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Things you’ll miss after moving from California to Oregon

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Relocating from California to Oregon is a decision that involves various emotional and practical elements. The move can evoke feelings of excitement and trepidation in equal measure. If you do choose to move out of California, make sure to look into the moving help Monterey CA residents trust. But before moving, let’s look at all the things you’ll miss after moving from California to Oregon to decide if the move is worth it.

The allure of California sunshine

The sunshine in California serves as much more than a weather report; it is a way (the best way) of life for many residents. In Oregon, the weather presents a striking contrast. This state is known for its overcast skies and receives substantial rainfall, particularly during the fall and winter. This can lead to fewer opportunities for spontaneous outdoor plans and might necessitate a more indoor-focused lifestyle. For those considering the move, it’s vital to weigh the importance of climate in your daily routine. So, it’s really up to you – will you adapt comfortably to cloudy weather or miss California’s sun-drenched days?

Sunny California beach – one of the things youll miss after moving from California to Oregon
California sun is hard to say goodbye to

Many opt to relocate from California to Oregon for reasons like a cheaper cost of living, fewer crowds, and new cultural experiences. However, it’s crucial to realize that climate change will affect your daily routine, not just how often you have to use an umbrella. Notably, some people consider moving from California to Arizona to retain a sunny environment but at a lower cost of living.

Sunny beaches are one of the things you’ll miss after moving from California to Oregon

California is renowned for its long, winding coastline that accommodates many recreational activities and lifestyle choices. For many, the beach isn’t just a location but a central part of their identity. California’s beaches cater to various interests and activities, whether it’s the internationally recognized surfing spots, family-friendly beaches with calm waters, or secluded coves perfect for romantic getaways.

When it comes to Oregon, the coastline here, though scenic, offers a different set of attributes. Rocky cliffs often mark the beaches here, and the ocean waters are noticeably colder. The coastal experience in Oregon leans more towards rugged natural beauty rather than sunbathing or water sports. This difference could significantly alter the way you interact with coastal areas and may even require a change in your choice of recreational activities.  The change can be emotionally significant if beaches hold a special place in your heart. If you are looking at moving companies California to Oregon, it would be prudent to consider how your relationship with the ocean may evolve.

The wide range of lifestyle choices in California

California offers an impressive spectrum of lifestyle opportunities catering to various preferences. California caters to diverse lifestyles. You can be a tech professional in Silicon Valley, a movie buff in Hollywood, or a wine lover in Napa Valley. Oregon provides fewer options. Cities like Portland do offer cultural experiences. Places like the Cascades attract nature lovers. However, the lifestyle choices in Oregon are not as varied as in California.

Oregon is predominantly known for its outdoorsy and eco-conscious lifestyle. When contemplating a move, it’s crucial to reflect on how your lifestyle aspirations align with what Oregon offers. Does your current lifestyle involves frequent visits to places like:

  • art galleries,
  • live music events or
  • tech meetups?

If so, you should consider what equivalents you might find in your new home. Employing packing services for moving to a different state requires physical and emotional preparation to ensure the change aligns with your long-term goals.

Leaving familiar faces and communities behind

Friends, family, and community groups are irreplaceable things you’ll miss after moving from California to Oregon. This significant aspect of the move deserves close attention. These relationships often take years, if not decades, to cultivate. Building a new network in Oregon will require concerted effort and time. Unlike the relationships formed over the years in California, connections in a new place can initially feel superficial. Actively participating in community events is crucial for forming strong bonds quickly. Whether it’s frequenting local farmers’ markets, joining sports leagues, or volunteering, these activities help build meaningful relationships. If you are planning on moving from California to Portland, numerous social options can ease this transition. These include community gardens and various cycling clubs.

A man waving
Leaving your loved ones is always hard

The loss of proximity to California attractions

As you can see, California has numerous unique natural attractions, among which the Redwood forests stand out for their sheer majesty and age. The proximity to these ancient forests allows spontaneous weekend getaways or even day trips for those nearby. These outings offer a break from daily life, serving as a sanctuary for reflection, photography, or simply marveling at nature’s grandeur.

Redwood forest
When it comes to the things you’ll miss after moving from California to Oregon, Redwood needs to be mentioned

Oregon also has beautiful natural attractions, such as Crater Lake and Mount Hood, but the absence of Redwood forests could be felt keenly by those who frequently visit them. While the state offers various hiking trails and national parks, the experience of walking among ancient giants that reach heights of over 350 feet can’t be replicated.

Give Oregon a try

Deciding to move from California to Oregon is complicated. Multiple factors come into play and each of them affects your quality of life differently. Missing out on sunny days can alter your mood and outdoor plans. Leaving California’s beaches behind will change how you spend your free time. Limited lifestyle options in Oregon will also have an impact. Equally vital is the emotional side of the move. Leaving friends and known communities creates an emotional gap. Some of the things you’ll miss after moving from California to Oregon might not be worth abandoning a move for.

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