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The biggest risks of DIY relocation in California

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Moving all your belongings and family members to a completely new living space is rarely easy. There are two common reasons why people choose a DIY move. They want to save on moving expenses and they think that finding a reliable moving company is hard and time-consuming. However, the decision to do everything yourself may do you more harm than good. We at Mod-Movers CA have come up with a list of the biggest risks of DIY relocation in California. Read on to determine if taking these risks is worth the trouble.

5 biggest risks of DIY relocation in California

Lost time

When you choose to organize the relocation yourself, you will not have to spend precious time researching, comparing, and picking a moving company. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the time you invest in finding a trustworthy mover in California often saves you time in the end.

Person holding white alarm clock represents lost time as one of the biggest risks of DIY relocation in California
If you choose to DIY the move, you risk wasting too much time.

If you don’t do it, here’s what you’ll have to do yourself:

  • arrange a moving vehicle;
  • convince your friends and family to help you pack and lift heavy objects;
  • pack up your entire home.

Additionally, each mistake and wrong decision due to inexperience will cost you extra hours or even days. That being said, do you really think you will be saving time when relocating on your own?

Damaged items and property

Most people don’t have the experience or the equipment needed for moving heavy or bulky furniture? You risk damaging both the item you’re moving and the property. Once you start moving around large and eighty household items, you risk scratching floors, chipping and denting walls, damaging stairs and banisters, etc. Specialty items, such as pool tables and pianos, are particularly tricky to move. It’s best to leave moving your pool table to the best pool table movers California has to offer.

One of the biggest risks of DIY relocation in California is damaging a pool table such as the one in the photo
Moving a pool table isn’t easy, better to leave it to the professionals.

Some of the biggest risks of DIY relocation in California include personal injuries

While you are trying to move that heavy item, you are also risking something much more important than damage to the item or property. You are risking your health and that of your helpers. And nothing is more valuable than health. In case you end up deciding to move on your own, make avoiding injuries your top priority. Make sure that children or pets are nowhere near the action on moving day. Keep all pathways clear. Use appropriate moving equipment.

Higher cost

The last on our list of the biggest risks of DIY relocation in California is the risk of overspending. The hidden costs of DIY moving can really add up. There is the cost of the truck rental, packing supplies, extra insurance, moving equipment, fuel, etc to factor in. And that’s without including the costs of possible damages due to inexperience and lack of preparedness. Sure, the risks are somewhat smaller because you’re moving inside California state lines, but that doesn’t make them insignificant.

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