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The best places to retire in Texas

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Texas is a top pick if you’re looking to move out of California and enjoy your golden years. This state’s appeal lies in several key factors. The welcoming climate attracts seniors year-round, and most cities in Texas are quite affordable. The lifestyle choices are abundant, giving retirees plenty of options to stay active. Additionally, the state offers excellent healthcare facilities and ensures that medical needs are well-catered for. Taking all this into consideration, it’s no wonder so many people opt for moving from California to Texas. We’ve done the heavy lifting to present you with the best places to retire in Texas. Exploring each city’s specifics and discussing the climate, breaking down the cost of living, lifestyle amenities, and healthcare options are all things you need to do before moving. Luckily, we’re here to help by presenting you with the top spots in TX people are lucky to move to.

Is Texas the ideal state for retirement?

One of the biggest downsides of retiring in California is just how expensive it is. Texas is a much more affordable option. Living in one of the cities in this state is often easier on the wallet compared to other places in the country. For instance, the average home in Texas costs around $200,000. If you’re on a fixed income (like a pension), this can make a big difference. When it comes to taxes, Texas is also a great choice, especially for retirees. There’s no state income tax here, which means your retirement funds remain untouched. And if you own a home, you’re in luck. Texas offers property tax exemptions for folks over 65. You won’t be handing over all your cash to the taxman, that’s for sure.

Man and woman sitting on the bench and talking about the best places to retire in Texas
Enjoy the adventure of seeking the best places to retire in Texas.

Wondering if the weather in Texas is suitable for seniors? If you’re tired of icy winters, Texas is a warm-weather haven. It gets hot in the summer, but most places have solid air conditioning. Plus, the mild winters mean you can say goodbye to your snow shovel. So, whether it’s the beach life in Corpus Christi or a buzzing urban atmosphere in Austin, there are ideal cities in Texas for retirement that cater to various tastes. All in all, Texas offers a winning combo of affordability, tax benefits, and a comfy climate that many retirees find hard to resist. And with California professional movers, you will conduct your move to Texas in no time.

How seniors benefit from Texas’ tax laws

Another reason Texas is attractive for seniors in California has to do with its tax laws. First off, say goodbye to state income tax. This includes all types of income, like social security, pensions, and retirement accounts. That’s more money for you to enjoy your retirement, take up new hobbies, or spoil the grandkids. But the tax perks don’t stop there. If you’re 65 or older and own your home, you can apply for special property tax exemptions. That means you’ll pay less in property taxes each year, giving you a bit more financial breathing room.

Even if you decide to rent, many Texas cities have a relatively low cost of living, which can help your retirement funds stretch further. So, when it comes to taxes, Texas really does roll out the red carpet for seniors. It’s another reason why this state is gaining in popularity as a top spot to retire.

Where are most retirees heading in Texas

Are you considering moving from Cali to Texas as your retirement spot? An increasing number of seniors are making the move to the Lone Star State. So, where are most of these retirees choosing to plant their roots? The answer varies, but a few areas stand out as particularly popular among the senior crowd. Cities with high-quality healthcare facilities are a top pick. Places like Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth are well-regarded for their medical services. Then, there are the areas known for a relaxed lifestyle and a sense of community. Cities like McKinney and Georgetown offer suburban and small-town charm that many seniors find appealing.

People sitting on the green grass, Houston, Texas
What factors are your top priorities when looking for the best places to retire in Texas?

Of course, who can resist the allure of the coastline? Corpus Christi is gaining favor for its lovely coastal living conditions, not to mention its lower tax burden. This city’s laid-back atmosphere and beautiful beaches are especially attractive to seniors looking to enjoy a more leisurely pace of life.

Here’s a list of cities that are catching the eyes of retirees:

  • Austin
  • San Antonio
  • Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Houston
  • Corpus Christi
  • McKinney
  • Georgetown

Why these regions are gaining popularity

One compelling reason is the access to top-notch healthcare services. For instance, Houston is home to the renowned Texas Medical Center, while Dallas-Fort Worth boasts the UT Southwestern Medical Center. Quality healthcare is a significant factor for many retirees when choosing where to live. Another draw is the array of activities suitable for seniors. Think about joining water aerobics classes in Austin or enjoying historical tours in San Antonio. These activities provide fun and a way to stay active and engaged.

Why is Austin among the best places to retire in Texas?

Known for its lively culture and music scene, Austin offers an energetic backdrop for your retirement years. Austin is home to countless music venues, art galleries, and film festivals and offers cultural enrichment that seniors often appreciate. Plus, Austin hosts many farmer’s markets, craft fairs, and outdoor concerts that provide entertainment but also a sense of community. For those who love the great outdoors, Austin won’t disappoint. You can enjoy kayaking on Lady Bird Lake, hiking in Barton Creek Greenbelt, or bird-watching at the Austin Nature and Science Center. These activities offer excellent ways to stay active and connected with nature.

People walking across the street in one of the best places to retire in Texas
If you are an active person, choose Austin to retire. The city is among the best places to retire in Texas.

Healthcare is another crucial factor, and Austin has you covered. With facilities like the St. David’s Medical Center and the Seton Medical Center Austin, you can be assured of receiving quality healthcare services. If you’re contemplating moving from California to Austin, know that this city offers a mix of culture, outdoor fun, and top-tier healthcare, making it a fabulous choice for retirees.

