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The Ultimate Intrastate Moving Checklist

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You have signed all of the house paperwork, and your wrist is sore from doing it. However, this is where the real fun begins. Organizing a garage sale, transferring all the medical paperwork, and packing all of your items. In reality, none of this is so fun to do, however, it doesn’t have to be all that bad either.

Get the best movers

Make sure you make the best choice. If you hire the best intrastate moving company CA, you will make the right choice and everything will go smoothly. With the help of our intrastate moving checklist, divided into a weekly plan, you will see that moving can be a stress-free experience.

8 to 6 weeks before the move

Since you’re a long way from the move itself, you can slowly start preparing. Walk through your home, and open every drawer and closet. Decide what you wish to take with you, and what will be left behind. Once you finish this, you can throw away or donate the stuff you decided not to keep. The next logical step is to hire reliable movers. Always check if the mover has a license number issued by the USDOT and if they have an intrastate moving license. To get the most accurate pricing, ask for an in-house estimate. Just in case your new home won’t be ready by the time you leave your old one, consider renting storage Monterey. To prepare for the packing ahead of you, order enough packing supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape.

A broad intrastate moving checklist
Having a detailed plan will help everything go smooth

The next thing to tackle would be to contact your child’s school, as well as your doctor. Notify the school that you are moving, and obtain a copy of your child’s records. When you get this, contact the new school for enrollment and records transfer. Contact your doctor next and get your family’s medical records, or have them send your records to your new chosen physician. If you haven’t found one yet, ask your current doctor for recommendations. For extra preparation, measure everything that you plan to move, to be sure it can make it through the door. Measure all tall, wide, and oddly shaped objects, as well as doorways and tight spaces. You will know what can fit where and will avoid any nasty surprises on moving day.

4 to 2 weeks before your intrastate moving day

As the moving day slowly approaches, it is time to begin packing on time, so you aren’t caught in the mess of a last-day pack. Start with items that you don’t use that often, such as pool toys or Christmas ornaments, and leave the often-used items for the last few days of the move. If you have valuable items, take photos of them and pack them separately. Chances are, you will take them with you instead of packing them on the truck. When you are done packing a certain box, always make sure to label your boxes appropriately. Never write down the contents of the box to avoid theft, just the name of the room where everything came from. When you pack the majority of items, make a detailed inventory of every box, the room it’s from, and what it contains. Match this against your mover’s inventory sheet.

yellow sticky notes with a red and blue marker
Label your boxes to remain organized

At this point, contact your utility company and have them disconnect the services one day after you leave. Direct the company in your new area to install the services at least a day before you arrive. To make sure your car doesn’t fail you on moving day, go to the mechanic for a checkup. Get a change of oil, and any other necessary fixes to make sure your car runs smoothly. Lastly, visit or your post office and change your address. Leave your forwarding address at your neighbors, just in case. When this is done, notify any important party about the change. Banks, your employer, credit card companies, friends, and family, should all be aware of your new address. Contact your employer, and ask for a few days off, depending on how long you think the move will take.

One week to go!

Since you did all of the major preparings in the past few weeks, all you have to do now is take care of the essentials. Triple-check all of your arrangements with the moving company and verify how much you will owe them on your moving day. In case you didn’t pack some of your household items during the past week, take care of it now. Shut off and clean any large appliances that you have, such as ovens and refrigerators. As far as fridges go, take out the frozen and canned food and eat it while you’re in the packing process. Otherwise, donate what you can to a food pantry. It is very important to create an “essentials box”. This will be the one item that won’t go onto the truck, and every family member should have one. This box should include:

  • Important documents and paperwork, such as passports, birth certificates, medical records
  • Credit cards, cash, and checkbooks
  • Medication and first aid kits
  • Phone, laptop, and chargers
  • A few changes of clothes
  • Basic toiletries
  • Jewelry, and any other precious heirlooms
  • Flashlight and a basic toolbox
  • Snacks and water

Children benefit from closure, so if you are moving with kids, talk with them about the fun times you had in your home. After that, the only thing left to do is hop in your car, and make way to your new dream home.

A green fridge in a kitchen
Remove all frozen items from your refrigerator and properly clean it

Your intrastate moving day is finally here!

Congratulations on making it this far. By now, you have taken care of the most important things on this checklist. Now, it’s time to say goodbye to your old home, and head on toward making new memories. Meet the movers you hired, and make sure they all represent the chosen intrastate moving company. Supervise the loading of the truck, making sure nothing is damaged. After the movers are done emptying the rooms, give them a light cleaning or hire a cleaning crew. Lock all of the windows and doors, making sure nothing is left behind. Use this as an opportunity for a final goodbye.

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