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Safety tips for relocating a pool table in Pebble Beach

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Relocating a pool table in Pebble Beach is surely not something that you can overlook easily. In fact, this process will require a lot of time, patience, and devotion. The proper approach to this type of move is very important. Because you are moving special items, you cannot rely on regular relocation services. Instead, finding “movers near me” is always the best idea for moving your household. On the other hand, any items that require special handling, due to their weight or complexity, should be left to specialized moving crews. A pool table is surely not light, nor is it easy to move. Hence, hiring adequate movers for this task is a must.

Relocating a pool table in Pebble Beach – All you need to know about it

First and foremost, make sure you have all the supplies for the job. Of course, before you start packing the table, you will need to disassemble it. This is something we are going to talk more about in the paragraphs below. However, when it comes to packing supplies, you would want to get:

  • Dollies or moving carts
  • Bubble wrap and packing paper
  • A measuring tape
  • Flat cardboard, if possible
  • Tools you need to disassemble the pool table

Make sure you can fit the table

Measuring is the key part of moving bulky items. Before you even start to work on it, make sure that you know the measures of the table.

a measuring tape on the wall to represent how you should measure walls when relocating a pool table in Pebble Beach
Measure everything from the table to the doorways and hallways you have to go through

Later, make sure you measure the doorways, hallways, and staircase to ensure that the table can fit through them. This process is the same as it would be if you hired furniture movers in California to move your furniture out. Before you do anything, ensure you will not damage the walls, doorways, or table.

Disassembling the table

If you are keen on relocating a pool table in Pebble Beach, you cannot do it without taking it apart. Pool tables are not only bulky but very heavy. Therefore, you will not only not be able to carry it, but you will also not be able to fit it through the doorways.

six different types of electric drills in front of a white background
To disassemble the furniture properly, you will need the right tools; but if hiring professional movers, they will provide the tools

Therefore, you should start disassembling all of the parts that can be disassembled. Table legs, rails, slate, and felt are all of the components you can disassemble. Additionally, you can always contact pool table movers California to help you do it right.

Pack each part individually when relocating a pool table in Pebble Beach

All of the parts that you disassemble should be in a group. Later, devote enough time to each group of items when it comes to wrapping them. You will need to devote each item equal attention. Safe relocating a pool table in Pebble Beach means ensuring that each part of the table remains intact. To do so, just use the packing materials you have to provide as much protection as you can. You can also hire Pebble Beach movers to help you pack the items properly before transporting them.


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