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Things that can go wrong during DIY relocation

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Organizing a DIY relocation means you will need a good plan and a few friends to help you out. Still, moving requires a lot of time and focus, and there are many things that can go wrong during DIY relocation. This is exactly why our California professional movers share some tips on how to avoid this. Of course, if you think that you don’t want to take chances and you want a calm move, you can hire Mod Movers CA. They will be there to help you out during the whole process, from picking the best moving day to unloading your boxes. By doing this, you can avoid all the mistakes that people so often make when deciding to move on their own.

You should do some research before moving on your own

The best advice for someone who is preparing to move on their own is to do extensive research. Moving consists of smaller parts of the process. So, you should learn tricks and tips for each of these. This is how you can make your move easier on yourself and you won’t have to stress around. Firstly, you should consider the distance you are moving since intrastate moving is much different than interstate. If you are moving across the states’ borders, you might need extra preparations. Other than that, learn more about proper packing, types of trucks and storage, and calculating your moving budget.

A man researching things that can go wrong during DIY relocation
Do proper research on DIY relocations

What are some of the things that can go wrong during DIY relocation?

Once you learn all of the tips on moving, you will be ready. Another good thing to read about is the things that can go wrong during DIY relocation. This is a great way to prepare yourself for that. Knowing what to look after is one way to prevent these mistakes. It is also a way to have a relocation without stress and damage.

Underestimating the amount of time and effort you need

Not having enough time in your daily life might make it difficult to separate a big chunk of it to prepare for your move. However, moving requires a lot of time. If you know you won’t be able to take a couple of full days to focus on this, start early. The earlier, the better. This way, you can make your plan and finish things long before your moving day. Taking some edge off the last couple of days in your old home. There is a reason lots of people hire professionals, and it is because they don’t have time or energy for the whole process. Be sure to organize yourself well.

Losing or misplacing items

Organizing well can also mean avoiding the loss of your things. In the middle of the whole moving mess, with half of your home packed, you might misplace or lose some items. They might stay behind in a room you thought you left empty. Or, you might miss a box or two from your driveway. The best way to deal with this is to make lists of things you are packing and transporting. Therefore, when buying moving boxes and supplies, don’t forget to get some labels and markers.

Packing mistakes can lead to damage

Packing is definitely one of the most daunting tasks during moving preparation. It takes a lot of time and organization and turns your home into a messy place. There is, however, the right way to pack so that you can avoid all the problems that come with it. This means starting with the rooms and items you use the least and labeling all of your boxes. Still, this doesn’t do anything for the amount of time you must spend on it. But, should you need help packing, professional experts can be here for you. With their

A man looking at his watch
Moving requires a lot of time and focus, don’t underestimate it

top-quality materials, they will take over and do it in the quickest and safest way.

The safety of your belongings is crucial when packing your home. One of the most common things that can go wrong during DIY relocation is exactly this. If you don’t know how to pack properly, you might damage your items. This can lead to additional costs if you have to replace or repair the item. You can avoid this by knowing the correct way to pack or by hiring professionals to help you. The correct way of packing means you should use some type of protective materials. More delicate items should be wrapped in, for example, bubble wrap. For some other items, it is enough to fill the box with packing peanuts. Ensure that you have enough items in the box for them not to move, but not that much so they can scratch between themselves. Fill holes with packing peanuts or towels you have in your home.

Kids trying to glue a broken vase
Packing mishaps will lead to damage to your things

Possibility of property damage

Another type of damage that is quite often during DIY moves is damage to the property. This means both your old house and your new house. Moving can seem simple on paper. You need to pack your items and load them into the truck. But, in reality, there is much more to it. Furniture comes in different shapes and sizes, and you might not be able to take it apart. This leaves you trying to get it outside your home through different types of doors, staircases, or elevators. If not done professionally, sometimes this can lead to damage to walls or floors of the spaces you are carrying your furniture through. Not to mention the stress you might be having trying to communicate this process with your friends or family.

You might injure yourself

Even worse than damaging your belongings or your walls, you can injure yourself during the DIY move. Doing everything on your own requires help from your friends or family. Without the proper knowledge, experience, and tools, carrying large pieces of furniture can lead to problems. Maybe you are not expecting the weight, and you hurt your back, or someone drops an end of a wardrobe on their foot. Possibilities of getting hurt during this is high, and you need to be very careful. You can avoid all of this by hiring residential moving services, as movers will come equipped with experience and different tools, like dollies.

