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Reasons why Gilroy is a perfect place for all generations

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Have you considered moving to a place that has everything? Then look no further than Gilroy! This amazing town is known for its good schools, welcoming residents, family-friendly atmosphere, and endless outdoor activities. However, that isn’t all. The city also has many playgrounds and parks, all kinds of community events, cheap housing, job opportunities, senior services, and more. All in all, Gilroy is a perfect place for all generations. So before you look for moving boxes in Gilroy and start packing your belongings, here are some reasons why it’s a good place to move to.

The community is family-friendly and welcoming

Gilroy’s community is warm and welcoming. The city is home to a lot of people who are welcoming and family-friendly. They’re passionate and want to make Gilroy an amazing place to live.  Also, there are endless activities and events that draw in all ages. From the amazing Garlic Festival to the Gilroy Wine Stroll, there is always something going on in the city. If you move here with your family with the help of local movers in Gilroy, you will enjoy the city’s parks and playgrounds. These parks and playgrounds have some amazing amenities like sports fields, dog parks, picnic spots, and more! So no matter if you are looking for a place to settle in with your family, or meet new people, Gilroy has everything!

family friendly community
You’ll love the friendly community of Gilroy!

There are many good schools

If you have kids, one of the benefits of moving to Gilroy is education. It’s very important and that’s why Gilroy has high-quality schools, both public and private. The biggest public school system in the area is the Gilroy Unified School District with a couple of elementary, middle, and high schools. The best-rated public schools in the city are Dr. Tj Owens Gilroy Early College Academy and Christopher High School. Both of these provide tough programs and opportunities for students who are looking to earn college credits.

There are also a few private schools in the city including St. Mary School and Pacific Point Christian Schools. These two provide education that is focused on faith, community involvement, and character development.

The city provides senior services

The city of Gilroy recognizes how important it is to provide programs and services to senior citizens. These include social activities, health, and transportation. So if you’re a senior, you’ll be pleased to know that there are lots of resources that can help you stay engaged and active. These are the Gilroy Recreation Office and the Gilroy Senior Center. Both of these will give you opportunities to meet new people, learn new skills, and most importantly, stay active and healthy. If these sound good to you, consider moving here with the help of senior movers Gilroy CA.

Outdoor activities make Gilroy a perfect place for all generations

Because the city has a mild climate and it’s close to the mountains and coast, there are so many recreational opportunities. Some of the activities that you’ll have access to if you move here with the help of interstate movers Gilroy are fishing, hiking, biking, camping, and much more! Also, make sure to check out Uvas Canyon County Park. This amazing park has over 7 miles of hiking trails and beautiful waterfalls. It’s a perfect place for a relaxing walk! And don’t miss out on Mt. Madonna County Park. It’s only 10 miles away from Gilroy. This park has beautiful landscapes. From grassy meadows to oak woodlands. Also, Mt Madonna Stables offers horseback trail rides. This a great way to explore and enjoy this beautiful park.

man hiking spending time outdoors
The amazing opportunities are one of the reasons Gilroy is a perfect place for all generations.

Cultural diversity

Gilroy has a rich history of culture and agricultural diversity. So it’s not a surprise that it’s home to all various cultures and ethnicities. The city’s agricultural origins have shaped the culture the way it is today. There are lots of citizens who are still working in the farming industry. Also, the city has a growing arts community with studios and galleries displaying local artists’ work.

There are good job opportunities

Gilroy is located at the intersection of major highways and it is in close proximity to major tech hubs that offer good job opportunities in a wide selection of industries. If you’re in the tech industry, Silicon Valley is nearby giving you access to a wide variety of high paid jobs. Also, the economy of Gilroy is based on agriculture with lots of businesses producing and selling crops such as garlic, strawberries, and mushrooms. Lucrative job opportunities and diverse industries are one of many reasons why Gilroy is a perfect place for all generations.

Affordable housing

The housing options are affordable in Gilroy. There are all kinds of home styles including historic houses and modern apartments meaning that there are lots of options that fit different budgets and preferences. With its affordable housing options, it’s a great place to call home. So why not move here with the help of Gilroy movers and start enjoying a relaxed lifestyle?

affordable housing in gilroy make it perfect for all generations
The housing in Gilroy is affordable.

It’s close to major cities

Gilroy is only 30 miles away from San Jose and less than 80 miles from San Francisco. This means that if you move here, you will get easy access to major metro areas while living in a less busy and relaxed town. This makes it a perfect location if you want to enjoy big city amenities while having a relaxed and slower life in a smaller community. So whether you are looking for a night out or a relaxing time in nature, the city’s location makes it easy for both.

Thriving arts and culture scene

The thriving arts and culture scene is another reason why Gilroy is a perfect place for all generations. There are many arts organizations and galleries in the city. Gilroy Center for the Arts and Gilroy Historical Museum are the two biggest in the city. Both of these have lots of interesting events and programs during the year such as theater plays, art exhibits, historical tours, and much more.

