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Special moving services to improve your California moving experience

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Sometimes in life, you will have or receive a certain amount of family heirlooms. They can be something passed on from generation to generation or a thing that has sentimental value. When you’re in the process of moving out, this kind of thing requires special handling because of its value and/or size. Mod Movers CA with their team of movers can provide you with a plan on how to improve your California moving experience.

What are the special moving services to improve your California moving experience?

When you have things of value then you need special moving services to improve your CA moving experience. What does special moving services exactly mean? If you’ve come into possession of items that need to be handled with care, you need special moving services. This team consists of highly trained people who will handle your possessions with extra care. That’s why this kind of service costs a lit bit extra. Here is the list of all things that you can transport using special services:

  • furniture moving
  • piano or other instruments
  • fine art
  • pool table or any arcade game

In this article, we’ll list how to prepare, package, and transport all of these items to your destination.

Declutter before you move

As always and with every large-scale project, we suggest that you first declutter your home. If you’re more of a visual person, then maybe you need to create two piles, one for “keep” and one for “throw-away”. One that has the tag “keep” is those things that you’ll label depending on which room they’ll end up in. As for those that are labeled throw away, you can do multiple things. You can organize a garage/yard sale and earn some extra money, which you’ll surely need. Next, you can donate some of them to charity. One of the options is also to store them if you think you’ll have some use for them in the future. Lastly, if some of your things have no purpose, and you can’t donate it or sell it, it’s best to throw them away. We urge you to contact junk removal California movers as they’ll be able to assist you with this matter. These pros will collect the junk, pack it and if possible recycle it, for further use.

a woman decluttering in order to help improve her California moving experience
Decluttering beforehand will surely help improve your California moving experience

California moving experience

It is a known fact that living in the state of California is not cheap. Rent, food, and day-to-day cost are enormous. Of course, California is also known as one of the best states to live in because you get sunshine for a big part of the year, which affects your well-being. On the other hand, it also has great job opportunities, good living standards, and stunning nature. As one of the ways to improve your California relocating experience, California moving services recommends taking a road trip with your family. You can do this while you’re moving. There are so many places to visit, like Yosemite or Joshua Tree. If you like the city vibe, there is always San Francisco or San Diego. This will help you unwind, before diving into all that stress that moving and unpacking can inflict.

Moving your things with special care

As we already mentioned, some things require special care when moving. Whether it has something to do with packing or with lifting heavy objects, we know that hiring a moving company can put a dent in your budget but consider the opposite. If you try to do these things on your own, the best-case scenario would be that you break some of your valuables. The worst-case scenario is that you can sustain a serious injury. All these things are not necessary when there are people such as white glove movers who are in the business of moving for a long time and have seen it all. They are here to improve your California moving experience. In this article, we will list some of the most common items that need special care when it comes to moving.

Mover carrying couch into the room
Don’t lift that heavy furniture by yourself, leave it to the professionals

Furniture moving

Furniture as such means many things ranging from chairs, and tables, to sofas, closets, and beds. All of these things are by definition heavy and tough to manipulate. As we already mentioned, we wouldn’t advise tackling this kind of thing on your own. You can get injured if you try moving these things on your own.  That’s why furniture movers California is your best bet since they can improve your California moving experience. It is important to provide them with the following information:

  • give exact measurements of doors so they can know if they’re wide enough for the furniture to be moved through them
  • if your building has an elevator and what its dimensions are
  • if you don’t have an elevator, provide your floor number
  • if it’s not possible to move furniture through the door, can it be hoisted through the window

Properly packed chairs, tables, and closets

When talking about chairs and tables,  they need to be properly packed and secured so it doesn’t get damaged in transport. Chairs need to be wrapped and then placed on top of one another in the van, to make room for other furniture and boxes. In regards to tables, they need to be disassembled and then secured in bubble wrap. The same things apply to closets or armoires. Movers know this and the best solution is to disassemble and pack. If that’s not the case, movers will need to wrap them in a soft cloth, to avoid destruction in transport.

Packing sofas and beds

As far as sofas and beds go, they are a bit easier to pack as they have a softer structure. Sofas can just be placed in the moving van, without any sort of protection. As far as beds go, movers can disassemble them, pack the mattress and then load it into the van. The main thing that movers need to do is to make a plan on how to place everything on a van, so it’ll all fit. Finally, you can be sure that the moving team will securely transport everything from the van to whenever you need to in your home.

Piano covered with a cloth in a music room
Experienced movers will transport your piano and most likely improve your California moving experience

Moving your musical instruments

No matter what musical instrument you have, they’re of great value. There is a difference when transporting string, percussion, or keyboard instruments. Each of these instruments requires a different type of packaging. We’ll list the difference between the packaging of each of these various instruments.