A couple carrying a couch
Personal injuries are common among things that can go wrong during DIY relocation

You might choose the wrong transportation

One more thing you should plan in advance is hiring the moving truck. With local movers California, you know there wont be any problems. They have worked enough different relocations to know what trucks are the best for the number of things you have. However, you might get it wrong. There are different sizes of moving trucks you can get. Choosing a smaller truck than what you need means you will have to pile furniture and boxes on top of each other. This can very easily lead to damage to your items. Choosing a bigger truck means that the boxes might move during the drive, again causing damage. So, be careful when hiring transportation you will be using, and if it is possible, consult with some experts.

Logistic things that can go wrong during DIY relocation

Once you have your truck picked out, you should look into the logistics of your move. Have the drive mapped out ahead of time so you don’t have to stress on your moving day. You can put time marks as well, so you know where you will be after two or four hours and so on. Also, mark gas stops, resting spots, and hotels if you need them. This way, your drive can be a fun trip and not a thing that turns your move into a disaster.

Choosing the wrong moving time

Sometimes you won’t be able to choose your moving time. You will have to move for some deadline, let’s say, the start of new work or the end of your rental lease. However, if you do have some options, it is great to know the best times for relocations. There are high-moving seasons, and if you can, you should try to avoid them. These typically happen during summer, as schools are done, and the weather is nice. When a lot of people decide to move at the same time, it leads to high traffic. This means that the cost of movers, trucks, and storage can go up, and you might have to book months in advance. Generally, it’s best to move in spring or fall, with a period from September to April being the cheapest one.

Traffic jams on the road, which is one of the things that can go wrong during DIY relocation
Moving early in the morning allows you to avoid traffic

The start and the end of the month is also highly requested time for moving, as it is the most convenient for a lot of people. If you can, choose the middle of the month to avoid peak moving times. When it comes to your moving day, it is best to start as early as possible. You want to load everything and start the drive at sunrise so you can avoid traffic jams of people heading into work. This will release some stress and also get you where you need to be on time.

Inadequate insurance coverage

Have you ever thought about insurance during your move? You might think you don’t need it, but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? With moving companies, you will automatically get a basic insurance policy, but for a DIY move, you need to choose one yourself. Even if you listen to all the moving advice there is, unfortunate and unpredictable things happen. With insurance, you will be able to get compensated for whatever damage occurs. Look into different types of insurance or contact professionals to help you decide.

How can Mod Movers help you out?

The best way to avoid all of the things that can go wrong during DIY relocation, you should consider hiring professional moving help. You can have a team of experts that are trained with different moving needs at your hand. Companies offer a full service, meaning that they will stay with you from start to finish. Allow them to pack all of your items, valuables, and even special items, like pianos. They will give you a free estimate based on the weight of the load and the distance between your houses so you can calculate your budget. You won’t need to worry as your whole home will be prepared and ready for moving day. The only thing you need to do is get yourself ready and allow movers to load everything.

Movers can also help you with senior moving so that you can focus your attention on your elderly. Once you are on your way, you will be peaceful, knowing that professionals have taken care of your things safely. You will be enjoying your new home in no time, without any stress.

Person hiring moving company to avoid things that can go wrong during DIY relocation
Consider hiring professionals to avoid things that can go wrong during DIY relocation

Additional services you can hire

Should you decide to hire a professional moving company, you can consider the many moving services that they offer. This is exactly how you can make your move even easier. You don’t need to worry if you are moving across the state border, as movers can move you locally, long distance, or to another state. As mentioned before, they can take care of your packing but also move your furniture if you just want to redecorate your home. Once you decide you want to sell your home and change it up, installation services can come in handy. Your space will be equipped to look appealing to people who are looking to buy. This can save you time and money.

On top of that, you can use their storage units to store any unwanted items or items you don’t use. This is a great way to keep clutter out of your home but still know that it is completely safe. There is no need to even go to the store, as you can get professional boxes and supplies as well. Moving companies can help you no matter what your moving needs are. You just need to contact them.

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