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Relocating your company to smaller premises – how to do it right

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Relocating your company to smaller premises is a hard and stressful process. Accompanied by many meetings, phone calls, arrangements, and stress. And as such, it is not a naive task for any business owner. That is precisely why at those times commercial movers California come in handy. Don’t think this is something you can work on alone or take for granted.  Especially if you are dealing with a bigger company and a larger number of workers. But there are some things that you can influence and do by yourself that will make the move go smoother.

Why are you relocating?

Before you start doing anything related to relocating your company to smaller premises there are some things you need to figure out. The first and most important one is “why?’. The decision to move your company surely didn’t come without a reason. There must have been some factors that influenced such a decision. Maybe your lease on the current place expired and you think it’s time for a change. Or do you think another place will be more profitable?

Workers discussing relocating your company to smaller premises

Relocating your company to smaller premises becomes easier when your workers offer a helping hand!Whatever your reasons are make sure you are well aware of them before you contact any company for packing services. The reasons behind the move, as well as the things you wish to find in your new place, should be discussed carefully. This is something that can make or break a business.  So a meeting to talk with your coworkers and employees is a must!

Make a budget

Relocating your company to smaller premises is impossible without a budget. Usually, a standard business move is around $100,000 and $150,000. But this is not a fixed price! Depending on your movers, company size, valuables, and other needs the price can change greatly. So this is something that must be discussed and evaluated before contacting cross country movers California.

When choosing a moving company be smart! Don’t just contact one and take their word for it. The smartest thing to do in this situation is to be in contact with at least three firms before you pick one. Are you wondering why? Well, this way you can learn about their conduct as well as prices, and pick the one you like the most. As we are currently living in a world centered around the internet there are many schemes around us. This way not only will you find the best-priced option for relocating your company to smaller premises, but the safest one as well.

Plan the move

Relocating your company to smaller premises is something that cant be done in one day. Every company has a ton of things that need to be taken care of before, during, and after the move. And with that in mind, the importance of planning everything ahead is clearly seen. Also, you can’t just shut down your whole business out of the blue. Among many other things, you need to notify the customers/ clients as well as employees and everyone else involved about the relocation.

People planing a move
Make sure the move is planned out in advance. This way you will make your job as well as the mover’s jobs easier.

Not only that but there are some things that hauling services Monterey CA need to do in advance. Packing up a business takes time. From documents, furniture, electronics, and so on. There are also some confidential materials like personal information, future projects, and so on. Those documents need extra security provided by the moving company or should be packed and handled by a picked handful of employees.

Furniture and decoration

When you mention relocating your company to smaller premises, the first word that should attract attention is “smaller”. Although many fail to notice its importance, the implications it brings are big. You see your move is usually charged based on the weight, number, or price of the items being moved. And when you pick to move into a smaller office why would you bring unnecessary items? A smaller office means less room. So you should consider decluttering.

This way you will get rid of all access furniture and at the same time lower moving costs. You can maybe sell them or donate them to charities like The Furniture Bank. But that’s not all. This is actually an opportunity to make your dream workspace. You can decorate the new office in any way you imagine. And you should have fun with it!

Manage your employees and clients

The heart of every business is the people working for it and the people that use its services. And with that in mind, you can’t just start relocating your company to smaller premises out of the blue. There will be a need for prior notice in order to inform both parties about the approaching changes. So a staff meeting is a must. This way you can tell your employees about the move, and make sure they are ready for it. You should even consider the possibility of remote work, or renting a temporary office till the move is finished.

"We are open" sighn on the door
You will need to promote your new location as well as it’s opening. This way you will have new customers as well as regular ones.

As for the customers/ clients you can make a notice. Make sure to include the address of the new workplace, as well as contact information. You can even use your work’s social media to announce it. If you move without prior notice or any type of information in regard to the new location, the chances of losing a significant number of clients are huge. And that is a big no in any business.

You can even make an event for the opening of your new workplace. This way you can promote the business as well as advertise your new location. Who knows you may even attract new people that haven’t heard of you yet. And grow your business even more.

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