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Things To Do Before Moving From Carmel To Big Sur

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Getting ready for a local relocation should be quick and easy. You will not be moving further than 100 miles and will remain relatively close to your current home. Since you chose your new destination to be Big Sur there will be a couple of essential things on your to-do list. Before moving from Carmel to Big Sur, you must have a good plan that will include preparation, relocation tasks, and the aftermath! To help you go through it with ease, we will break it down into a couple of steps!

Preparations before moving from Carmel to Big Sur

Keep in mind that the preparations officially begin once you make a decision to move. One of your first steps will be to research moving companies in California. With their help, it will be much easier to deal with the second step, regarding the relocation task. Once you have a trustworthy partner by your side, you can proceed to prepare your inventory and with that, your new home. 

empty beach
The first thing you should do before moving from Carmel to Big Sur is make a good and efficient plan for your relocation

Even though you will be moving just 26 miles, you must first gather all the paperwork and documentation. Set aside a special bag that will contain:

  • Your passport and ID
  • Medical records
  • Insurance policies
  • Documentation for your kids and other family members
  • Drivers license

Officially change your address to Big Sur

You will find it much more convenient to change your address and mail while still in Carmel. Moving companies in Carmel CA will advise you the same, as you will not have to make double trips. So, before they arrive to pick up your items, direct your subscriptions and memberships to a new address in Big Sur. 

Inspect your new home and Big Sur area

If Carmel is your hometown, you probably had a chance to visit Big Sur a couple of times. These two places are well-connected mainly because of schools and a couple of companies. Carmel has 9 schools in total while Big Sur has 4, so a lot of students will transfer to Carmel for further education. The most popular is Carmel River Elementary School while in Big Sur that would be Frank Ledesma Elementary School. And a lot of people are traveling between these two cities, they tend to be really familiar with both.

But Big Sur is going to be your home soon, and you will need to dive into more details. Big Sur movers will provide you with the time for it, as they will take over your items and the entire transportation. Check out the area around your new home, and focus on finding important locations including restaurants, attractions, and hospitals.

friends in the van
While saying goodbye to your friends, don’t forget to say goodbye to Carmel as well

Setting up your home in Big Sur

With the right moving help your inventory will arrive in Big Sur on time. The unpacking process will be in front of you, so make sure you take your time doing it. This will be your chance to change all the things you didn’t like back in Carmel and decorate it the way you always wanted. The thing about Big Sur is that you will have a lot of beautiful locations to choose from if you plan on buying a property. Housing costs may be expensive to some people, but owning a home in this place is like living in a personal paradise. You can set your home in the forest, at the city center, or even close to the beach.

Plan later activities before moving from Carmel to Big Sur

As your relocation gets closer, you should start thinking about the aftermath. You may think that the blending-in process will be fast and easy, but in reality, it will take some time. Luckily, Big Sur is more than welcoming to newcomers, and its residents will help you get to know the place to the fullest. If you are wondering what exactly will be different after your relocation, there is a couple of notable things:

  • Big Sur has more hiking trails and walking paths
  • Carmel lacks green areas and forests
  • Carmel has higher living costs 276.4/100 while Big Sur has 263.7/100

Living costs in these two cities go way above the national average. But the thing is that people living in Carmel will actually get lower expenses. If you add a good and permanent job in Big Sur this may be a windfall for you! Check out the job market beforehand, especially if your profession is related to tourism.

Deal with nostalgia like a boss

At some point, you will most likely become nostalgic for all those things you had back in Carmel. That city has wonderful restaurants, lovely people, and countless pet-friendly places. The most popular ones are Carmel Mission Basilica Museum and Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. So, missing these beautiful places is completely normal, and after a short period, you will learn how to deal with the feeling. One thing that can happen to speed up the process is to comply and keep on visiting Carmel as much as you want. After all, the total driving duration is just above 40 minutes, and you can make this your traditional family trip. 

beach in Big Sur
If you get to miss beaches in Carmel you will get plenty of them in Big Sur

In conclusion

Now that you know what things to focus on before moving from Carmel to Big Sur, your relocation can begin. Rely on movers to do the hard work instead of you and let them take full care of your items. Both local and California interstate movers use modern and spacious vehicles, so don’t expect the transportation of your items to last for too long. And once you find yourself in Big Sur, treat yourself to visiting the Andrew Molera State Park. The entire family will have a fantastic day checking out the beach and enjoying the fresh air. This will be the perfect energy boost for unpacking and setting up your new home.

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