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Things to do during your first week of living in Denver

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A new house brings with it the thrill and delight of a fresh start. Yet, the transition from packing to hiring the best movers in California, unloading, and organizing your new home may be exhausting, stressful, and overwhelming. Surprisingly, the period following a move can feel like a complete blast. Many people are concerned about how they will survive the first week after moving to a new home. Things improve when you have a post-move checklist to guide you through the process and help you prioritize. This checklist with the things to do during your first week of living in Denver will be useful whether you are moving to an apartment, a condo, or a newly built home.

Woman holding ceramic mug
Even though the hardest part of the move is over, take a break because there are still a couple of things to do during your first week of living in Denver

Just take a deep breath

Moving day has passed, and you’ve finally sat down for the first time in your lovely new home. It’s time to take a big breath and realize that the majority of the difficult work has been completed. It’s now all about settling into your new place, making it seem like home, and enjoying everything you’ve accomplished even if it’s over paper cups and pizza on the living room floor. If you can, take a few days off work to provide yourself enough time to settle into your new house and plan post-move activities.

Examine delivered inventory

It is always a good idea to double-check all boxes and furnishings following transfer. Inspect to see if the entire delivered inventory is in good condition and if you received all of the boxes. If you find any missing or damaged boxes, notify the moving company. If you work with reputable and trustworthy California intrastate movers, such as Mod Movers, the problem will be resolved quickly in your favor.

Make a list of things to do during your first week of living in Denver
Making a daily to-do list and checking off everything that has been finished is a great idea

Make sure to clean everything before you unpack

Most places will have been cleaned (ideally) before you move in, but it’s still a good idea to give your new home a thorough cleaning before unpacking. It will be much more difficult to reach those tricky-to-reach floorboards under the sofa if you have everything unpacked. As a result, before you begin unpacking, make sure your home is tidy!

When you’ve completed your initial cleaning, use a combination of water and your chosen essential oil to wipe down surfaces in your new house. This will assist you in settling into your new house by providing a familiar scent!

Make a list of priorities for unpacking

Unpacking by room saves time as you settle into your new home. You will not be able to unpack and decorate your complete house in one day unless you are a master mover. You’ll need to select what you want to prioritize when unpacking and which rooms make you feel most at home when they’re unpacked. Begin by unpacking the most important spaces first after moving from California to Denver.

If you are moving with children, unpacking their rooms first offers them a feeling of stability and helps them settle into their new home more quickly.

Unpacking your bedroom before moving on to the rest of the house allows you to catch some rest before attacking more boxes. Sorting out the kitchen sooner rather than later lowers the cost of takeout meals and provides a space for the family to gather while you settle in.

People standing around a dinner table
Holding a housewarming party in the first week will show your neighbors that you are friendly, making it easier for them to accept you

Change the locks and examine all safety features

Security check is one of the things to do during your first week of living in Denver. Denver is among the top 10 countries in the nation for property crime. When you settle into your new house, you should call a locksmith to change the locks on all external doors. After this, you should examine all safety features. This includes determining the location and functionality of the following devices and monitors in your home:

  • Detectors of carbon monoxide
  • Detectors of smoke
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Circuit interrupters for arc faults

Check that all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have new batteries, that all fire extinguishers are not expired, and that all other safety equipments are operational.

Start making Denver a home

Do you know all the tiny details that make a house feel like a home? We refer to your children’s artwork, your favorite ornamental vases, paintings, framed vacation photos, and valued books – spend some time and arrange them around the house so it begins to seem more like home.

Cook your family’s favorite dinner and settle down for some much-needed “together” time after moving from San Francisco to Denver. It reassures your family that it doesn’t matter where you are; what matters is that you are together.

Couple sitting on a couch
You don’t have to unpack everything on the first day. Tackle boxes on priority

Discover your neighborhood and meet your neighbors

Going out and exploring your new town is one of the best ways to settle into your new life. Meeting your neighbors allows your family to establish new friends and form a local support group. Learning about your community’s activities and amenities helps you become a part of the fabric of the neighborhood and get into the rhythm of community life.

Explore the dining and beer scene in Denver

Denver is known for its diversified and booming food scene. This provides a variety of culinary experiences for every taste and budget. It also features one of the nation’s largest craft beer cultures, with over 150 craft brewers operating within the city limits. Therefore don’t be surprised if it appears on a list of the top brew cities in the country.

Celebrate once you’ve completed your list of things to do during your first week of living in Denver

Plan a party for your new neighbors and friends and prepare to have a good time. Consider taking up a new hobby or joining a local fitness club. If you’ve always wanted to decorate your new home in a unique style, now is your chance. Make the most of this new beginning! We hope that this short list of things to do during your first week of living in Denver will be useful to you.

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