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Smart hacks for moving a bookstore to a new location

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Whether you are moving a bookstore to a new location, or you just have a large book collection that needs to be moved, it is a lot of work. You can always minimize the time and effort you are going to put in by hiring California professional movers. If you are really willing to make a plan on how to pack your books and move them, here are some smart hacks for moving a bookstore to a new location.

Look at your collection

The best time to decide if you really need all the books that you have is right before the move. Curating a library is really important as it seems much more professional.

Moving a bookstore to a new location books
Decide what you want to keep, sell or donate before moving your bookstore to a new location.

So, take some time and decide what you want to keep, sell or donate, and be sure not to rush with these decisions. If you decide to donate a part of your collection, contact the American book drive to take care of your donations and find them a good home.

What if you are not really ready to let go?

If you are not ready to sell or donate, but you are facing a big reduction in shelf space, you can always put a part of your collection in storage. There are a lot of moving companies that provide storage services. This way, you can hold on to your collection without causing unnecessary clutter in your new location.

Group the books by size when moving a bookstore to a new location

If you want to avoid the hassle of the long packing process, you can always hire packing services. If not, make sure to group your books by size, so your packing does not become a Tetris game. Another thing to keep in mind is that books are heavy to move.

Stack of books
The easiest way to move books is to stack them by size.

So, try to keep your boxes relatively small and light, and aim to be under 40 lbs per box so that the move is easier. You will also need sturdy boxes made out of thick cardboard, with strong sides and corners. Another great step is to add extra tape to the bottom of your boxes to make them more durable, and it also protects your books from water damage or any kind of dirt.

The importance of labelling

If you decide to pack your books by yourself, make sure to label the boxes properly. It is really important to mark which end of the box is which and how fragile is the content.

Don’t forget to label your boxes correctly.

This way, your professional help such as movers Morgan Hill CA  will be clearly instructed without having to ask you about every single box. Label your boxes as you go, because there is a great chance that you will forget about the content as soon as you tape up the box. Labelling is one of the smartest hacks for moving a bookstore to a new location.

Don’t forget to take your favourite book with you

If you have a long move ahead of you, don’t forget to keep one or two books out. A book is a great part of your survival kit for moving, especially if you need to cross a great distance to the new location.

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