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I can’t say enough good things about this company! The short story is that I used them for a move from Monterey to San Diego, and from booking my moving date with Marlene to saying goodbye to Jesse and Manual in SD, every single encounter was professional, courteous, timely, friendly and kind. Truly, TRULY, a wonderful moving experience with Mod Movers!

The long story: I gave myself an extremely short amount of time to move my family to San Diego for a new job. I found Mod Movers on Angie’s List so I called them out of desperation and spoke with Marlene. Not only did she do her best to kindly ease my stress, but she also accommodated both our house inspection and actual move within the tight timeframe we needed (which was merely days later). Not to mention, they said they could deliver our belongings within ONE day — which apparently is unheard of! (It normally takes about a week to get your things from other moving companies.)

My husband handled the move out of Monterey and he said that the 4 gentlemen that loaded up the truck were super nice, efficient and helpful. The next morning, I met 2 of them (Jesse and Manual) at our new place in San Diego. Again, the one-day turnaround was astounding! Since I personally worked with them, I can attest to the move-in experience — they were cautious and caring about our items, they were extremely personable and pleasantly conversational, they were efficient and calm and made the move much, much easier than I expected. And, on a personal note, I also encountered an issue w/my 10-month-old baby girl while they were there and both Jesse and Manual were as kind and caring as could be, telling me stories about their own families and kids to calm my nerves.

I would HIGHLY recommend Mod Movers for a number of reasons — reduced stress around moving, professional service, very competitive pricing, and overall really great individuals behind the business. Thank you!!

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