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Reasons why seniors move to Saratoga

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Saratoga, a charming town in the heart of Silicon Valley, has emerged as a sought-after destination for seniors seeking an idyllic retirement. The town’s picturesque natural beauty, inviting Mediterranean climate, and thriving arts and cultural scene create the perfect backdrop for a fulfilling and active lifestyle. As seniors prepare for this exciting new chapter, choosing the right moving company is crucial. Mod Movers CA is a reputable and reliable service committed to simplifying this moving process. Let’s dive into the reasons why seniors move to Saratoga so often and how we can help them get there.

General information about Saratoga

Saratoga is part of San Jose, located in Santa Clara County. A little over 30,000 people call this suburb home, and it has been voted the 21st best suburb in this area. Saratoga is a spacious area, where most people own homes with backyards. Most people will also recommend you the place’s most reputable Saratoga movers, in case you want to relocate here. 87% of the population owns their homes, indicating that it is worth staying in Saratoga. To make things better, 23% of the population are seniors, making it a great place for making friends. And there are more and more seniors moving to Saratoga every day, because of the:

  • Rural feeling that it offers
  • Incredibly low crime rates
  • Beautiful parks
Picture of seniors who move to Saratoga
The majority of the population in this suburb owns their homes, even though they are expensive


Rural feeling

After the Covid pandemic, many people decided to change the big city life for rural areas. Seniors were always doing this, but now it has just intensified. If you are looking for a place with no crowds, beautiful tree lines streets, and lots of greenery, Saratoga is your place. The majority of the businesses, cafes, and restaurants are owned by local people, so you can always rely on fresh produce that was grown in this rural area. Call our local movers in California and secure your moving date today!

Low crime rate

No matter the age, people will always worry about safety. But once you get to senior age, you just want to live peacefully, not having to worry about your safety. Well, Saratoga has one of the lowest crime rates in this county, with very few reported violent crimes. Property crimes are a bit more frequent, but it is still far below the national average.

One of the reasons why seniors move to Saratoga is the beautiful parks

As a senior, you will likely have lots of free time, that you should use to relax outside. Luckily, Saratoga has an abundance and places where you can soak in the beautiful Californian sun. The Hakone Gardens is without a doubt the most beautiful park in the area, only a mile away from downtown Saratoga. It is everything that you can expect from a Japanese garden – a bamboo forest and beautiful cherry trees that will make you imagine that you are in Japan. Another local favorite park is Sanborn County Park, another mile away from the previous park we mentioned. It is for the more athletic people, featuring hiking and walking trails of various difficulties.

Picture of cherry blooms
One of the great reasons why seniors move to Saratoga is its connection to nature

Our skilled movers can help make your move easier

Taking everything into consideration, seniors move to Saratoga because of its peaceful vibe and its good connection to the great outdoors. Now everything that is standing between you and the peaceful life that you have always dreamed of is the dreaded process of moving. But luckily, our moving companies from Santa Cruz will gladly help you relocate. Good luck!

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