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States California Millennials are moving to

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California millennials are on the move, and it’s a trend catching the eye of many. As they seek new opportunities and experiences, the destinations outside the Golden State are as diverse as their aspirations. With the expertise of CA movers, these young adults are finding it easier than ever to relocate to places that offer a blend of career prospects, affordable living, and a lifestyle that aligns with their values. We’re here to explore the popular states California millennials are moving to and examine the factors driving their decisions. Whether for economic reasons, cultural attractions, or simply a change of scenery, understanding where California’s millennials are heading provides valuable insights into the shifting dynamics of domestic migration in the United States. Join us as we uncover the preferred destinations of this dynamic demographic and what these moves mean for the future.


Arizona is increasingly becoming one of the top states California millennials are moving to. Its unique opportunities and lifestyle draw them. The state offers an enticing alternative with a lower cost of living, a thriving job market, particularly in technology and renewable energy sectors, and an environment rich in natural beauty. This affordability factor is a major pull, allowing for a better quality of life with less financial strain. Additionally, Arizona’s year-round sunny weather is a significant draw that offers an outdoor lifestyle that’s hard to match.

woman looking at the view and thinking about States California Millennials are moving to
Arizona is a state that meets the practical needs of this generation but also aligns with their values and aspirations.

Apart from the economy and climate, Arizona is also a cultural hotspot. Cities like Phoenix and Tucson have amazing art scenes, diverse cuisines, and a mix of modern and traditional cultures. For nature lovers, Arizona is a dream. It’s home to the Grand Canyon, numerous hiking trails, and stunning sceneries that range from desert vistas to mountain ranges. millennials seeking a balance between urban convenience and natural beauty find Arizona an ideal setting.

Also, Arizona’s community-focused approach resonates with millennials’ values. The state has numerous initiatives aimed at sustainability and community development, aligning with the socially conscious mindset of this generation.

Arizona has notable universities like the University of Arizona and Arizona State University. These schools are well-regarded for their strong academic programs and research initiatives. For millennials moving from California to Arizona, this state is an appealing choice with a balance of affordable living, promising career paths, diverse cultural experiences, and ample opportunities to enjoy the natural surroundings.


Millennials are increasingly moving from California to Colorado, attracted by its blend of professional opportunities and lifestyle perks. Colorado’s allure lies in its outdoor adventures and the lively city life of Denver. This state is an ideal destination for those looking for a balanced, adventurous life combined with a thriving job market.

Outdoor adventures

Colorado has become much more popular among millennials since it provides an opportunity for a change from California’s fast-paced lifestyle. The state’s stunning Rocky Mountains backdrop creates an ideal outdoor activity environment. During winter, skiing is popular, while summer brings hiking and mountain biking to the forefront. Renowned destinations like Aspen and Vail are magnets for adventure seekers. Additionally, Colorado’s dedication to environmental sustainability aligns with what many in this generation are looking for.

Moving from San Francisco to Denver

If you are seeking urban opportunities after moving to Colorado, Denver stands out as one of the best states California millennials are moving to. Millennials moving from San Francisco to Denver are welcomed by a dynamic city that combines innovation and career prospects. Denver’s burgeoning tech sector rivals Silicon Valley, providing exciting career possibilities. Denver’s varied neighborhoods offer various dining, entertainment, and cultural experiences. Also, Denver’s more affordable cost of living than San Francisco appeals to millennials who want to enjoy a good quality of life without the high expenses.

union station building
The attraction to Colorado lies in the state’s natural beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, and urban centers like Denver.


Moving to Nevada is a choice that many millennials are making. It’s a decision that brings them to a state brimming with opportunities and attractions.

A Growing job market

Nevada is experiencing significant economic growth, particularly in Las Vegas and Reno. With a current average cost of living at $2,267, substantially lower than California’s $3,886, Nevada becomes one of the top states California millennials are moving to. Nevada’s appeal extends beyond affordability, encompassing a business-friendly climate and the absence of state income tax, appealing to professionals seeking financial stability. The thriving economies in Las Vegas and Reno prove why Nevada is one of the top states California millennials are moving to, providing not only economic opportunities but also a more cost-effective lifestyle.

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Job opportunities abound in tourism, hospitality, and technology industries, making it an attractive destination for career-focused millennials.

The Las Vegas experience

Nevada is synonymous with entertainment, and the iconic Las Vegas Strip is a major reason why. millennials relocating to Nevada are in for a world of entertainment options, from world-class casinos and live shows to lively nightlife. However, the state offers more than just the glitz of Las Vegas. Nature lovers can discover the breathtaking landscapes of Red Rock Canyon, Lake Tahoe, and Great Basin National Park in Nevada. The state also has a significant cultural history, featuring old mining towns and Native American heritage sites ready for exploration.

Interesting facts about Nevada

  • The state was named after the mountain “Sierra Nevada.”
  • Nevada holds the title of being the driest state in the U.S., receiving an average yearly rainfall of just around 7 inches.
  • It’s home to the well-known Area 51, a highly classified U.S. Air Force site, which has been the subject of many conspiracy theories.

