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Should you opt for moving insurance when moving to another state

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So you’ve decided to move but should you opt for moving insurance when moving to another state? Be glad that you came across this blog. Since we at Mod Movers would like to explain what is it and why we think you need it. First of all moving insurance is simply ensuring goods and items that you’re moving. Prices may vary on how many things and what things you want to insure.  So let’s dive in and see what we can do for you and how can we help you!

What is moving insurance when moving to another state

So when you are moving in the state (or interstate) or internationally or to another state we would recommend it. Now, why? We all know that accidents happen even to the most careful ones. So this is just one of many reasons why moving insurance is necessary, or at least we think it is. Firstly moving insurance is protecting your things while they are being transported or in your new house or temporary storage. Now several things happen regularly and they could happen to your things. Traffic accidents, vehicle fires, natural disasters, etc. are just to name a few. Or just imagine if you open your boxes with your favorite plates and they are in pieces! It isn’t so easy to replace especially if they were unique or you had a special place for them in your heart.

A man and a woman carrying boxes out of the car;
Moving to another state is usually stressful and it requires time and energy. So by getting insurance you’ll feel at least a bit less stressed.

Now you can buy any type of insurance if you are moving by land, water, or ground. There are different insurance options but we as California interstate movers would recommend full value protection and there is also released value coverage. So you don’t have any problems if anything happens to your things. So imagine that a moving truck has a hole in its roof and then when your truck arrives, your all boxes are soaking wet. That would be a complete disaster. Now let’s see what are the differences.

What is released value coverage

Now, this is nothing complex and it’s quite simple. This is quite economical and the company will only recover 60 cents per pound of items. So if you damage something that has 100 pounds they will just multiply 100 by 60 and you’ll get $60 for that, that’s it. Nothing hard and if you want to save a couple of bucks that’s good for you. But is it? Now if we take a closer look it isn’t as good as it seems. Since you’ll be paying for your new MacBook Pro $2000,00 or even more, but if you drop it that the offer won’t sound good. Since you’ll get 60 cents per pound and the average MacBook Pro is about 2.75 to 3 pounds, so you’ll get $2.4 or less. Sound like a good deal now?

So our advice is to make a list of all valuable items and you’ll quickly see and realize what we are talking about. There is even in the decluttering stage a famous 20/20 rule. If you can’t decide what to do with an item and you don’t have time to see it or nobody needs it as a gift; but the new one cost less than $20, just throw it away. Also, this way you can make your move cheaper. Now, this insurance isn’t regulated by state law, and is usually free, since it’s required by the U.S. Department of Transportation. So this was basic, let’s just to more advanced insurance.

Paper with a drawing of an umbrella on top of which it says insurance and a person next to it is typing on a laptop;
There are many types of insurance so you should check them all out, you can do it with your movers or with a third party.

What is full value protection insurance

We as long distance movers California would like to say that this is more expensive than the released value coverage. So unlike value coverage here, your shipment is multiplied by $6 per pound; if your shipment weighs 1000 pounds your estimated price is $6000. Regardless, get formal details of your moving company’s plan to ensure you understand the entire scope of coverage. Now if you opt for this insurance you’ll have to make a list of all the times that are worth more than $ 100. So your high-end jewelry, clothes, and antique furniture, as well as that $2,000 piece of art you had evaluated, would all be listed on your high-value portfolio.

Should you opt for moving third-party insurance when moving to another state

Now let’s say that you’re moving from California to Oregon and you think that there’s a lot on the line. Then we would recommend third-party insurance.  This will augment the moving company’s coverage and will also cover things that you move. Anything stolen from your car would have to go through your auto insurance if you just have coverage via your moving truck. Now this costs about 1 to 2 percent of all covered assets. First, they will estimate the price and then they will charge you 1 to 2 percent of that. In some situations, your movers may be able to provide an extended insurance package for a similar price.

Notepad and calculator placed on top of the stack of dollars;
Our suggestion is to opt for moving insurance when moving to another state. But as in most things if you spend less you get less, and so is with insurance.

The conclusion

We all know that moving is already stressful but insurance is just as important as packing. So think about insurance twice before you choose. This isn’t an easy decision so take your time and rethink if you are not sure talk to some friends, family, or coworkers, or search online yourself. Also, don’t forget that your move will not provide you with any extra info so please ask for it. Now since you’re moving interstate check if you are already coved by homeowners or renters insurance. So should you opt for moving insurance when moving to another state? Well, it depends on you and what you think you’ll need. Have a nice day and a great move! Stay safe!

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