Keyboard instruments

When we’re talking about keyboard instruments, we’re mainly thinking of pianos, electronic keyboards, and accordions. One of the most difficult instruments to pack and transfer is a piano. They’re very heavy, and a lot of precision is involved in the process of preparing and packing. Luckily, piano movers California can assist you with that. With their white glove movers team, you don’t need to worry about your piano being damaged. Electronic keyboards and accordions can be hand luggage for which you can decide if you want to take it with you or also place in a van.

String and percussion instruments

String instruments have a range from carry-on instruments such as violin to the biggest ones such as harp or cello. You can carry your violin with you in a designated case since it is not a heavy instrument. Harp presents a bit of a challenge since its strings are very fragile. You’ll need to place it in a special package and mark it as fragile. That way, movers would know that they need to take extra care when handling. Percussion instruments such as a full set of drums or xylophones need special packaging. If you have drums, movers can help you disassemble them first before proceeding to package them. Of course, they also need to be properly protected, to avoid any damage.

Old antique shop with a lot of valuable things
Make sure to hire pro movers who know how to pack your fine art and make it ready for move

How to move fine arts

One of the ways you can improve your California moving experience is to hire a moving company to move all the fine arts you have. The fine art movers suggest you call beforehand to provide a clear view of the situation. You’ll need to tell them which pieces of art you own, their shape and size, so they’ll know what and how they need to pack it. You can always give them a call and check what quote they can give you. Here we’ll mention the most common pieces of art, paintings, and sculptures.


Paintings can come in various sizes, so it’s essential to share all of this information with your moving company. If the frames of the paintings are in irregular shape, it’ll require a different process of packing. Also, every painting is susceptible to every little change, especially to water and air. That’s one of the reasons why they require extra care. A team of white glove movers will assist you with this. Movers use white gloves with items of great value in order to preserve them. You can be sure that they’ll take great care of your valuables and improve the California moving experience.


If you have a  sculpture that you need moved, bear in mind that you need to make a few arrangements with your movers. Sculptures are made from various materials. Because of that fact, white glove movers will know how to pack them properly. There is a special kind of cushioning and padding that protects your sculpture during the move. A team of professional movers will pack everything in these special crates and load them onto the truck for you.

A pool table that you can install to help improve your California moving experience
You can rest sure that your pool table will stay safe during the move with white glove movers

Moving your gaming equipment

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, then you probably have a pool table, a foosball table, or arcade games. For all of these things, there is a special procedure for packing. You can arrange a meeting with a team of movers to make a plan on how to transport these specific items.

Pool table

The pool table consists of the table itself along with balls and cues. All of these components must be packed with great care. That’s why it is imperative that pool table movers California have information about the dimensions of the table. Based on this information, they can create a solid plan on how to make room in the moving van. White glove movers can also provide the service of disassembling your pool table and assembling it in your new place.

Foosball table

For the foosball table, we can apply the same instructions as we did for the pool table. For the table itself, you can always decide if you’ll like it moved altogether or disassembled. Whatever you decide, the table secured in bubble wrap, to avoid any damage.

Arcade games

Arcade games can come in plenty of sizes, but the main issue when transporting is got to be its weight. Make sure that before doing anything, you need to unplug your unit and place all of the cables in one bag. This way, you’ll life will be much easier when unpacking. You’ll know which cable goes where when you finally install it at your home. Again, we advise that you hire a professional when doing this.

A storage unit can be a great option to help improve your California moving experience

Bear in mind, when you need special moving services, you can always decide to place all of your valuables in a storage unit. With Mod Movers CA you always have this option. You can decide to place half of your valuables in your home. The other half can go to the storage unit. Maybe some of your items of value need special conditions, to remain intact. These storage units have ventilation and air conditioning which will keep your valuable paintings in good order. You can also choose to place these items in the storage unit for a short period. If your new home doesn’t have enough space for all the items you have, it is a good idea to have this extra space. Any time that you feel the need to redecorate or change something in your place, you can just pull these items from the storage unit and make a new look for your home.

a storage warehouse that can help improve your California moving experience
Improve your California moving experience by renting a storage unit that’ll help you avoid clutter.

Final words

We have covered which are those special items that need that extra care when it comes to moving. You must make the decisive call when it comes to which items you want to save and which you want to get rid of. From there, you need to arrange a meeting with white glove movers to see what is the best way to move your treasured items. Finally, when that day of the move comes, you can rest assured that Mod Movers CA will provide you with special moving services to improve your California moving experience. All you need to do is get in your car and take a road trip toward your new home!

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