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Reasons why summer is the most expensive time to move

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So you’ve decided to move in the middle of the summer, but you’re wondering how much will it cost you? We at Mod Movers chose to help you and provide you with top reasons why summer is the most expensive time to move. First of all, as you can see prices are skyrocketing at the moment. The pandemic primarily causes this inflation, this is now a post-pandemic period but some people think it’s still not over. On the other side of the planet, we have a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which caused the price of gas to skyrocket. Experts say the worst is about to come in the winter, but we’ll have to wait and see. So let’s see more reasons why summer is the most expensive time to move.

Summer is expensive because it’s one of the best seasons to move

We as one of the one the more reliable moving companies in Carmel CA will provide you with a list. We’ll present to you reasons how the weather can affect moving, so here we go.

  • It’s much easier to carry and move things during the summer since everything is dry, summer is the season with the least rainfall
  • Renting a truck and driving it is exceptionally difficult in winter, so again, there is no ice in summer or rain
  • During the summer it’s nothing new that that is the peak of moving season since everyone appreciates hot weather
  • All of these factors contribute to the expanses plus the lack of labor during the summer

As you can see summer has the perfect weather for everyone the customers and moving companies, so no wonder why it’s so expensive.

Green bus with a van on top of it;
Packing, moving and unpacking are all much easier during the summer than during other seasons. Another thing is that the days are longer.

Moving in summer is expensive because college students

As you probably know summer is the time of the year when students move. Their year will end in May or June depending on the college or university, and it’ll begin in August. So they’ll need moving companies to unload and load their things. We as interstate moving companies California can help the students with their move, but all of this will increase moving prices. Simply put the higher the demand higher the price.

Now once the students leave landlords typically tend to rent their property to someone else. Everyone wants that sweet peace of passive income, so they’ll start probably renting it to the seasonal workers. They can AirBnb it or put it on Booking, it’s much easier and it brings more money.

People buy homes during the summer

According to Realtor website people tend to buy homes during the late spring and summer the most. Even if they buy it in spring, they tend to move in summer, with the June being the peak month for home sales. It’s just like with students if the demand is high so is the price. Now just include college, university, real estate, etc. it’ll be a long and hot summer, especially in 2022. Scientists say that it’ll be the hottest summer since 1970, but they say that it’s just the beginning, the worse is about to come. Just don’t forget that in real estate moving there are typically two moves – the buyer is moving and the seller is moving out; if that is the case.

Real estate agent showing a house to a family;
People will usually buy a house during the summer or late spring, so the summer is the perfect time to move.

Summer is the most expensive time to move because it lacks holidays

As we know everyone just wants to go to the spa and relax during a hot summer. Also during the summer, there aren’t a lot of holidays, except the 4th of July, but you’ll probably be celebrating and not moving, and it’s only one day. During the winter there are so many holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve; in the autumn there is Halloween, and the traffic is jammed. Also during the summer cities are emptier than the rest of the year, since people are on holiday or they are sitting in their house under an AC, cooling themselves.  Since we are one of the moving companies California to Arizona we can tell you that the traffic during the summer isn’t jammed at all; another reason is that most people fly to their desired holiday destinations.

Summer is the season when season workers move

Usually, during the summer people quit their seasonal careers and start new ones. This encompasses everyone from typical service workers to students. They might even change states, depending on cost, prices, and demands. There are many summertime occupations like waiters, tour guides, receptionists, amusement park workers, etc. Many companies also provide summer internships so if you’re looking for your dream job it might happen this summer. So then you’ll just need to find movers near me, pack your bags and drive into the sunset.

Waiter pouring wine into glasses, while thinking why summer is the most expensive time to move;
Being one of the most popular seasonal jobs, waiters relocate even from other states, and sometimes countries.

It’s difficult to move during the school year

Parents will usually not choose to move during a school year. Typically because they’re also working and kids are going to school. That means that they would have to pack after work, do the paperwork, change kids’ schools, maybe even change their jobs, etc. So this isn’t as easy as you can see, it’s much easier to take a vacation while the kids are on summer holiday. It’ll also be an easier move for all of the family members, but more expensive since it’s during the peak season.

We hope that we helped you and explained to you why summer is the most expensive time to move. So then you want to know when is the best time and when it’s cheapest? We’ll be clear the cheapest period is from October to April. But be warned that this winter might be a bit more expensive. When is the best time? It’s in the middle of the week in the middle of the month.  We hope that we answered all of your questions and have a nice move!

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