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The pitfalls of hiring unprofessional movers

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It is no secret that moving is among the most stressful things one can experience in their life. In fact, it can be so time-consuming and harrowing, that most people shy away from even attempting to do it. If you ask Monterey Peninsula movers about it, they’ll tell you that experience and patience play a big role. This is why a team of experts is the best way to have a successful moving day. However, not everyone can afford this, and as a result, turn to working with amateurs. Unfortunately, there are quite a few pitfalls of hiring unprofessional movers. You’re putting your precious items into the hands of inexperienced people, and by doing so, you’re risking their safety. In the end, you might end up spending even more money than you originally planned to. So, before you hire a moving crew, let’s look at the downsides this may bring.

One of the pitfalls of hiring unprofessional movers is the lack of safety

Your household is filled with large numbers of fragile items and sensitive electronics. Pool table movers California know very well that proper packing and secured transport are the keys to a successful move. Otherwise, the chance of you opening the boxes in your new home and finding everything in pieces is very high. A situation like this can very easily happen if you hire amateurs to move you. On the other hand, you can replace some of the items if you have good insurance. Unfortunately, some items have sentimental value, and you can’t replace them as easily. Of course, this won’t happen with every non-professional company. But, is thinking about it really worth the stress? If you team up with experts, nothing of the sort will happen thanks to their skills. Why worry and try to fix things when you can avoid the problem altogether.

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You need to find movers which will take good care of your delicate items

Their services are usually cheaper, due to a lack of insurance

When working with professional movers, there is a guarantee that your items will be safe. This is because everything will be properly insured. If there’s any accidental damage, you will receive proper compensation. With that said, working with professionals means you don’t have to worry about safety. Unfortunately, with unprofessional movers, this isn’t always the case. People often hire amateurs in order to save money. Their services are often much cheaper because they offer little to no moving insurance in their contract. At the same time, they often accept to do high-risk jobs, because of their lack of experience. This increases the chances of something getting damaged. When you combine these two problems, you get quite a costly outcome. So from the moment you hire them, you’ll always worry whether or not something will go wrong. Nothing bad necessarily has to happen, but if it does, you won’t have protection.

Constant delays are yet another pitfall of hiring unprofessional movers

Moving means you have to plan in advance. Because there are so many things that you need to do on time, you can’t leave anything to chance. Otherwise, you’ll be under a lot of pressure and might miss your deadlines. Expert movers and packers know that being on time is very important. Packing takes a lot of time, so it is important to be punctual and efficient. When working with unprofessional movers, this is, again, not always the case. Due to a lack of experience, they might miscalculate and make mistakes, both of which can delay your move. With that said, be prepared for the fact that not everything will run smoothly at all times. If they fail to show up on time, they’ll rush to finish everything on time. This leads to many oversights that are both costly and nerve-wracking.

person signing an insurance contract
Hiring unprofessional movers usually means questionably low prices and little to no insurance

The extremely low rates some movers offer can come at a high price

There’s plenty of competition in the moving industry, especially between newer companies. One of the tried and tested methods of rising above the others and winning more customers is to offer low rates. If you don’t have a lot of money to work with and are seeking a cheaper alternative, this may be tempting. However, this will only prove to be a big mistake since a lot of them are fraudulent. One of the biggest pitfalls of hiring unprofessional movers is the almost inevitable risk of damage and loss of your belongings. The best thing you can do in this situation is to spend a bit of extra time and effort and find yourself an affordable but good moving company.

Hiring unprofessional movers will give you nothing but stress

The main benefit of working with professionals is the fact you can trust them entirely. This ultimately means that you won’t have to spend all of your time supervising every move they make. Unfortunately, with unprofessional movers, you can expect the exact opposite. Getting your kids ready for the move or researching your new area will be impossible, due to a lack of free time. In the end, your movers might get your home ready for the move, but you certainly won’t be prepared. These days, trust is a priceless commodity, so don’t cut corners and go with the best.

man worried about his move
Constantly worrying about what your movers are doing is simply not worth it

All things considered, the pitfalls of hiring unprofessional movers are too many and not worth the price. They simply lack the experience, which causes them to make mistakes. This wouldn’t be a problem if these mistakes weren’t costly and damaging to your property. Aside from losing money, you’re also damaging your health this way by constantly stressing and worrying. So, before you pick your movers, make sure to read the reviews. Keep in mind that with professional movers, you will have insurance as well.  All in all, with professionals by your side,  you will know that your things are treated with the care and respect they deserve.

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