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Things to know before moving to Los Gatos

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Are you thinking about moving to Los Gatos? This charming city located in the heart of Silicon Valley is famously known for its picturesque scenery, rich history, and vibrant community. However, before you move to this idyllic location, there are important things to consider and know about Los Gatos. From the cost of living to local amenities and lifestyle, understanding these aspects will help you make an informed decision about whether this city is right for you. With the help of California professional movers, we will explore some of the key things to know before moving to Los Gatos, providing valuable insights to help you have a smooth transition and a pleasant experience in your new home.

Consider the cost of living

Los Gatos is one of the more desirable cities, but it is considered an expensive place to live in. It has a high cost of living due to its excellent location, quality schools, luxurious neighborhoods, and various amenities. The median house price in Los Gatos is significantly higher than the national average, by 624.6%. And if you are already a resident of California, keep in mind that this price is almost three times higher than the average for The Golden State. Rental prices are also higher compared to many other areas and are 101.3% higher than the national average.

luxury house with pool in the forest
Among other things to know before moving to Los Gatos must be the prices and availability of housing

In addition, the overall cost of goods and services, including groceries, transportation, and health care, is also higher in Los Gatos. Of course, if the steep price isn’t a dealbreaker, then there are almost no downsides to life here. In that case, hiring one of the quality moving companies Los Gatos has and moving here is a no-brainer.

The best neighborhoods to live in

Looking for the perfect neighborhood to call home in Los Gatos? We’ve got you covered! Here are some of the best neighborhoods that offer a mix of charm, convenience, and natural beauty:

  • Downtown – If you want to experience the vibrant heart of Los Gatos, full of shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions, this is the neighborhood for you. Enjoy a picturesque stroll along the tree-lined streets, where you’ll find an array of boutiques and eateries.
  • Old Town – This is the place for those who want to be part of the rich history of Los Gatos. Admire the well-preserved Victorian homes, discover unique antique shops, and relish the inviting atmosphere.
  • Los Gatos Hills – Nestled in the scenic foothills, this neighborhood offers breathtaking views and a tranquil ambiance. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city while still being minutes away from downtown.
  • The Alameda – Discover a hidden gem in Los Gatos with this tree-lined boulevard. Explore local shops, dine at trendy restaurants, and revel in the beauty of the picturesque homes that line the street.
  • Los Gatos Creek Trail –Nature enthusiasts will appreciate this neighborhood’s proximity to the Los Gatos Creek Trail. Enjoy outdoor activities such as walking, jogging, or cycling along the beautiful trail, providing a serene escape from the daily grind.
a mountaineer climbing the rocks and the forest behind him - Things to know before moving to Los Gatos
Thanks to the mountain massif in the immediate vicinity of Los Gatos, you can also go hiking

Los Gatos schools are definitely something to look into before moving to Los Gatos

The quality of education in Los Gatos is exceptional, with numerous highly regarded schools dotted throughout the town. The best schools in Los Gatos are known for their excellent academic programs, experienced teachers, and supportive learning environments. Los Gatos High School, for instance, consistently ranks among the top high schools in the state. Its rigorous curriculum, dedicated faculty, and commitment to extracurricular activities contribute to its stellar reputation.

Students at Los Gatos High School have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of extra school activities such as sports, clubs, and performing arts. Furthermore, Los Gatos has a high graduation rate, with a significant number of students successfully completing their education every year. In terms of accessibility, Los Gatos is home to schools conveniently located throughout the town, ensuring easy access for students and their families.

Preschool education

Los Gatos recognizes the importance of early education, providing a variety of preschools that lay a solid foundation for children’s academic journey. Examples of reputable preschools in Los Gatos include Little Tree Montessori International School and Los Gatos Saratoga Community Education and Recreation Preschool. These preschools prioritize the developmental needs of young learners, offering engaging activities and a nurturing environment. If you are planning to move with children, you can immediately start your search for the best local movers California.  This will certainly be an excellent place to prepare kids for further education.

two persons walking through the nature during daytime
Los Gatos offers good schools, a great location, and plenty of outdoor activities

A lot of outdoor recreation at your doorstep

Are you looking for an adventurous outdoor experience? Los Gatos, nestled in the breathtaking Santa Cruz Mountains, offers a plethora of recreational activities. From hiking trails to camping grounds, this area is a nature lover’s paradise. One of the key benefits of being in the Santa Cruz Mountains is the abundance of fresh air.

Whether you’re hiking, cycling, or simply taking a leisurely stroll, the clean air is sure to enhance your experience. Camping is another popular outdoor activity in Los Gatos. The area boasts multiple campgrounds where you can pitch your tent, set up a campfire, and enjoy a night under the stars. It is home to various water bodies, including lakes and rivers. Whether you’re into fishing, kayaking, or simply picnicking by the waterfront, these aquatic resources offer a refreshing escape. The soothing sounds of glistening water and the sight of wildlife nearby create an ambiance of tranquility.

Don’t worry about entertainment in Los Gatos

From live music performances at the Los Gatos Theatre to delightful art exhibitions at the NUMU – New Museum Los Gatos, there is something for everyone in this charming town. With its vibrant nightlife, visitors can indulge in delicious food and cocktails while enjoying live bands at popular spots like Charley’s LG and C.B. Hannegan’s. Whether exploring the charming downtown area or attending community events such as the Jazz on the Plazz Concert Series, Los Gatos guarantees a memorable entertainment experience.

light sign for Los Gatos theater during the night
Don’t worry about places to party and go out, Los Gatos is also among the advanced ones

Los Gatos is also home to a variety of galleries showcasing exceptional works of art. From contemporary pieces to classic masterpieces, these galleries offer a glimpse into the world of fine art. When it comes to transporting these valuable artworks, trust only the professional fine art movers in Los Gatos to ensure the safest and most secure delivery.

These would be the most important things to know before moving to Los Gatos

So, before deciding to move to the city of Los Gatos, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of what this charming city offers. By exploring more about this vibrant community, potential residents can gain valuable insights and ensure a smooth transition. Additionally, utilizing the services of reliable and trustworthy movers will guarantee a stress-free experience, allowing individuals to focus on enjoying all that Los Gatos has to offer. Take the time to research and familiarize yourself with this picturesque city, and things to know before moving to Los Gatos.

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