San Antonio – History and modern living collide

San Antonio is a city where the past and present coalesce beautifully. For history enthusiasts, the Alamo and the San Antonio Missions Historic Park offer a lot. Additionally, the River Walk is a scenic spot that provides a leisurely outdoor experience but also serves as a hub for cultural events. When it comes to the cost of living, San Antonio is known for its affordability. Housing prices here often hover around the $250,000 mark, which makes it a financially sensible choice for many seniors. Furthermore, utility costs and groceries also tend to be budget-friendly, making your retirement funds stretch further.

Worried about the climate? Rest easy! San Antonio typically experiences mild winters and warm but manageable summers, providing a pleasant environment year-round. If you’re considering a move, commercial movers California residents trust are experienced in facilitating smooth relocations to places like San Antonio, ensuring you start your retirement on the right foot.

Dallas-Fort Worth – One of the best places to retire in Texas

Dallas-Fort Worth has a mix of community styles and truly lives up to its reputation as a place with a huge plethora of opportunities. From hip urban areas to quiet, family-oriented suburbs, there’s a place for every preference. Entertainment in this metroplex spans the gamut. If you love animals, you have to check out the Dallas Zoo or the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. In case you’re more of a sports fan, you can catch a Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium. For those who are into art, the Dallas Museum of Art and the Fort Worth Opera offer captivating experiences.

Frida Kahlo mural painting, Dallas, TX
Dallas is a favorite among senior art lovers.

For healthcare, top facilities such as the UT Southwestern Medical Center and the Baylor Scott & White Medical Center are just a stone’s throw away. You can expect excellent care and a wide range of specialists. If you decide that moving from California to Dallas is for you, moving companies here can make the process hassle-free and help you join the ranks of satisfied seniors in one of the Texas cities perfect for retirees.

Houston – Affordable living meets global standards

You won’t break the bank living in Houston, yet you’ll still enjoy some of the finer things in life. Homes here are pretty budget-friendly, especially when you stack them up against prices in other big cities. But affordable doesn’t mean you’re skimping on healthcare. Far from it! Houston is home to the sprawling Texas Medical Center, so you’re covered whether you need a routine check-up or something more specialized.

As for fun, Houston doesn’t disappoint. The Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Museum of Fine Arts are great ways to unwind and still experience culture and spend your time on a valuable activity. There’s always something going on. Planning to move here? No worries. Interstate moving companies in California have you covered for a worry-free move to your new Houston home.

Corpus Christi – Where beach life and budget meet

Who doesn’t want to retire by the beach? Corpus Christi gives you that sandy-toe experience without costing an arm and a leg. Imagine morning walks by the shoreline and afternoons of fishing or birdwatching. It’s like a vacation that never ends. Don’t stress about the cost of this beachy bliss. Corpus Christi offers some real financial perks for seniors, including some of the lowest tax rates around. You’ll have more in your pocket to enjoy your golden years. Say goodbye to bundling up in winter scarves and mittens. Here, winters are more about light jackets and outdoor barbecues. Thinking about making this your forever beach home? You’re in luck. A reputable Monterey moving company can help you move those boxes and start your Corpus Christi chapter without a hitch.

Body of water in Packery Channel, Corpus Christi
Retirement is a blessing when you live by the beach.

Mckinney – Safety and community in the suburbs

If safety ranks high on your list of retirement must-haves, McKinney has you covered. The city is well-known for its excellent public safety records, ensuring peace of mind for all residents, including seniors. When it comes to a strong sense of community, McKinney shines. Join local clubs, attend city events, or simply engage with friendly neighbors — you’ll quickly feel like part of the community. For those who think retirement is a time to explore new activities, McKinney doesn’t disappoint. Check out gardening clubs, join a local walking group, or partake in community theater. Your social calendar will be full in no time. Planning to make the move? The long distance movers California residents prefer above all can help you settle into your new home with minimal fuss.

Georgetown – Small-town charm with big-city perks

Georgetown strikes a lovely balance for retirees, offering the perks of big-city living without sacrificing small-town charm. One of the first things you’ll notice is the low crime rate, making it a secure place to call home in your golden years. Healthcare is often a top concern for seniors, and Georgetown delivers on this front as well. The city has several medical centers and is close to larger healthcare facilities in Austin.

Large red brick building in Georgetown
Choose a city with remarkable safety.

You won’t get bored living here, that’s for sure. From quaint cafes and art galleries to golf courses and nature trails, Georgetown provides a diverse range of lifestyle options that cater to all interests. And if you’re thinking of making the move, consider moving from San Jose to Austin service providers for a hassle-free relocation.

Which Texas city should you choose?

Each of the best places to retire in Texas we’ve explored brings its unique set of advantages for retirees. Austin offers a lively culture and an array of outdoor activities, while San Antonio combines history with affordability. Dallas-Fort Worth is all about variety, from communities to entertainment. Houston provides top healthcare and cultural venues at a cost-effective price point. Corpus Christi lets you enjoy beach living without breaking the bank, McKinney offers safety and a strong community vibe, and Georgetown provides the charm of a small town with big-city amenities. Therefore, you can make your final choice knowing you won’t regret it. Consider what matters most to you—be it healthcare, lifestyle, or affordability—and let that guide your decision.

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