Vibrant downtown area

Downtown Gilroy is home to many landmarks and historical buildings. One of them is the Gilroy Museum which displays the city’s history of agriculture. The museum also has a few interesting exhibits on the garlic industry of the city. If you visit the museum, you will learn about harvesting, cultivation, and garlic processing. And you can even try some garlic products. Additionally, downtown Gilroy also has lively culture and arts scene with lots of theaters and galleries throughout the area. Another interesting landmark downtown is the historic train depo. It was built in the early 20th century and it’s still used to this day.

Overall, downtown has an authentic mix of culture, history, and entertainment. So no matter if you are just walking through art galleries, enjoying a play at the theater, or exploring the city’s agricultural history at the museum, you will definitely enjoy it. Another great attraction in the city is Gilroy Gardens Park. This is a theme park and it has many shows, rides, and attractions that draw in kids as well as adults. Additionally, to the usual theme park rides such as carousels and roller coasters, there are also all kinds of interesting themed areas. These include a botanical garden, a water play area, and a dinosaur-themed area.

There are many natural wonders near Gilroy

Another reason why Gilroy is a perfect place for all generations is its easy access to a plethora of natural wonders. It’s located in close proximity to a few regional and state parks. These include Henry W. Coe State Park, Bear Ranch County Park, Coyote Lake Harvey, and the Santa Cruz Mountains. So if you like to spend time outdoors, Gilroy will be a perfect place for you to move to. In these parks, you can fish, camp, hike, watch flora and fauna, and more.

state park hill desert
Gilroy has many amazing state and regional parks offering lots of outdoor opportunities.

Gilroy Garlic Festival

This event is very unique and one of a kind. It’s also the reason why Gilroy is known as the “Garlic Capital of The World”. There are all kinds of garlic-infused dishes at the festival, from garlic bread to garlic ice cream. But this festival isn’t just a foodie’s paradise. It’s also an amazing way to learn about the agricultural history of garlic and why it’s important in the culinary world.

One of the main and best things at the festival is the garlic cook-off. Chefs compete to cook the best garlic-inspired dish. The competition is tough, however, the results are always great. Additionally, this amazing festival also has entertainment, live music, and lots of vendors who are selling garlic-themed souvenirs to artisan goods. Going to the Gilroy Garlic Festival is a very unique experience. Whether you love garlic or you want to learn more about this peculiar, yet interesting event. So why not move to Gilroy with the help of California movers and be ready for the next Gilroy Garlic Festival?

Gilroy is committed to sustainability

The thing that separates Gilroy from other towns and cities is the commitment to be more sustainable. The city took a few steps to decrease its carbon footprint and promote greener living. There is a recycling program that accepts all kinds of materials including cardboard, plastic bags, newspaper, and more. Also, the city motivates people to use other options of transportation like public transport, bicycles, and electric cars.

Gilroy is a great shopping place

If you’re a shopaholic, you’ll be happy to know that Gilroy is home to a few shopping malls and centers. The largest one is the Gilroy Premium Outlets which has over 145 designer and brand-name stores. This is a popular place because it has lots of good quality goods for affordable prices.

all generations shopping at a mall in gilroy
Gilroy is a perfect place for anyone who loves shopping.

Gilroy is growing and innovating

Gilroy has an ongoing improvement of downtown. In the last few years, the city invested in enhancing the streetscape, adding new amenities and public spaces, and attracting business owners to start or move their businesses to the city. The result of this is going to be a beautiful downtown area that will be very active and lively. One of the highlights is the Garlic City Mercantile. This is a unique market that has locally made artisan crafts and goods. The locals and the tourists alike love exploring all that the city is providing.

It’s very safe

Gilroy is a safe city that has a low crime rate combined with a good sense of community policing. The police department tries its best to provide the best possible law enforcement services to citizens and visitors. They also work closely with community organizations and citizens to create initiatives and programs that prevent crime, promote safety, and build trust between the community and law enforcement.

Sports and fitness in Gilroy

If you’re interested in sports and fitness, then Gilroy will be perfect for you. There are a few community centers in the city that have sports leagues, fitness classes, and lots of recreational opportunities. One of them is the Gilroy Sports Center which has an indoor soccer field, a dance studio, and a fitness center. Also, there are a few parks and playgrounds in the city that are great for outdoor activities like tennis, soccer, and basketball.

man holding a basketball
There are lots of sports and fitness opportunities in Gilroy.

Final thoughts on why Gilroy is a perfect place for all generations

Gilroy is a perfect place for all generations. It has everything you need in a community: decent schools, cheap housing, job opportunities, senior services, and a growing arts and culture scene. The community is very welcoming and there are so many outdoor activities for you to enjoy. And it’s located near big cities giving you easy access to big city amenities while still living in a small laid-back town. With its perfect climate, amazing parks, and recreational opportunities, Gilroy truly has everything. If you’re looking to relocate here and become a part of the friendly community, you can contact us as soon as today, and we’ll make sure to help make your dreams a reality.

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