Millennials moving from California to Nevada find the state appealing due to its expanding job opportunities, more affordable cost of living, and a wide variety of entertainment choices. The attraction of the Las Vegas Strip, the picturesque landscapes of Nevada, and the state’s distinctive cultural offerings provide a range of opportunities and experiences that are particularly appealing to this energetic generation.


Oregon stands as one of the prime states California millennials are moving to and seeking a fresh start. With a distinctive mix of opportunities and lifestyles, the state’s allure is undeniable. Drawn to Oregon’s unique charm, millennials find a compelling blend that resonates with their aspirations, making it a top choice for relocation from California.

green trees and a lake
Oregon is known for its stunning landscapes and environmentally conscious communities, making it an appealing destination for this dynamic generation.

Natural wonders

Oregon’s millennials in search of beautiful spaces will love Oregon. From the mesmerizing Pacific coastline to the pristine allure of the Cascade Mountains, this state is a fan favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. Embracing the quintessential Oregon lifestyle, residents and visitors indulge in hiking, camping, and immersive nature exploration.

There’s a lot to do and explore here, no matter if you’re looking for adventure and excitement or some peace. Renowned destinations such as Crater Lake National Park and the Columbia River Gorge are especially visited in Oregon. They offer an abundance of opportunities for fun and relaxation.

Moving from California to Portland

After moving to Oregon, people often find that Portland stands out for those seeking a more urban lifestyle. It’s known for its lively arts scene, innovative culinary experiences, and eclectic neighborhoods. Also, Portland offers millennials culture and creativity both for entertainment and education. This makes this city charming if you want to expand your horizons and truly get to know the place you’re moving to. The residents’ commitment to sustainability and focus on green living align with the values of socially conscious Millennials. Moving from California to Portland is a great choice for those looking to embrace an environmentally friendly and culturally rich urban lifestyle.

Millennials are drawn to Oregon for its natural beauty and vibrant urban centers like Portland. Whether they seek outdoor adventures or a dynamic urban experience, Oregon provides a compelling destination for this generation, balancing the wonders of nature and the allure of city life.


Texas has a strong economy, which is one of the must-haves if you’re a millennial looking for career growth and future stability. Houston stands out with its dynamic job market, especially in sectors like energy, healthcare, and aerospace. Of course, the city’s affordability, as well as lack of state income tax, are additional incentives for young professionals.

group of people talking about States California Millennials are moving to
Texas’s pro-business environment offers millennials a chance to thrive financially while enjoying a relatively low cost of living compared to California.

Houston is celebrated for its cultural diversity, so it’s an exciting destination for millennials moving from California. The diverse population is evident in its vibrant arts scene, culinary experiences, and festivals. From exploring the Space Center Houston to indulging in international cuisine at the many restaurants, millennials find plenty of experiences that celebrate the fusion of traditions from around the world.

The appeal of moving from California to Houston lies in the state’s economic prosperity and cultural diversity. Millennials are drawn to Texas for its thriving job market, affordability, and the opportunity to experience a melting pot of cultures in cities like Houston. It’s a destination that offers a blend of career prospects and a plethora of experiences.

Why Millennials from California are Flocking to Austin

Besides Houston, Texas also has Austin as a prime destination for millennials moving from California. Austin stands out with an amazing tech scene and rich cultural life. This city is renowned for its live music, innovative technology sector, and outdoor attractions. Here’s why moving from California to Austin is an attractive choice:

  • Tech Hub: Austin’s booming technology sector offers numerous career paths. This is especially based on technology and innovative start-ups, drawing parallels with Silicon Valley.
  • Cost of Living: When compared to many cities in California, Austin is more budget-friendly, making it a popular choice for those seeking economic benefits.
  • Music and Arts: Austin’s music and arts scene is a major attraction.
  • Outdoor Activities: Austin is widely recognized as a major center for music, hosting the renowned South by Southwest (SXSW) festival which attracts artists and fans from around the globe. The great arts scene is also reflected in its numerous galleries, theaters, and live music venues that showcase a diverse range of artistic expressions.
  • Pleasant Climate: With weather conditions similar to California, Austin is ideal for those who prefer sunny and warm climates.

Balancing dynamic career opportunities with a relaxed lifestyle, Austin represents the perfect mix for professionals seeking growth without compromising on life quality. This balance is precisely why Austin is becoming a new home for many Californians, especially millennials.

California millennials welcomed with open arms

As you can see, millennials in California are on the move, seeking new opportunities and a change of scenery. Interstate moving companies in California are witnessing a surge in demand as this generation looks for fresh destinations to call home. For good reasons, California millennials are flocking to some of the top states, including Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Texas. Whether it’s because of a lower cost of living, booming job market, or lively culture, millennials find ways to adjust and call these states their new home for a better and brighter future.

couple packing a moving box, talking about States California Millennials are moving to
California millennials are packing their bags to embark on a new life chapter.

Millenials are actively changing the states they’re flocking to

These states California millennials are moving to are more than just new locations for them. They embody a pursuit of a well-rounded, enriching life. As young individuals establish themselves, they bring a burst of energy and diversity to their new locales. This way, they are pursuing both growth and creativity. This movement extends beyond a mere trend. It’s a profound transformation of the socio-economic landscape. Besides changing their addresses, millennials are redefining the cultural and economic dynamics of these areas. Similarly, they are marking a new chapter of development and opportunity.

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