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The best neighborhoods to live in Santa Clara

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Santa Clara is a city in the heart of Silicon Valley in California. It is home to many big companies, therefore it is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. Many graduates and young professionals flock to the city to land a high-end job. But Santa Clara is just as good for families and retirees alike. The whole of Santa Clara County is considered a rich area, where you will get good quality of life for that price. If you can afford it, our movers in Santa Clara are ready to help make your dream move come true! To begin, here is a list of the best neighborhoods to live in Santa Clara.

What factors did we consider when picking the best neighborhoods to live in Santa Clara?

Santa Clara is a medium-sized city with as few as 130,000 residents. But from these people, 75,000 households are millionaire households in Santa Clara alone! When people who can afford to live anywhere choose to settle down here, it is an indicator of a good quality of life. Safety is one of the factors that you should consider when hiring movers near me, or when choosing a place to live in. Alongside that, you should also consider the:

  • Quality of education
  • Quality of life
  • Commute time
  • Available amenities
  • Convenience
Picture of a couple moving to one of the best neighborhoods to live in Santa Clara
Santa Clara is home to many millionaires

What are the highest-rated neighborhoods?

Santa Clara is divided into 26 neighborhoods, all of which have unique pros and cons. The best movers in California put a lot of effort into each completed move, so you need to do your part and research the area well – or simply keep reading this guide.

Ponderosa Park

Ponderosa Park is a medium-sized neighborhood, with 13,000 people calling it home. It keeps growing each year, thanks to all the good things that it offers. It is conveniently located 3 miles north of the city downtown, it is quiet and peaceful and has a remarkable safety score.


This is a planned community in Santa Clara, that spreads across 152 acres of land. Here you can find numerous housing options, from single-family homes to condo buildings, and everything in between. It is a bit more lively and active than Ponderosa Park, so it is a great place for young people looking for job opportunities and fun.


From the whole city, Westwood is without a doubt the best neighborhood for raising a family. The majority of homes for rent and sale are single-family homes, with cozy backyards. The neighborhood is lovely and walkable, so there is no heavy traffic for most of the day. To top things off for moving with kids, some of the highest-rated schools in the city are close to Westwood – Westwood Elementary School, Monroe Middle School, and Del Mar High School.

Picture of a classroom
Some of the best neighborhoods to live in Santa Clara have excellent schools

Final thoughts on the best neighborhoods to live in Santa Clara

The best neighborhoods to live in Santa Clara offer a wide array of benefits – but for those who can afford it. The housing costs crisis only made things worse, so the median home value here is a whopping 1.2 million, and rent is over 2,500 on average. People battle this by using storage services CA, to make the most out of their homes. The high costs are the only bad thing here, so if you can afford it, we highly encourage you to move to Santa Clara.

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