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Things you might miss after moving from CA to TX

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Relocating from one state to another can be a big life-changer. While there might be many more advantages in your new city, there will probably still be things you will long for. Weather, neighborhoods, food, and sceneries are usually the things most miss when moving interstate. If you plan on moving from California to Texas, there will be more than a few things you will long for. However, the best movers in California have collected the top 4 most common things you might miss after moving from CA to TX!

Missing your loved ones

One of the most common things people long for is their previous life, specifically their family and friends. If you have moved by yourself from a neighborhood with a strong community spirit, you might miss it a lot. Moreover, you will long for it even more if your new Texas community is a bit more unwelcoming. That does not necessarily mean Texans are unfriendly and cold. Being in an emotionally challenging situation, such as relocation can make you miss your loved ones even more than usual. As interstate moving companies California have noted from years of experience, this longing will affect you less and less once you get accepted in the new community.

A neighborhood in California- what you might long for after moving from CA to TX
Strong community spirit is something you might miss after moving from CA to TX.

Other things you might miss after moving from CA to TX

Among other things people long for once they move to Texas from California include:

  1. Hot and stable weather- California has hot and stable weather. Rain, storms and snows are rare occurrences. However, Texas is more prone to rainstorms and colder weather. If you only enjoy looking at snow on postcards and pictures, you might start missing California once the winter rolls around.
  2. Slow drivers- California law has defined 65 mph as a speed limit. Only some rural highways have a speed limit of 70 mph. However, Texas is much different and has a speed limit of 85 miles per hour. Therefore, Texas is officially the state with the highest speed limit in the USA. While this applies to highways, Texans are known as fast drivers, which can be stressful for people moving from California to Houston who enjoy their slow car rides.
  3. Beautiful beaches- Padre Island National Seashore, South Padre Island and Boca Chica are the most famous Texas beaches. While the State of Texas also has beautiful beaches, Florida beaches are one of the reasons why Florida tourism is blooming. Golden sand, warm waters, palm trees, and thousands of people enjoying hot days might be little things you will miss after moving from CA to TX.
A speed limit sign
Texas is officially the state with the highest speed limit in the USA.

All in all, moving to Texas is a giant change. There will be positive and negative feelings after moving from CA to TX. You will long for some old places, people and memories. However, as you adapt to your new home, you will be able to appreciate Texan beauty more and more. With the help of moving companies California to Texas and a warm welcome from your new neighbors, your home will feel like home very soon.

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