate your family to Salinas

There are many reasons to relocate your family to Salinas. When it comes to young families, many of them decide to move and raise children in a nice cozy environment. And this city offers exactly that. Buying a home with a yard your kids can play in, especially in a nice area can cost a lot in some cities. As a matter of fact, most of those areas in big cities have prices that are in the millions!  In comparison to that in Salinas you can buy a nice home for the average price of $378,000! Meaning your monthly mortgage would be around $1,936! And this is one of the rarer cases where the mortgage is cheaper than renting! Renting an apartment here would cost you around $2,230 per month.


If you ask any of the movers in California why people move, many of them would pick education as one of the main reasons. In America, many students move in order to go to college or high school, and many parents move in order to find better schools for their kids. When it comes to Salinas here you will find:

  • 28 public elementary schools
  • 4 public middle schools
  • 11 high schools

This is quite a number compared to some other areas. There are also private options for all of the above. All of the public schools in the Salian area are said to be average. Providing good education for your children. Of course, there are also private schools that offer better education. If you want to relocate your family to Salina due to school, going private is a good thing to consider. You will notice that in recent years even public schools have shown improvement so your kids going there will not impact them negatively in any way.

In conclusion

In conclusion, Salinas is an attractive location for families seeking a welcoming community, a diverse range of recreational opportunities, and affordable living. With a low cost of living and an abundance of outdoor activities, Salinas offers a high quality of life for its residents. The city’s thriving agricultural industry provides ample job opportunities, and its proximity to the coast and other major cities makes it an ideal location for those seeking both city and beach life. With a commitment to education and a range of cultural events throughout the year, you can surely see why it’s a great idea to relocate your family to Salinas. Whether you’re looking for a fresh start or a place to call home, Salinas is certainly worth considering.

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