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When it comes to moving, it is very often exhausting, as you have to think about even the smallest details. One of the most important parts of relocating is of course packing. The good thing is, there is so much to learn from professional packers in Monterey. If you do decide to make use of the excellent packing services your movers can provide, the entire process will be a lot easier. When the moving day arrives, professional packers will take care of your home with full safety in mind. This is the perfect opportunity to learn where to get the best packing supplies and how to use them. In addition, they can teach you how to pack different types of items for the move. It goes without saying that packing on your own saves money, but you still need experience. This is why you should follow the advice offered below.

Always tackle the most difficult room first

In case you’re not already aware of this fact, packing a home for a move is both time-consuming and energy-draining. Both of these problems arise from the sheer number of items you have and their diverse nature, which makes packing all the more complex. The first rooms to pack after equipping yourself with moving boxes Monterey CA are the ones usually deemed as most difficult. The reason for this is pretty simple: sort out and pack the toughest rooms, while you’re still full of energy. As time passes, your stamina and incentive will decline, and this is when you want to handle the simpler rooms. At this point, you’re probably wondering which rooms these are. These are usually the storage areas in your home, such as garages, attics, and spare rooms. The reason for this is high amounts of miscellaneous items, and sorting through them can take forever.

a gray house in Monterey
Packing your home for a move is simple if you follow professional advice

Professional packers in Monterey suggest that you carefully inspect your boxes

When it comes to packing your home for a relocation, the humble box is the hero of the day. It plays a major role in making sure that your packing experience is smooth and that your items are safe. These are reasons enough to be very careful when picking the quality moving boxes that you’ll be using. At the end of the day, those boxes will hold your precious items, so you need to make sure they do the job flawlessly. You can do this by inspecting and preparing them in the correct way. Professional packers suggest you do the following:

  • Carefully inspect each box before you fill it up. It must be completely dry, sturdy, and without any signs of damage.
  • Look for signs of previous use or damage of any kind on the container. If you spot something that looks suspicious, it is best to err on the side of caution and not use the box in question.
  • Ensure that all of the flaps on the box are present. These will be needed if you want to properly and safely seal each box.
  • Reinforce the bottom of each box with a few layers of tape. This is especially important for boxes that will contain fragile or heavy items. Make sure the tape you use is strong and durable as well.
  • Depending on how fragile the items you’re packing are, line the insides of each box with a few layers of packing paper or bubble wrap. This prevents items from accidentally tearing through the box or getting damaged in transit.

Once you finish all of the safety checks, you can proceed with the packing process.

packing boxes for a Monterey move
Boxes are the staple of your relocation, so choose wisely

Never cut corners when it comes to packing materials

One of the best lessons professional packers in Monterey can teach you is that you shouldn’t skimp on supplies when packing your items. When you collect the needed amount of boxes and bubble wrap, you may be tempted to use less of them. Cutting corners on your fragile items may seem like a good idea at the moment because you can save both time and money. But you really shouldn’t do something like this. Professional movers and packers would never compromise the integrity and safety of your items just to save a few dollars worth of bubble wrap. And you shouldn’t do this either unless you don’t particularly mind the possibility of your items suffering damage on their way to the new home.

When using soft materials to protect your items, such as bubble wrap, it is good to always make an initial layer that will directly be in contact with your items. Once you do this, you should apply a generous amount of even more bubble wrap or packing peanuts. This is the best way to protect breakables when moving, as it keeps them safe from harmful factors such as direct hits or vibrations. All in all, cutting corners on packing materials is never a good idea. It is much better to have more than you need than make pesky resupply trips. Paying a bit extra for more supplies and making sure your items are perfectly safe is definitely a worthy investment.

assorted chemicals in bottles
Don’t put yourself and others at risk by packing dangerous items

Recognize the items professional packers in Monterey aren’t allowed to handle

Professional packers in Monterey know that, when it comes to packing items, safety is a priority. This is why they will not and move anything considered a hazardous material. It goes without saying that handling non-allowables when moving can be a high risk to everyone and everything involved. They can pose a threat to the vehicle carrying them, the movers tasked with handling them, and ultimately the customers. Because of this, it is important to know that items such as gasoline, motor oils, fireworks and gunpowder, paints and thinners, and propane tanks are considered to be forbidden items. Given this fact, you shouldn’t pack them for a move, as the risks of moving these items are just not worth it. The best course of action is to properly dispose of these items before moving out.

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