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The list of services included in a full-service relocation

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You’ve decided to move, but you don’t have enough time to prepare everything you need for relocation. Renting a moving company will help with relocation, but what to do with all this packing? Is it better to do it independently or with the help of family, friends, and neighbors? Even if you finish it as easily as possible, there’s still some unpacking ahead of you. We have the right solution for you! With professional opinion from Mod Movers, find out how to make your move easy and stress-free. According to their advice, you can find out services included in a full-service relocation.

Benefits of using full-service movers

When the move has to be done and you don’t have enough time or help, an already hopeless situation will seem even worse. That’s when it’s best to hire a full-service moving company. What makes such a company attractive?

a man under a stress during relocation
The stress of moving can be worse than physical fatigue, find out the services included in a full-service relocation
  • Stress-free relocation without the hustle and bustle. The only way to enjoy moving is to experience all your belongings magically disappear from your old home and appear in your new apartment. Moving without your physical participation does not bring stress and anxiety as well as physical fatigue.
  • Realization of tasks in the shortest possible time. Homeowners want the move to be completed as quickly as possible, and with a full-service mover, you get just that. You will not spend hours stacking and packing, and everything will be completed in record time, without your involvement.
  • Safety in the first place. The most important thing is that relocation is performed by expert teams of moving companies, who are specially trained for these services. This will ensure that all items are packed properly, and as safely as possible.

Let’s see the list of services included in a full-service relocation

When offering full-service relocation, moving companies assume the completion of all moving jobs, from start to finish. Let’s see what the price of such a relocation includes.

Consultations with the expert of the selected moving company

Since you have chosen a trustworthy company, the first thing that awaits you is a conversation with a relocation expert. You will present your needs and he’ll give you an offer. After agreeing on a full-service relocation, you will receive an estimate of the relocation value and schedule a moving day.

Packing your belongings

The moving team will arrive on the agreed day to start packing your belongings. How many days the packing will be done depends on the size of your apartment. Thus, a two-bedroom apartment can be packed in 2 to 3 days, and a five-bedroom home will require as much as a week. The fact that packers carry out a large number of packings during the month also speaks of experience in that activity. What you have probably never tried to do, will be a five-minute activity for them.

Boxes and moving equipment

On packing day, all kinds of boxes will be at your home as well as important tools.  During full-service moving packers use the best quality boxes, and boxes intended for specific items, too. This ensures the safety of the relocation of your belongings. So, boxes, packing paper, packing tape as well as dollies, moving blankets, hand trucks, and ramps won’t be your problem.

Ready boxes for moving
Your moving company will provide all packing equipment and moving tools if you decide on full-service moving

Disassembly of furniture

Disassembling furniture can be one of the most frustrating tasks during a move. When moving, most furniture does not need to be disassembled. However, there are bulky pieces of furniture, that cannot easily pass through the passages, corridors, or stairs of a residential area. This includes large wardrobes, dining tables, or bed frames, and these must be disassembled. Movers who are trained for this type of work, easily maneuver bulky pieces of furniture. Without difficulty, they can disassemble and reassemble all that furniture. So, the moving crew will do all this heavy work. You won’t be exhausted by carrying as well as thinking about how to get the furniture through inaccessible passages.

Loading boxes and furniture into the moving truck

This is a very exhausting part of moving, especially if you are not one to carry heavy things. The boxes used during packing are often of larger dimensions, to pack as many things as possible. This also means that they are heavy and often unwieldy to carry. With the loading and unloading truck service, you will be freed from transporting things, but also from possible injuries, which are common when carrying furniture. With Carmel Valley moving companies you can arrange a truck size that fully suits your needs.

Transportation to a new home

Whether it is a local move or a long-distance move, the transportation service will be included in the price. This will free you from thinking about who to borrow a vehicle from or where to find an adequate and safe vehicle that you will use on the day of the move.

a man loading truck as this is on the of services included in a full-service relocation
Full-service relocation includes loading heavy boxes and bulky furniture into the truck

Unpacking in new home

When the truck arrives in front of your new home, the unloading of the truck, unpacking, and putting things into place begins. When the truck arrives in front of your new home, the unloading of the truck, unpacking, and putting things into place begins. Their experience will influence the creation of the most ideal arrangement of furniture in the rooms.

Junk removal

No matter how much care is taken, moving always brings with it a mess. But you don’t have to worry about that either if you’ve agreed to the services included in a full-service move. With the help of junk removal Monterey CA, the moving crew will remove all junk from both apartments, old and new. That way you won’t have even a piece of garbage in the apartment, and you can move in and continue your life where you left off in the old apartment.

Now you can understand why many people choose full-service relocation

Although the full-service moving cost is quite higher, we have to admit that it is the best choice when it comes to relocation. If you are overworked, without enough time for all the actions related to moving, you are unable for health reasons to prepare and carry out the move yourself, or you are just the type of person who does not like to spend energy on moving, this is the ideal type of relocation for you. You will get everything you paid more for, speed, the safety of your belongings, efficiency, and most importantly, stress-free days. Check out the list of services included in a full-service relocation and hire the most trustable California interstate movers to make moving to a new home one of the best days of your life.

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