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The ultimate guide for moving to Pacific Grove

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Pacific Grove is a wonderful small beach town with great weather, food, and shopping opportunities. It is a quiet and peaceful place great for families as well as for seniors. Many military families live here, and they are seeing many newcomers recently. If you are moving to Pacific Grove, you will certainly not go wrong. Just make sure that you hire reliable local movers CA so that your only concern would be getting to know your new place.

Visit Pacific Grove before you decide to move here

Learning about the new place is something that you should always do before you make a final decision to move. Online information can be a good start. But, if really want to get to know the place, you will have to visit it in person. And it would be good to try to spend at least a few days to feel the pulse of the place, traffic, climate, and more. Talk to your Pacific Grove movers, they will give advice on best neighborhoods and important local info. Luckily, Pacific Grove is such a nice place that you can hardly go wrong by moving here.  But, you should know that it is not especially affordable.

Pacific grove home
Visit the place before you make your final decision to move

Median home prices in Pacific Grove

You could say that Pacific Grove is not an affordable place to live. The median home prices are well above the national average. In Pacific Grove, the median home price is $690,000. In US, $225,000. Of course, that is suitably followed by median home income, which is around $80,000 in Pacific Grove. So, if you are planning to move to Pacific Grove, bear in mind these figures. And make sure that you could fit in that calculation.

Moving to Pacific Grove because of the nice weather

Weather is one of the things why people move to Pacific Grove. You can expect to have around 270 sunny days per year. Only 18 inches of rain. And, 0 inches of snow. Some form of precipitation can appear 69 days per year. It can be rain, sleet, hail, and snow, but it has to be at least 0.1 inches on the ground so it could be measured. And that doesn’t’ happen with snow in Pacific Grove.  In July, you can expect a high of 67 degrees. In January, the low averages are around 43 degrees.

If you are moving to Pacific Grove you will enjoy the beautiful scenery

One of the things that the residents of Pacific Grove are proud of is the scenery. The place is just beautiful. Stunning views of the rocky coast, with great beaches, nature, and wildlife. If you would like to live in a beautiful environment, Pacific Grove should be on the top of your list. The hiking trail that connects Asilomar State Beach and the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail is something that you will certainly enjoy. And do not be surprised if you come across a deer, seal, otter, or a hawk. Also, Monterey Bay is a good place to spot different species of whales.

A whale tale
Monterey Bay is a good place to spot different species of whales. As well as other ocean animals.

Downsides of moving to Pacific Grove

Besides great, but expensive, housing, nice weather, and beautiful scenery, you should know that the place is a little bit touristy. So it can be crowded during the summer months. Although the place is quiet and very safe, the neighboring towns are another story. So some crime spills to Pacific Grove. Also, locals complain that there are not many job opportunities here, except in tourism. And everything is generally pretty expensive. But those are really very small issues, and you shouldn’t let them affect your decision to move to this great place.

Prepare a moving plan

If you made your final decision to move to the Pacific Grove, then you have to prepare for your relocation. First, sit down and prepare a plan. Moving is complicated and you could easily have problems if you do not have a proper moving plan. Here is the short example:

  • The first thing to do when moving is to clear out the junk and unnecessary things.
  • Prepare a moving inventory list. Write down all the items that you are planning to pack.
  • Search for a reliable moving company.
  • Get your moving estimates.
  • Pack your items

Before moving to Pacific Grove clear out the junk

Clearing out unnecessary items is the first thing to do when preparing for a move. You don’t want to pay and bother with packing and moving items that are old and that you are not using. And everyone has lots of such items. If you find that you have many excess items, you could organize a yard sale or sell them online and even earn a few bucks on them.

Prepare a moving inventory list

After you clear out your junk you will have a clear view of the items that you are planning to move. So, you can make a moving inventory list. This will help you to calculate the number of required packing supplies and to get an accurate moving estimate from your long distance movers California.

Moving list
After you clear out the junk prepare a moving inventory list

Search for reliable movers

When searching for a reliable moving company, you need to be careful. If you want to move without problems it is important to hire trustworthy professionals. Use the internet to check every moving company that you are planning to hire. Only when you are sure that they are reliable, ask for the estimate. Get a few estimates, from different movers to compare and get the best deal.

Avoid packing when moving to Pacific Grove, hire professionals

Packing will be the most difficult part of moving to Pacific Grove. That is why it is better to hire professional packing services to help you with this. They will pack your items safely in the best packing materials, and they will do it quickly. That is the best and most convenient way to move.

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