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Should you sell your car when relocating from Hollister to Las Vegas

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When you decide to move from Hollister to Las Vegas, you probably have a lot of questions concerning your relocation. You are wondering how to pack, what to take, and which way of transferring your belongings to use. Overall, you are not sure where to start when organizing your move. Moving from California to Nevada requires a lot of preparation and help. In addition to that, there can be another question. If you own a vehicle, what should you do with it? Is it worth transferring to Nevada? Or, should you sell your car when relocating from Hollister to Las Vegas? Don’t worry anymore about that. You will get all the necessary answers to these questions if you keep reading.

Should you move from Hollister to Las Vegas with your car?

Before you even think about selling your car when relocating from Hollister to Las Vegas, you should ask yourself a different question. Is it even possible to move on your own and with your car? Even though a DIY relocation is often a good idea, especially when you move locally, sometimes you have to consider many factors before you decide to do something like that. Having a car and the possibility to organize your move by yourself is great, but it’s not always doable. First of all, moving from California to Las Vegas is considered a long-distance move. The distance between Hollister and Las Vegas is 496 miles. This means that you would need to travel for seven and a half hours before you reach your destination. And all of that without any breaks. Not to mention that there’s no way all of your belongings would fit into your car.

Cars on the road
Whether yous should sell your car when relocating from Hollister to Las Vegas depends on many factors

Another reason why you shouldn’t think of moving with your car, but should try to sell your car when relocating from Hollister to Las Vegas instead, is the fact that the gas prices have increased in a great measure. California’s average gas prices are among the highest in the USA. After a small decrease, they have increased again, to 6.3 dollars per gallon. In Las Vegas, they have gone up by 40 cents in a week. The current price in October 2022 is $5.52. For these reasons, it is a better decision to call a reliable moving company, such as Mod Movers, and let them take care of your relocation. You will probably save up if you do so, and most certainly will have a stress-free move to Nevada.

Things to consider before you decide whether to sell your car when relocating from Hollister to Las Vegas

One of the main factors to consider in whether to relocate your car as well is the distance. Well, we have seen that it is possible to drive your car to Nevada, as long as you don’t try to take all of your belongings with you. So, since you don’t have to ship your car and pay great amounts of money for that, maybe you shouldn’t sell. On the other hand, there are other factors such as:

  • the documents you need because you are moving to another state,
  • the gas prices in your future state,
  • insurance costs and validity.

All these factors should affect your decision. It may not be that difficult to relocate your car. However, you should ask yourself whether you need it and if it’s profitable to use it in Las Vegas.

What are the documents you need before you take your car to Nevada?

First of all, your car needs to be in great condition, because you will have to register it once you come to Nevada. No matter whether it already is registered, you will have to do it by Nevada’s laws. So, it has to pass all the tests. Then, the documents you will need include the name of the vehicle, current plates, The Nevada Emission Vehicle Inspection Report, and The Application for Vehicle Registration. In CA, you have to pay around $64 to register your car. In Nevada, this sum is much lower. It is more than 2 times lower because, in Nevada, you pay only $33 for car registration. After you move o Nevada, you have 30 days to register your vehicle. More affordable registration is the reason to think twice before you sell your car.

Trophies and CA license plate
You have 30 days to register your car after the move to Nevada

The gas prices in Nevada

If you take into account the gas prices we have already mentioned, they are lower in Nevada than in California. However, while you are preparing for your relocation and looking for the best moving companies in Hollister, think again. Even though the gas prices go between $5.38  and 5.52 dollars in Nevada, which is lower than California’s already mentioned 6.35 dollars, it still doesn’t mean it is affordable. Both of these states have lower prices than the USA on average.  The USA’s average has also increased in the last few weeks. Now it costs 3.94 dollars a gallon.

Car insurance in Nevada

Of course, car insurance is extremely important. Depending on which one you use in Hollister, you may probably have to change it when you move to Las Vegas. In some rare cases, this is not the scenario, but you will mostly have to find a new insurance company when you move to Las Vegas. Of course, your old insurance needs to be valid if you decide to drive the car when relocating. It has to be active if something unpredictable happens while you are on the road. On average, car insurance in Nevada costs $73 per month for minimal coverage and roughly $197 per month for comprehensive coverage. In CA, full coverage of car insurance is $119 dollars a month.

Gas filling stations
Gas prices have gone up

Make your decision about selling your car

The decision of whether you should sell your car when relocating from Hollister to Las Vegas is not easy. It is nice knowing that you don’t have to use public transport. If you like to drive, selling a car is a terrible idea, especially if you like traffic jams. On the other hand, each car is difficult to maintain. If you want to take care of it, contact us, and our professional packers from packing services will finish packing tasks so that you can take care of your car.

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