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Tips and tricks for making your new place feel like home

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Everyone says moving is so hard and stressful. This does not need to be like this if you decide to hire California professional movers. After the move and settling down, there is still a lot to do. The most important thing after the move is making your new place feel like home. It may sound easy, but it is quite a challenging task. There is a lot of effort that needs to be put into this. After all, you have moved in order to create a new life for you. It is only natural that you want to feel like home at your new house or apartment. In this article, we will share some tips and tricks that we feel will be of great help.

After the move to your new home

With the keys of your new home in hand and boxes unloaded from the moving truck, you wonder what should you do next. How can you make your new place feel like home? There is a lot of stuff to unpack and sort, and the number of boxes might seem endless. This is the perfect time to engage as many people as you can. You will need all the help you can get to sort out hard items from fragile and important from unimportant. During the unpacking, you should once more go through the decluttering process, as you surely brought more stuff than you actually need. If you need local assistance, junk removal Monterey CA is there to help with this. They can also be of assistance once you finish unpacking as there will be a lot of junk after unwrapping all items.

Making your new place feel like home

Sometimes it can take months until you feel perfectly comfortable in your new home. You should not be discouraged by this. Take your time and make up a plan, that you will follow in order to make your new house feel like home. The best thing to do would be to unpack and decorate in phases. If you unpack all your stuff at once, you will end up in a huge mess in each room. And a mess in your house can cause a mess in your mind. We suggest the following:

  • unpack room by room
  • pick a room you spend most of your time in and decorate it first
  • bring out the familiar things from your old home
  • try mimicking the smell of your old home
  • get a pet
  • get to know your neighborhood
Wooden framed glass door of a local cafe/restaurant
Find local food and drinks place where you can enjoy and relax

Turning one of the rooms into the cozy kingdom

It is important that you feel cozy and comfy in your new home. Choose a room where you spend most of your time and start arranging things according to your taste. Usually, a living room is the place where all the family spends most of their time. One of the first things to do would be to paint the walls in some warm and inviting color. Arrange the furniture, allowing yourself numerous pillows for extra coziness. Bare windows seem depressive, so put on some lively curtains, allowing enough light into the room. Some plants or flowers would be nice if you are a plant lover.

After you finish with the basic interior, unpack the essentials box you have carefully prepared. Put out frames with family photos, arranging them similarly as you did in your previous home. If you own some art pieces or posters, you can hang those as well. Light some scented candles, and let them burn until you can feel their smell each time you come home from outside. Put on your favorite music, especially if you own a record player. Familiar smells and sounds are the first steps towards feeling like home in your new place.

Making your place feel like home
Get as cozy as you can in your living room

Unpack room by room

After arranging the living room, you can now go on with decorating the other rooms in the house. Since bedrooms are only for sleeping, we suggest taking on the kitchen or bathroom as next. A bathroom is a place where you relax, so you want all your cosmetic products in plain sight. A shower curtain is a must, nothing says “new home” more than not having a shower curtain. You can even light a candle in the bathroom, to take away the smell of new walls and new paint.

When it comes to unpacking and organizing a kitchen after the move, there is a lot more work. The bigger the kitchen, the easier for you to place all your pantry and dishes. You don’t want to eat take out food every day just because you are not settled in. Therefore, it is important you get your kitchen operational, so you can cook some dinner, or bake some muffins. A house that smells like baking is the closest you can get to feeling like at home.

Getting a pet as a way to make your new place feel like home

Some people say home is where the love is. And what can bring more love to your home than getting a pet! Visit the local animal shelter as adopting an animal is always better than buying one. Whether it is a cat, a dog or even something more eccentric, you will not regret your decision. If you decide to go with the dog, walking it will be a great excuse to wander the area and get to know your city better. This way you can meet some other pet owners and make new friends.

Child playing with the dog
Even your youngest ones will enjoy having a pet

Get to know your neighborhood

Feeling like home is not always related to the house or apartment itself. It is about how you feel in your new street, area, and the city. Whenever you have time, walk around the block, and get to know your neighborhood. Meet your neighbors, invite them for coffee and homemade biscuits. Check the local grocery stores, farmers’ markets, parks, and cafes. Falling in love with your neighborhood is essential in the process of feeling like home in your new place.

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