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Even though people say that moving is one of the most stressful things you can do, do not fear. We are here to show you that office moving can be effortless when you have the know-how. Learn how to move offices successfully without stress and frustration. From furniture to fragile items that require extra care, we will cover the logistics of removals. If you plan upfront, you will save time, and more importantly, cause a possible disturbance to your business. Planning and organization are keys to having an office move go off without a hitch. Therefore, the best moving companies in California will help you to coordinate ahead of time to prevent any problems that can come along the way.

Plan your office moving a few months before your move

  • Review your current lease. Are you on the hook for a deposit or fee if you break your lease early? Are you responsible for property damage and anything that happens during the move?
  • Get quotes from commercial movers California. See that they fit your budget and can service your area. 
  • Determine if you need moving coverage. Your business may depend on a single piece of equipment or machinery that, if broken, could halt operations. 
  • Remember to set a budget. A moving budget will prevent you from overspending in areas where you can scale back, such as forgoing professional packing. But if you need some assistance, hire packing services to help you pack.
  • Construct a planning team. Decide who should and who should not participate in the planning process and delegate from there.
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It is essential to start with planning a few months before your office moving because then you will have peace of mind

Things to do on a moving day when office moving

  • Turn the lights on. No one wants to do business in the dark or the cold. Double-check that your new space is good to go utilities-wise. If the power or water in your new office is not working, call your utility companies to troubleshoot the problem. Furthermore, hire movers to help you out with boxes and supplies, and you will be load-free.
  • Set up your new office. Use the blueprint or outline you created for your new office to arrange all your machinery, equipment, and furniture. If you are working with a moving company, this is where transition planning will come in handy. 
  • Moreover, plug in the phone, internet, and IT systems. If you do not hire professional movers, coordinate with your local provider to ensure your office is fully connected.
  • Do a walk-through of your office and document any damage. That is essential to see if you missed any items that require moving to your new location. Also, survey and report any property damage that occurred during the move.

Things to consider after your relocation

  • Firstly, test your technology to make sure your business can get back online as soon as possible.
  • Confirm termination of your old lease and change-of-address updates. Notify every client and business partner that you are moving your office.
  • Assign employees to unpack, remove tags from equipment and furniture, and stock supply cabinets. Moreover, if your professional movers have not taken care of this already, task employees with unpacking and restocking. The more hands you have on deck, the sooner your business can be running again.
One of the business office
You should always think a few steps upfront so that you can have a load-free relocation

Get ahead of the big-picture by determining the move’s budget right out the gate, delegating responsibilities, and seeking out professional help where you need it. Moreover, make sure you make a moving checklist – tips for move planning. That will help you to be stress-free when office moving. Remember that moving companies can help with everything from packing boxes to setting up desks and chairs. Some companies even provide services like transition planning and junk disposal. So you have one less item on your checklist. 

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