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Should you use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes when relocating to another state

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When people move there are many questions that they ask. From looking for the best cross country movers California can offer them, all the way down to the materials they use while moving. Most of these are actually personal preferences. Like the materials, we use while packing, the time and way we pack, and so on. But sometimes people ask questions in order to make their move safer and easier. Among many things, there is one question people ask regularly. Should you use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes when relocating to another state? Well, we are here to help you find an answer to that question.

Plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes

Before moving you will need to decide if you will use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes. And believe it or not this small decision can make or break your move. The funny thing is that the right choice doesn’t exist. For example, if you are moving from California to Austin you will need to think of factors that will affect your move. It all depends on when, where, what, and how you decide to move. In general, the most important factors you should consider are:

  • The distance of your move
  • The environment you’re moving from and to 
A man laying unde boxes
Sometimes moving can be hard and having to decide on some specific things makes it even harder.

The distance

When it comes to short and easy moves, professional movers like Mod Movers recommend cardboard moving boxes. Why? Well, they’re easy to find, cheap to purchase, and can be easily recycled or stored. Professionals usually use cardboard boxes more than plastic bins when moving their clients.

But for longer moves, plastic containers become the best way to add a layer of protection. But you will need to take into account that they will cost more. And you will need a place to store them later since they can’t be broken down or folded.

The environment

When packing and choosing between plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes you will need to take into account where you are moving to. For moving companies California to Texas where people move to similar areas in terms of temperature and weather there are not many concerns. But if you are moving from a cold area to a hot one and are moving items sensitive to the weather changes the way you pack them will affect them greatly.

Woman packing clothes in a plastic container
If you are packing sensitive items then a plastic container is a better option due to more protection.

Do the boxes affect moving costs?

The cardboard is lightweight. And that could actually save you money if your movers are charging you by the weight for long-distance moves. Some moving companies when making prices will include the weight of your items. And bulky plastic containers can add on that weight a lot, especially if you have many of them.

How long you’ll store your items

Many people decide to keep items in a storage unit or actually leave them in the garage for some time after moving. If you are one of those people then opt for plastic bins! If we compare plastic bins or cardboard then plastic will show better results over longer periods of time. Although you can use cardboard for that as well, it didn’t show the best results. Especially in garages. Over time it can be eaten by mice or affected by the surroundings.

Of course, you can always use cardboard for moving and when you arrive at your new home, get some plastic boxes for storage. Especially if you decide to unpack most of your items. Then the ones you didn’t unpack can easily fit in smaller plastic boxes.

Woman thinking if she should use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes
Think well before you pick between plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes!

Where will you store boxes?

When choosing between plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes you will need to take into consideration where they will be stored. Also moving your cardboard boxes can be affected by wet environments. And when they get wet they can easily degrade. That doesn’t mean plastic is safe! This type of environment can get into your plastic boxes if they are opened. And after closing the lid you will trap moisture in the plastic. So you also need to know how to pack plastic boxes properly.

For example, if you live in Florida where there is a lot of humidity in the air you should carefully pick out your box. We recommend plastic boxes with locking lids for people that decide to store them in attics and basements. These are places that can get extremely hot or cold not to mention there can be many pests too.

In conclusion

When deciding between plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes there are many factors to take into account. And in the beginning, it may not sound like something important. But over time the boxes will show their advantages as well as disadvantages. It is best to consider both your packing budget as plastic containers are more expensive, as well as the moving budget. On top of that take into account the weather and outside factors like humidity and heat that will affect the boxes themselves and the items in them.

Will you unpack them when you arrive or will plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes stay stored in one place? All of these things need to be carefully thought through. Of course, you can always look for a professional option and ask your movers. If by chance you can find someone you know that can lend you plastic boxes that would be a good way to go. And if you decide to go with cardboard you can always find it in local markets for free. Of course for things that have their original boxes like appliances, it is best to use them.

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