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Retiring in Monterey: pros and cons

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Congratulations on your retirement! This is the perfect opportunity to spend those life savings you have in the best way possible! By buying yourself a lovely home in Monterey in the upcoming year! Here you can spend a lot of quality time with your beloved partner and meet new friends. If you are considering retiring in Monterey then you are at the right place! In the following article, we will discuss more the pros and cons of retiring here and why it can be a good choice for you!

What to do before retiring in Monterey

There is a number of things you need to think about before retiring in Monterey! Starting with things like, whether or not you want to see your family and close friends more often or not. And what kind of climate does suit you! Monterey offers a lot of good things to its senior citizens, but if you just can’t handle the climate or you just don’t feel like retiring there, then you definitely shouldn’t!  Think about it a lot before making your final decision! You do not want to regret it later

a senior citizen before Retiring in Monterey
There are a lot of things you need to think about before retiring in Monterey

Once you decide that you want to move and retire here it is prime time to get yourself reliable local movers Monterey to help you with your relocation! Do not try to do everything by yourself. Because you are old enough to get easily injured! You would then spend your retirement treating those injuries instead of having a good time! Remember, leave it to the professionals!

Think about the relocation process

The retirement itself is a good thing if you want to just lay back and relax! But, if you do not prepare well for your moving process, then you risk both overpaying your relocation and losing some items. For instance, if you have too many items to carry, you will pay more for transport! And if you decide to pack everything by yourself, you may risk breaking things! Which is, again, why you should hire professional movers to help you with your relocation. There are a lot of moving companies in California that can help you with your relocation! All you have to do is just search a bit for them and you will find one absolutely!

elderly couple holding hands
Plan your relocation process well

All these things are here to help you better prepare for your relocation process! After that, you can easily focus on the main part and that is the pros and cons of retiring in Monterey!

Avoid injuries

Injuries are the most common thing that can ruin your retirement if you are not careful with your relocation! Especially if you are trying to move by yourself! You can easily injure your back, legs, knees or who know what. This can make retiring in Monterey hard and full of other issues you need to take care of. Which is why you need to take care of yourself before moving there. We already mentioned how important it is to stay safe if you are a senior and just hire professional movers! They will handle your relocation with ease. It also doesn’t hurt to know more about the ways to treat back pain, just to make your move that easier!

an injured ankle
If you are not careful you can injure your self easily

Monterey traffic

Unlike any other big places you might have been to, Monterey traffic is not bad at all! If you drive your car actively then you can really enjoy this beautiful place! Drive around town, visit a lot of different restaurants Monterey have and enjoy a lot of different foods! This is what makes retiring in Monterey such a good idea! And, you can get to the beach in just a couple of minutes!

Healthcare and education

It may take you as a surprise but Monterey really takes care of their citizens. There are a lot of good schools here that provide the best education a student can ask for. As far as healthcare goes, do not worry! The healthcare here is very good and the good doctors will treat any conditions you have the best way they can! All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your retiring in Monterey!

Monterey Climate

It is time to talk about the Monterey climate. What you can expect from this are short and intense rains. If you have any breathing problems and you have issues with humid seasons then this shouldn’t be the place for your retirement. On other occasions, Monterey climate is very temperate and people rather enjoy it well! All in all this moderate climate will suit everyone who wants to live here.

Retiring in Monterey - a cloudy sky
Monterey has a humid climate

There are a lot of fun activities in Monterey you can enjoy as a retired person! Starting from walks in the park, enjoying beautiful beaches and many other activities meant for senior citizens! You just have to pick one and enjoy it to the fullest!

Downfalls of retiring in Monterey

Yes, there are some cons of retiring here! You know, Monterey is not a cheap place and you will see that housing can be rather expensive here. So, if you are not looking for something that is expensive, then we recommend skipping this place! Because the prices are high, they have enough money to invest in other things that makes life great in Monterey. So, we guess that justifies the higher prices!

If you decide to move here, then you would want to save as much money as you can on your relocation! There are ways to cut down moving expenses you can use to your advantage! Use them wisely for your relocation here and, after you settle in, enjoy your retirement!

Retiring in Monterey has its ups and downs, but people who did retire here really like it.  From the beachfront to local restaurants and other activities for senior citizens, you can enjoy it all! We hope we shed some light on your decision and help you realize whether or not Monterey is the best place for your retirement!

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