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Reasons why young people move to Watsonville

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California is a highly popular moving destination in the USA. It is full of opportunities, as it has more than 450 cities to choose from and many more towns. Even though for decades, young people used to leave small places and rural areas for the big cities, now the reverse is in trend. Thanks to the recent pandemic, people started choosing towns and villages over urban areas for many reasons, but mostly for having more space and a connection to nature. Some of the best moving companies in California have made this trend reality, and they can also help you move to any place in this part of California. But today, we will talk about the reasons why young people move to Watsonville.

What are the major reasons why young people move to Watsonville?

Watsonville is a town in Santa Cruz County, California. It is home to a little over 50,000 who enjoy the suburban feel of this area. Many families with kids call this place home – which makes the benefits more than visible. No one would invest effort and money into a move with some Watsonville moving companies if the place wasn’t worth it. And thanks to the ease of research that the internet brings us, even you today can see the reasons young people move to Watsonville. Those are:

  • Affordable housing options
  • Job opportunities
  • Proximity to Californian beaches
  • Cultural diversity
  • Educational opportunities
  • Amazing food
  • Access to healthcare
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Good connections and transportation
Picture of a happy family who is also enjoying the reasons why young people move to Watsonville
Many families live in Watsonville, which is a sign that the quality of life in this town is good

Watsonville is more affordable than one might expect

Looking at the housing prices and options in Watsonville, without much research, you would say that Watsonville is very unaffordable to live in. But take a step back and think about the Bay Area. California is expensive, to begin with, and the Bay Area – a touristically attractive area can only make prices skyrocket. For example, Santa Cruz, which is only 17 miles away, has a median home value of $933,000. Watsonville, on the other hand, offers similar housing options for $543,000 on average.

Job opportunities

Even though a relatively small place, Watsonville has a strong, growing economy thanks to a few major industries – agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, and education. A wide specter of skilled, educated people can easily find a job here, which is one of the main reasons why young people move to Watsonville.

The beaches are close

Nothing can relax just as good as sunbathing on a beach. And since it is California, those beaches will be some of the best in the world! World-renowned beaches like Huntington Beach and Malibu will be around 300 miles away – still close enough for a weekend getaway. But if you want to relax after work, Sunset State Beach and Manresa Main State Beach are both great options.

Cultural diversity

We mentioned earlier that California is very popular in the moving industry – which results in a very diverse population. It is so diverse that no ethnic group constitutes the majority of the population. So, no matter where our Santa Cruz County movers helped you move, you will feel at home in Watsonville.

Picture of two friends in a park talking about the reasons why young people move to Watsonville
California is home to a diverse population

Educational opportunities

Moving as a family makes the choice of a good school very important. Choosing a place that has overall good schools is a wise choice, and that choice would be Watsonville. Even though a small place, the majority of the population are families who wouldn’t choose it if it didn’t have good education for their kids. Watsonville is home to the Pajaro Valley Unified School District and Cabrillo College – one of the best high education institutions in the area.

Amazing food

Every ethnic group that came to live in California, and Watsonville, brought a part of their traditions and cuisines with them. Over the decades, the Hispanic ethnic group became the leader in food trends, leaving no one cold-hearted. Their traditional food is very vibrant, colorful, and full of flavors.  Jalisco Restaurant and La Perla Del Pacifico are notoriously famous Mexican restaurants, while Miyuki Restaurant offers traditional Japanese dishes. If you want to take the experience to the next level, choose one of the three farmers’ markets in the area, and try your skills at preparing food. This makes Watsonville a great place for someone who wants to experience different cultures and their foods while still living in a relatively small town.

Access to healthcare

No matter if you are young or old, everyone wants to have access to good quality healthcare. Watsonville can offer this, as one of its main industries is healthcare. A good part of the population of this town works in healthcare, thanks to Watsonville Community Hospital and the Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency. But as a young person who will settle and have kids at some point, Watsonville offers the peace of mind that only good healthcare can offer.

Outdoor recreation

Even though the beaches are the highlight of the Bay Area, locals will get bored of the same after some time. This is when you can turn to the forests, state parks, and nature preserves of California – of which it has plenty! Fort Ord Dunes State Park and Andrew Molera State Park are less than an hour away, while some of the best natural preserves are north of Santa Cruz. But even though further away, places like Los Osos Oaks State Reserve are worth the trip.


Watsonville might look like a small secluded town, it is far better connected than you might think! Watsonville lies close to some of the most important highways in the state, making traveling fairly easy. For those who don’t own a car, not everything is lost – as the public transportation system has a good connection from Watsonville to other parts of the state.

Picture of a person driving a car
One of the reasons why young people are moving to Watsonville is the ease of transportation in the area

Final thoughts on the reasons why young people move to Watsonville

As you can see, the reasons why young people move to Watsonville are numerous. This town has a good balance of everything that one might need, from good job opportunities to places where you can truly relax and rewind. Now, all you need to do is hire some reputable packing services providers and make sure that your upcoming move will be relaxing as well.

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