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Should I use plastic or wooden crates when moving

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Whether you’re moving, storing, or putting items into a warehouse, you need to know the limits of your crates and boxes. Only by doing so can you really make the job easier to do. Thankfully, there are many Northern California movers that will help you choose the best options. Even though there’s no easy answer to whether to use plastic or wooden crates when moving, we’ll give you information that might make the decision easier for you.

Think about the price when you decide whether to use plastic or wooden crates when moving

One of the main factors when it comes to crates is obviously the price at which they come. That’s why there’s an ongoing debate on what’s better – wooden or plastic crates? Generally, the plastic crates will come at a heftier price. That’s because they are requiring more work to manufacture. There’s a reason why packing services sometimes charge more when they use reusable plastic boxes. And it’s very simple, they’re just more expensive. Of course, it’s not always the pricing that counts, but having a budget will limit you to using wooden crates. Don’t worry wooden crates have other advantages besides being cheaper!

A bunch of money
Will you use plastic or wooden crates when moving depends on the price too

Will you need to use crates for storage too?

It’s not a given, but moving will sometimes require you to use storage. In order to use the storage space optimally, you want to have crates that can stack on top of each other. Because the wooden crates have more resistance and can carry more weight, it’s no wonder even warehouses prefer using them. On top of that if you use junk removal Monterey CA they will mostly use wooden crates if needed. That’s because they know just how much can fit in them and that isn’t always the same with plastic crates. Of course, plastic crates can be found in storage and warehouse spaces, but only to a small extent. For example, if you’re storing away a bunch of smaller items that are not too heavy. The ability that the wooden crates have to be stacked on top of each other is just unbeatable.

Hygiene and health will be a big factor if you’ll choose to use plastic or wooden crates when moving

One of the big disadvantages of choosing wooden crates is that they can get pretty heavy and have a shorter life span than plastic ones. Above all, the logical danger of using them, especially when they are full, is that the workers can hurt themselves. And the fact that it can handle so much is why it’s still among the favorite boxes and supplies that moving and storage companies use. However, when you send a wooden crate you need to follow certain rules and regulations that make sure that the shipment is safe. Generally, the regulations say that wooden crates need to be put on wooden pallets in order to transport them safely. However, this won’t stop it from being guaranteed in case of suspicion of:

  • E- Coli
  • Contamination by animals or pests
  • Other bacterial contamination
A doctor looking at bacteria
Your wooden crate will be going through a meticulous check

How much will the lifespan of the crates help you choose the right option?

It’s very obvious that a wooden crate is just built of wood that will have its own tears and damages over time. On the other hand, plastic crates will be very durable and can last you for a very long time if you take care of them. For example, more and more moving services are switching to durable plastic crates. They are more expensive, but the fact that they are in usage constantly is something that makes them attractive to companies. However, if you plan on shipping once in a blue moon then the choice of wooden crates is reasonable. Plastic obviously wins the lifespan battle, but the main question is – Will it be necessary?

Use plastic or wooden crates when moving according to their endurance

Depending on what type of items you want to ship or transport you’ll need to think about the endurance of crates. This can vary depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the materials. However, in the vast majority of cases, a wooden crate can hold tons of weight without ever being in danger. Especially when you ask commercial movers, they will tell you that they prefer wooden crates as they can handle the furniture and office equipment perfectly. On the other hand, in case of a smaller move to a longer distance, you don’t need that type of endurance. It makes perfect sense for movers or you to choose plastic crates in that situation.

What is the reusability of both wooden and plastic crates?

Even though wooden crates seem like they are usable only a couple of times, the truth is they have a good level of reusability. However, it’s the small details that make it go bad and unusable for further projects. On the other hand, a plastic container is here to stay. And for a very long time. The main problem that can occur with a plastic crate is too much weight being inside of it. This can create structural damage and in that case, you can say goodbye to it. Overall, if you want to use a crate several times without problems, your best choice is a plastic crate. It’s one of the main reasons why professional companies use it so much.

The recycle sign on a phone screen
Plastic crates will serve you for a longer period of time

Having crucial information before moving can be very helpful. Be it that it’s the price, health reasons, or anything else that piques your interest, make sure to get all the information available to you. Of course, there are valuable agencies like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Agency and others that can give you all the guidelines when moving. However, the more you go into details the more difficult it gets to find the most helpful data. We hope we’ve helped you somewhat in choosing whether to use plastic or wooden crates when moving.

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