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Room-by-room packing strategy explained

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Moving can be very stressful. No matter if you move for a job opportunity or you want to start a new life for your family. Room-by-room packing can be really tough. You need to organize all things and think about every single detail when it comes to your belongings. Are they well secured, as well as transporting them safely to your new place. Mod movers can help you with that if you don’t have the time to do it on your own. Check out this guide for room-by-room packing which will help you with your organization.

As soon as you find your new home you should start packing. That will give you enough time to sort out your stuff. Also, you will pack them with more care when you are not in the rush. And that is something you should avoid. Packing your entire household in the last couple of days before your moving day.

laptop, telephone, coffee, a list
Go room-by-room and make an inventory list.

When it comes to packing you should first make a plan. A list of your belongings is a must so you can sort your stuff out. This is a great time to get rid of the things that have been taking your closet space and collecting dust for years. You can sell it online, or give it to a charity organization. To ensure the safety of your belongings you should get adequate packing supplies such as:

  • Boxes for room-by-room packing
  • Bubble bag
  • Dollys
  • Marker

You should always pack a box of your essentials. Must-have items such as snacks, drinks, toothbrushes, set of clothes, first-aid kit, plastic utensils, and cups, paper plates, medication, etc. You should always label boxes for easier unpacking later and sorting your belongings.

Room-by-room packing for moving

Making an inventory of the items you are planning to take is key when it comes to room-by-room packing. And this is a strategy that you should stick within every room of your home. This will also let you keep track of your belongings and help you organize faster.

Gather packing and moving boxes, blankets, a tape which will protect your things during transit. Don’t forget to mark your boxes so you know exactly where to put them in your new home. Salinas movers will help you with your belongings and safely transport them to your new home.

When it comes to your kitchen, you should first start with your refrigerator by defrosting it at least 48 hours prior to moving out. The next thing you should go with is packing your dishes. Make sure to pack them carefully by wrapping them in a bubble bag. And try not to overpack the boxes, because it will be more difficult to move it and you can damage your favorite set of plates.

Make sure you provide enough packing supplies to pack all the items.

Use sectioned boxes for your glasses in order to secure them during relocation. You should afterward consider packing your small appliances. Remove blades or any loose components and tape the cord around the appliances. When it comes to jars with spices or food, pack them in bubble bags and put them on the bottom so they can’t move much during the move.

In your dining room, you will find usually rugs, kitchen tables, chairs, and decorations. Roll up your rug in a plastic bag. You should wrap your kitchen table with a blanket and place it in an area of the truck so it won’t slide down or move. Remove the legs from the chairs and pack them in boxes. When it comes to decoration use bubble bags.

Living room

The living room is one of the biggest rooms in your home. And it contains lots of things that you should pack and secure. You should first secure your electronics. For TVs and computers, secure the screens by using a blanket. Tape the cords to the back of the TV.

The furniture should be the first thing that you should place in your moving truck before everything else. Since it will use most of the truck’s space. Also, remove the legs of the couch and chairs if you are able to. If they are not removable you should use furniture sliders. This will protect your floors. Artworks and mirrors are very delicate to handle. So you should consider wrapping them in blankets or use bubble bags for protection.

When preparing your coffee table for the move, you should use furniture sliders. And that way you will avoid scratches on your floor. You can cover the top with a blanket to prevent damage. If you have lamps, you should remove bulbs and lampshades. Wrap the base of lamps in bubble bags so you won’t damage it. Pack your books and DVDs in separate boxes. Make sure you don’t overstuff it. Since the box will probably break from the weight.

Time to pack your bedroom

The bedroom should be among the last rooms you should pack. Remove any pillows, bed covers, blankets, and sheets from the beds and pack them in large cartons lined with paper. Also, remove the mattress and pack it in a special mattress bag and mattress protector. Disassemble the bed, if you don’t have an instructions manual you can download it from the internet.

The bedroom should be the last room to pack.

If your wardrobe is not big, you can move it in one piece. Just ensure to protect it with furniture pads. If it’s wide and tall, you will have to take it apart and protect the parts. When it comes to your clothes group them by season and size. Pack your favorite and expensive clothes in wardrobe boxes. Use plastic wrap or garbage bags to pack clothes directly from the hangers. You can also fold your clothes and put them in a box lined with packing paper.

In your laundry room, you should first move the appliances. Unplug your washer and dryer and disconnect all the components. Pack toiletries together to have easy access to them for your new home. With these tips and tricks for room-by-room packing, you should now at least have an overview of what awaits you. So prepare in time and have fun in your new home when all this is behind you!

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