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The cost of living in Denver – what to expect after moving from California?

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Relocating to Denver this year can bring additional benefits to your life. Recently, Denver got the epithet of the best place for living in the USA. With the really low unemployment rate, it began popular for tourists and people around the world. For all of you coming from sunny California, living in these specific surroundings can involve certain changes in your daily routine. However, new job opportunities are something that attracts people the most and encourages them to take an action. If you already decided on this long-distance relocation, Mod Movers are ready to help you. Since you’re coming from the West, some factors have to be considered. The cost of living in Denver is something that you’ll surely be interested in.

The cost of living in Denver: All you need to know

The cost of living in Denver is about 15% higher than the national average. Hence, it doesn’t mean it’s unachievable and impossible to live here if you move from California. In fact, there are certain aspects you can consider and finally conclude that living in Los Angeles, for example, is a bit pricier than living in Denver. Here is what you need to consider before moving.

Home for sale.
Whether you’re about to rent or buy a new home, prices are much lower in Denver.

Housing and utilities

Housing options in Denver are numerous, and we’re sure you can find everything you’ve been searching for. However, people usually decide on the renting option because it consumes around a third of the average monthly pay. Buying a house indeed requires more investment, and it’s not for everyone’s wallet. Globally speaking, housing options are about 40% higher than the national average, but in California, the prices can be up to 80% higher. A great thing is that utility prices in Denver are about 15% lower than the average, which makes a perfect balance. If you are ready to make this life-changing step, pack your bags right away. Interstate moving companies California will be on your service and always ready to give you a hand in order to make your moving process straightforward.


Food is one of the greatest parts of your monthly expenses. You need to calculate and determine the food budget by analyzing prices. Some of the basic groceries like bread, milk, bananas, and eggs are a bit cheaper in Denver than in California. Generally, food prices are about 5% lower than the national average. This usually means that if you’re moving from California to Colorado, you can expect a pleasant surprise. Having those facts in mind, there are great chances of money saving. For example, one carton of fresh eggs costs approximately $1.50 in Colorado, but the price for the same item in California is $3.50. When you calculate all these expenses monthly or even weekly, you can conclude that the cost of living in Denver will leave you some extra dollars in the pocket.

Counting money.
Healthcare is much more affordable in Colorado.


One of the crucial factors is paying attention to your health insurance. We highly advise you to start paying one as soon as you get to your new home, just in case. Surely this is a lot for your budget to handle after the move, but the good news is that Colorado generally has much more affordable packages of healthcare than California. In fact, some basic packages in the city of Denver are around $350. This is a pretty big difference if you look at the approximate price of $450 in California. Still, this is one of the most inexpensive solutions. If you want to have more services included, you’ll have to invest way more money. Sounds a lot at first, but you can be sure that Colorado has some of the best hospitals and healthcare services in the States.


Transportation surely is a thing to consider when talking about the cost of living in Denver. Although many people prefer cars as the quickest way of transport, public transportation is also available. When talking about the prices, the 31-day pass for public transportation is around $60. This makes Colorado way less expensive than California. The total cost of the same pass there is at least $100. When you think about it, having an extra $40 every month is not that bad at all. For all of you who rather prefer driving to work, fuel prices are not drastically different. It’s less than a $1 difference, but if you think about it in advance, this is one more point for Denver. When you finally decided to move to this beautiful city, packing services could help a lot. Don’t forget to start early and explore the town as soon as you arrive.

Finding new fuel prices.
Good news for people who prefer going to work by car is that fuel prices are under the national average in Denver.

The final word

When you read all the factors above, you can probably realize that the cost of living in Denver is much lower than in California. It’s an entirely new surrounding that can bring in some of the routines and habits you haven’t had a chance to explore before. If you decide to move to Colorado, it would be great if you can look at the wider picture. Great job opportunities, attractions, and high living standards can sometimes dazzle people and move their focus from breathtaking nature they can enjoy. Whether you decide to rent or buy a new apartment here, be sure someone is always here for you. Engaging a professional team of movers can also be helpful if you choose another route like moving from San Francisco to Dallas.

Generally speaking, living in this neighborhood will enable you to save more money you can invest in your business or traveling, and we’re sure you’ll succeed. Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t make wrong decisions with money. Depending on your neighborhood and the healthcare services you take, they can be really pricy. Think about it twice before you decide, and we’re sure you’ll do a great job. Every beginning is hard, but living in Denver will surely be the best part of your life. Be sure you made the right decision when moving here. Maybe there are no beaches like in California, but we can agree that hiking in some of the biggest national parks in the world will make your day. Feel free to try it out and if you do need help with relocation, contact movers.

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