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Things to do the morning before the move

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Rise and shine –  the morning of your move is finally here! You have spent weeks preparing for this moment, hoping that everything will go okay. You did your work, hired movers and chose your best and most reliable moving company, sealed your items, and now all that’s left is to follow the plan. A little warning: get enough sleep if you want the morning before a move to be relaxing and stress-free. Well, as stress-free as possible because some anxiety is to be expected.

Have a last look around your home

While one last look around your home will help you emotionally deal with what’s to come, it will also have a very practical purpose. It will help you see whether you forgot to pack anything. Whether you are moving to Gilroy from far away or are just relocating down the block, you definitely don’t want to forget any of your items. Time is money and going back for a second trip will definitely result in a huge loss of it. 

morning before the move- a clock
You don’t have any time to waste.

Check the weather forecast the morning before a move

In an ideal case scenario, you would wake up on the day of your move to the sounds of birds chirping and the sun shining. In reality, that isn’t always reality. If you are moving in the off-peak season, chances are that you will be faced with relocation in less than perfect circumstances. A slight drizzle is no reason for you to worry –  but moving during hail and thunderstorm might be.

You should always check the forecast before a move. Extreme weather is a cause for you to postpone the move as nothing is more important than your safety. Besides, movers are usually the ones to postpone the relocation themselves in case they think there is a safety hazard. And you should be thankful for that as safety always comes first!

Have a good and nutritious meal

Oh, how stressful the day of a move is! Just ask our residential movers  how much strength and energy goes into the loading and unloading process and you won’t have any trouble realizing why you should load up on energy. And the only way to do that is through a nutritious meal.

a meal- morning before the move
Have you figured out what gives you the most energy? Focus on it the morning before your move.

But be cautious – you shouldn’t stuff yourself so much that you won’t be able to function for the next three hours. You need to be mobile and ready to take on the day. So have a moderate and nutritious meal the morning before a move and you will have enough energy to last you through the day. And don’t worry if you have to eat more than what you are supposed to or more than your diet allows! This really is one of a lifetime opportunity. You’ll have more than enough time to work those calories off.

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