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Safety tips to consider when moving a piano long distance

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How to move a piano? As a piano is a highly valuable piece of furniture that weighs a couple of hundred pounds, it is not an easy task so here are some safety tips to consider when moving a piano long distance.

It is hard to move a piano as it has a complicated construction with its keys, pedals, wires and other components. You need to be careful not to damage anything as it is quite expensive to get another piece. If you are hiring professional help for the move of your other belongings, why not do the same for the piano, contact Carmel valley moving companies and reduce the stress.

Everything is in the plan

As it is with every move, a sound plan is the key component of a successful move. That means you need to measure everything. You need to measure the dimensions of the piano itself, the doors, the windows, the staircase if you have it. Everything on its way to the transportation truck needs to be measured.

Moving a piano long distance plan
When moving a piano long distance, everything is in the plan.

Set a clear path from the start to the end before you start moving it, because otherwise, you may start carrying your piano and then realise it doesn’t fit through the door, which can lead to the damage on the piano or the walls. Clear the path and move anything that might get in the way. When you finish the move, you will need to check on your piano, and here are some tips for piano care.

You can’t do it alone

You cannot move a piano by yourself, so call your friends and family on time. With all that is said, the best option is to hire a professional, such as piano movers Monterey, to make sure everything is going as it should.

Materials and tools needed

When you’re thinking about how to move a piano, it is important to think about materials and tools that are needed for the job. You are going to need working gloves, bubble wrap, blankets to protect the piano from indentations and scratches.

You will need some special equipment for moving a piano long distance.

With all of this, you are going to need some equipment for moving the piano long distance. That means you are going to need sliding straps that allow you to move the piano from one room to another. There are also special boards that make moving something from one floor to another easier and a cart with wheels. As all of this may be hard to get, working with a moving agency could cut down on a lot of hassle.

Prepare your piano and yourself

After you have made a plan, the next step is to pack the piano and prepare it for transportation. Even though it is a large piece of furniture, it is also very delicate and you need to think about all the pieces.

piano keys
You will need to protect your piano keys.

Detach the legs and the pedals, close and, if it is possible, lock the lid to prevent the keys getting damaged. If there is no lock on the lid, close it firmly to prevent it from opening by accident. The next step is to cover the whole piano in bubble wrap and blankets and then you are ready to transport. The last tip is to mind your health when moving heavy pieces of furniture and not strain your body too much.

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