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Safety tricks for moving expensive statues long distance

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Relocation is always an exciting, but time-consuming process. If you are moving from California to Las Vegas, you know much time, effort, patience, and money you need to plan that process flawlessly and conduct it the same way. If you have a lot of fine artwork, sculptures, and other valuable items, in addition to all the regular furniture and items, it can get a bit trickier. The very process of packing demands a lot more care. Then, there is constantly worrying about whether your possessions will be transported to the destination in one piece. We understand that you have a reason to be stressed out and that planning that part of your relocation requires a lot of strength from you. Don’t worry. With our safety tricks for moving expensive statues long distance, you will have nothing to worry about.

The first step is detailed planning

No matter what items you want to move, every relocation requires detailed planning, especially if you are moving long distance. Of course, you can always hire a reliable moving company, such as Mod Movers, who will help you finish that exhausting process stress-free. On the other hand, if you want to do at least packing alone, we understand and will assist you through that task step by step. So, when it comes to planning, you need to make an inventory list. It is much easier to plan the rest of the process if you know the exact number of the items you need to relocate, and what are they.

Three Wise Monkeys statues
Moving expensive statues long distance is easy with our tricks

This will not only help you later when it comes to unpacking, but this way you will know what items have been already damaged. An item may get lost or damaged during the process. If you have an inventory list, you can prove it. It would also be great to take photos of your statues before packing. Another reason why making an inventory list is a good idea is the fact that you can plan to buy packing materials. You will know the exact amount and what packing supplies you need. After that, you can contact a company that sells moving supplies Monterey CA. They will provide you with the best materials.

Get the packing supplies

When you are packing for moving expensive statues long distance, the most important thing is to get quality packing supplies. It is better to spend some extra money on that, than having to replace the items later. Not to mention the fact that some of them are probably one-of-a-kind statues. So, you will need:

  • Moving boxes (different sizes);
  • Bubble wrap;
  • Tape;
  • Wooden crates;
  • Markers, or ‘fragile’ labels.
  • Furniture dolly, if you have large items.

It is important to measure the statues before you start packing them

Check the measurements of your artwork before you begin packing so that you can prepare the appropriate-sized boxes. If at all feasible, disassemble the sculptures. Doing so will make the procedure of conserving it simpler. Your work will be less difficult and you will be able to pack them like a true expert if there are two or more little portions. Smaller miniatures can likely be grouped together into one or two boxes after being appropriately wrapped if you have any. Of course, there are some tricks for moving expensive statues long distance. First of all, avoid laying them horizontally. They have to stand vertically, especially the bigger ones. Also, leave no empty space in the box, otherwise, they will move in transport and get damaged.

Two carved out statues
You need wooden crates for bigger statues

Start packing for moving expensive statues long distance

The most important thing when you start packing is to choose the right box for each statue. It needs to be a bit bigger than your statue. Each box should accommodate each component of your artwork if it can be dismantled. Remember that your sculpture’s size will greatly expand after wrapping, so that is why you need to use a slightly bigger box. Then again, it shouldn’t be too big and let the statue move freely. Therefore, pick the boxes wisely.

Don’t hesitate when it comes to using bubble wrap

Nothing is too much when you want to use bubble wrap for packing your statues. The sculpture is shielded best by it because no layers of paper can do the job like this material. Wrap the places where the two parts connect, as well as the central portion, and you have to do it more than once for each item. During this process, take care to cover every inch completely. Use tape to secure and strengthen the bubble wrap near the end. You might wish to add a paper layer for more security. When you put the statue in a box, don’t forget that it should be in a vertical position. Also, putting ”fragile” labels is important. This way your long distance movers California, will be more careful with the items. So will you when it comes to unpacking.

A man under a pile of cardboard boxes
Prepare moving boxes of different sizes for relocation.

If you have larger and bulkier statues, you can use wooden crates instead of boxes. You can repeat the process, just instead in a box, put the statute in a crate. After placing the object inside, don’t forget to add a couple of layers of protecting material on the bottom and around it.

Use the dolly to move the statues

You must transport your sculptures to the moving truck when you have packed them. Use a furniture dolly for the huge sculptures so as not to scratch either the artifacts themselves or the floor. You should only use them with the larger sculptures since it will create a stable setting for this transition.

If you want to avoid any of this, you can hire fine art movers and all of your problems will be solved. They will pack your items, get materials, load the truck and relocate your statues. Moving expensive statues long distance will be completely stress-free if you hire professionals.

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