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The art of downsizing when moving to another state

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Moving to another state is a stressful life event. If you are also downsizing, the stress is even worse. You may be at a loss what to do with all your belongings and where everything will fit in your new home. The drastic change from moving from all the space you have right now to a smaller place may come as a shock, but it is manageable with a few simple steps. Hiring the best movers in California and letting them take care of the relocation process will ease some of your anxiety, but is there something else you can do? Of course, there is! We are here to share our best tips for downsizing when moving to another state.

Downsizing when moving to another state- how to do it

When you are moving from California to Oregon there are simple steps you can do to ease the process of moving to a smaller home. Adjusting to a new space is difficult in itself, let alone trying to squeeze in all your belongings from a previous home. But, downsizing is not all that bad. If you are into a minimalist way of life, you will enjoy letting go of excess stuff and moving to a smaller space.

woman in her new small apartment after moving interstate
Downsizing when moving to another state might be scary, but it just takes a little organization.

Here is what you can do before your relocation:

  • give yourself enough time to adjust to the idea of living in a smaller space
  • try to let go of as many unnecessary items as you can
  • visualize your future home with your current furniture
  • consider renting a storage unit

Give yourself a lot of time to adjust to the idea of living in a smaller space

Before you approach the actual moving day, try to imagine what it will be like to live in your new home. Will you be comfortable with less space? Will you miss the size of your old home? If you’ve decided to try the minimalist way of living, you will probably be OK with downsizing. But, if you are moving to a smaller place because you have no other options, you may struggle at first. Picture yourself in your future home, and give yourself plenty of time to adjust even after the move. Try to find the silver lining of downsizing when moving to another state. Maybe your rent will be lower, or you will pay less for utilities. Maybe you are renting your current home, but you managed to buy your future home in Oregon. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished and enjoy your new space.

Try to get rid of as many items that you don’t need as possible

The most important thing when downsizing is to let go of the stuff you don’t need. Now is the time to donate to Goodwill or another charity organization. Let go of the shoes you haven’t worn in years, the clothes that don’t fit you anymore, or the furniture that has no place in your new home. You can also give away those mismatched cups and plates you have. Someone less fortunate will be grateful to get new clothes or shoes, and you won’t really miss them. Take your time to go through your belongings and separate everything into a “keep”, “donate” and “not sure” pile. Once you are finished, you will see how much stuff you have left and whether or not you need to get rid of more items.

donation box sign when you decide to give away the things you don't need anymore before moving
Donate the items you no longer need, you will have more space in your new home.

Visualize your future home with your current furniture

If you are wondering if your furniture and other belongings will fit into your new, smaller home, there is a solution. Visualize your future home, all the rooms, and see how your current furniture could best fit in. Measure all your furnishings and see if there are any pieces too big for your future home. If there are, donate them or give them to a friend or a family member. Draw a layout of your new home and see where your furniture can be placed. Moving professionals offer excellent packing services and will pack even bulky furniture pieces perfectly. Choose the optimal angles and positions for the maximum usage of space.

Consider renting a storage unit

If you’ve separated all your belongings and decided what to give away, but still have too much stuff, consider renting a storage unit. Many moving companies offer storage services for people who want to downsize but have too many possessions which they are unwilling to let go of. Renting a storage unit is a great way to avoid cluttering your future home from the start. Carefully pack the items you wish to put away to avoid damaging them. Your safest bet is climate-controlled storage which is pricier than a regular, outdoor storage unit. But, your belongings will be safe and stored in optimal conditions for as long as you wish.

storage unit is a good solution to avoid cluttering your home
Rent a storage unit if you don’t want to part with some of your belongings.

Downsizing when moving to another state- summary

Interstate relocations can be exhausting and time-consuming. You will likely not have much time to wrap your head around the idea of living in a smaller apartment. But, try to take some time to visualize what your new home will look like. To lessen your load it is a good idea to let go of the things that are creating clutter in your current home. See if there is anything your friends or family members could use, or give it to the less fortunate. Also, throw away anything that keeps up too much space and is not usable anymore, but you’ve been keeping for because it has sentimental value. Downsizing when moving to another state is not simple, but it is doable. If you have too many sentimental items that you are not willing to give up, renting a storage unit is an excellent solution. Good luck with your relocation!

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